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Watched every game since 2000. Been hooked on Wizards Insider, but I'm glad I found Bullets Forever which is tops for intellectual debates about the state of the team.

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What 2009-10 NBA GMs are better than Ernie Grunfeld? (Poll)

Thought this could provoke some interesting discussion. At the following website, click on GM's name to view all the transactions he has made. http://hoopshype.com/general_manager.htm List of GMs...

Ted's Take: Wizards Email First Impressions


"I thought I would publish just a quick synopsis of some of the concerns and ideas that have been sent my way. Thank you. We are all grateful that you care so much. Here is a sample, but not in any particular order."

Pritchard Out in Portland?


The Portland Trail Blazers have empowered a private headhunting firm to research and reach out to potential general manager candidates, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The use of the firm is further evidence embattled GM Kevin Pritchard has fallen out of favor with ownership and likely will be replaced before next season.


Online Petition: Support for renaming Washington Wizards

A Washington Wizards fan creates a petition to change the team nickname to something that better fits the city.

Ted Leonsis CSN Interview

"There will be some things that we have done with the Caps that can carry over. I believe in young players and development of the draft. I believe in statistical analysis. I really do think that you are what your record says you are, you are what your stats say you are, and then great players will shine through. And then if they prove that they're great and they're young, that's where you use your dollars to keep them. It's not my style to say this is who we're picking, that's not what I do. I mean, if you don't believe and trust the staff, then you should get rid of the staff. And so I don't, I haven't been briefed yet on who they think they should be looking at." What are you going to say to Gilbert Arenas the first time you get a chance to sit down with him after he comes out of what he has to do for his sentence? "Um, you know I know Gilbert a little bit from seeing him in the hallways and talking to him. He's always been a very, very sweet kid. I mean I like him. I believe in the best of people, so I don't think I'll say much. I want to get to know him, but you need to do it in a way that's respectful to the hierarchy. And so I've gotten to know Alex Ovechkin, I've gotten to know some of our players, but certainly it's the coach who's the most important to the player. The coach is his boss, and then it's the general manager, and then it's the owner, and I want to look Gilbert in the eye and see what makes him tick and understand what he's thinking. I'll probably give him a hug, maybe we'll kill a couple of aliens with some video games, and we'll get to know each other. You have to empathize with people and understand them, what makes them tick. But his boss is Flip and Flip decides what system and how (muffled) plays, and I'll never get in the way of that relationship."

Suggestion Box for New Ownership

A lot of the discussion lately has been about changes that we would like to see in the organization, and I thought it might be helpful and fun to compile all of these...


Can the Wizards overtake the Warriors?

The Nets and T'Wolves have solid locks on the one and two spots.  The Wizards are 1.5 games behind the Warriors for the third spot.  As far as sub-.500 games, the Warriors play the Knicks, the...


Haywood pick-up game results

http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=78&f=1411&t=4430388I included the whole thing because I think you have to be a Scout member to access the link (my friend is, not me so I don't know) but I put the...


Vegas Summer League Schedule

It haven't seen it posted on the official Summer League site yet, but here's the schedule in PDF form via Trailblazers blog bustabucket.com Here's the link itself:...

Knicks Targeting Larry Hughes


The Knicks are in talks with the Chicago Bulls about a deal for shooting guard Larry Hughes, whose contract expires in two summers. Malik Rose's expiring contract is being dangled in a potential deal but the Knicks would have to include another player to make the deal satisfy salary cap restrictions. The Knicks would gladly include Jerome James, who is coming off Achilles surgery and may never play again. James' contract also expires after next season. There is a possibility that Nate Robinson could be included in the deal since Robinson is set to become a restricted free agent on July 1. The fans may not want to see the popular Robinson traded but the team president Donnie Walsh has made it known that his plan is to sign two All-Star caliber free agents by 2010. The only way David Lee would be included in a deal for Hughes is if the Bulls include either Tyrus Thomas or Joakim Noah, who may be expendable now that Chicago has acquired Brad Miller from Sacramento. Walsh is said to be fond of Noah, an athletic big man who is putting up big numbers. The Knicks are also split on what to do with Lee, who will be a free agent this summer. Lee has enjoyed a breakout season but some in the organization wonder if he has reached his ceiling. On Tuesday, Lee was no match for Tim Duncan, who scored 13 fourth quarter points. Lee also missed a crucial free throw in the final minute and then knowingly gave his sixth foul in the final three seconds while guarding Tony Parker, who finished the night shooting 5-for-20. Although the Knicks won the game, Lee's decision to give a foul - the Knicks had one to give - was a questionable move at best. If the Knicks were up one, Lee would have been smart to foul. But in a tied game, there is a strong chance that the game will go into overtime. Think of it this way, how many All-Stars (and Lee thinks he belongs in that group) would knowingly foul out of a tie game? The answer is none.

"The No-Stats All-Star"


Analyzes how Shane Battier is able to stop great offensive players, and why there's a lot more to a player's performance than can be told in points, assists, and rebounds. Michael Lewis is the author of "Moneyball" and a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. His next book, "Home Game," a memoir about fatherhood, will be published in June.

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