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Grew up in Wilmington, California. Went to my first Angels games in '05, haven't looked back since. I'm also a huge Steelers fan; my mom's a die-hard Stiller freak and would kill me if I supported any other football team. The Angels are all mine, though. I attended UC Berkeley from 2006-2010, so I'm a pretty big Cal fan as well.

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  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
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  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
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Trout leads the way for Angels' top five prospects

Hi again, everybody. This is part of an ongoing season preview I'm doing for the Halos. I'll remind you I've still got a lot to learn about writing about baseball. In addition, I'm only now writing anything related to the minor leagues. So please, comment below and let me have it (although I'd appreciate it if you did it without including something about my mother). I trust the HH community more than any other website to be knowledgeable (and honest) about everything Angels-related.

Solid Pitching has Angels poised for success in 2012

Part one in a series of offseason features on the Angels and their chances in 2012.

A Texas title would be a parting shot for Angels

Because let's face it -- we just don't hate Tony Reagins enough as it is.

Halo fans can bask in sweet, sweet schadenfreude

Because isn't it about time we got to point and laugh at someone else's misfortune?

The baseball gods agree: Sit Wells and Mathis already

I wrote this last night on a sugar-fueled hate binge. Lady opportunity beckons the Angels, but they refuse to budge.

Verlander a lock for AL Cy?

I've ditched shameless self-promotion in favor of sharing with you an article that kind of rubbed me the wrong way, written by one of my co-workers at Through the Fence Baseball. Are wins all Verlander will need to lock up the Cy Young award? I seriously doubt voters will overlook Weaver's spectacular body of work.

Scioscia needs to retool Angels lineup

This was submitted yesterday morning and greenlit only about an hour ago. Sorry for the untimeliness. But give it a read, would you?

Angels' inactivity at deadline shows faith in the future

Why didn't the Angels make a blockbuster trade before the deadline? Probably because this is quite a promising young squad.

Mathis's defense is simply not enough

Mathis DOES play defense pretty well behind the plate, but is it really enough to warrant his place in the lineup?

Celebrate, L.A.! Santana hurls no-hitter

As if you haven't read enough about Ervin's no-no already.

Angels trade options: Offense or pitching?

If the Angels make a move, will they target their weak offense or bolster their pitching staff?

Angels turn the tables on Texas

The Angels turn a disastrous start to the second half of the season into new hope for the playoffs.

Long road trip could be the cure for Angels

Me again! This article could just be wishful thinking, but I legitimately feel the Angels have a great shot to turn things around and find out what works. Go Halos!

Scioscia's bullish approach needs to change

Hey guys, I'm back again with another entry at Through the Fence Baseball. I submit articles to TTFB a lot more often than I do at HH, primarily because I don't want to clog up the Fanshots section with my own pedantic entries. If it's getting annoying, I'll put it to a stop at once. Once again, I welcome any criticism and advice you've got for me. Go Halos!

Who can figure out these Angels?

Hey guys, I've got a gig writing for Through the Fence Baseball. This is the latest article I've written. Some of the information is a little outdated since it takes about a day for an article to push through. Could I get a couple of comments on how much of a hack I am so I can work on not being a hack? That'd be great!

Mike Scioscia could use some assistance.


Mike Scioscia could use some assistance.


Looking on the Brighter Side

We just endured losing 3 straight and 4 of our last 5, yet we still have a 5-game lead over the Texas Rangers. DOESN'T THAT GET YOU PUMPED???


On a Matter of Utmost Urgency

Okay, guys, I need your expert opinions on a subject of the utmost importance. I need a new jersey. All I've got is my Vlad jersey from my first trip to Angel Stadium (pretty recent, lame, I know),...


Angels' record after getting chewed out?

During today's comeback, Phyzz and Hud were talking about the Royals' manager and the way he chewed out his players not too long ago. Whether it had any effect is doubtful. That got me thinking:...


Coping with disappointment - an Angel Tradition

I'll be blunt, people - I can't remember the last time the Angels were bad. I went to my first Angels game in 2005. I was hooked. They were anything BUT bad. That year, they made it to the ALCS,...

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