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Being an A's fan and living in Va. it's not unusual to get the question, "why?"

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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User Blog

Tarp Talk Podcast


The newest episode of Tarp Talk went up a couple days ago. We talked about Cespedes, of course, and probably too much of Crisp. Hope you enjoy and happy listening!


An Apology Extended and Trevor Revisited.

   First I want to extend an apology to elcroata. I was not trying to show you up or skirt around your comment. For some reason I felt my answer to your question would have taken longer than a...


How Do You Solve A Problem Like Trevor Cahill? (Mechanics)

 Much has been made about Trevor Cahill's struggles this year. Let's not kid ourselves, he's having a pretty tough year. Although not as tough as Craig Breslow, Cahill has shown a major kink in his...

A year with the A's


Saw this on Twiiter. Thought I'd share. Enjoy!

2010 Fielding Bible Awards - Daric Barton


Among some head-scratching, Daric Barton was named the best defensive player at first base for the 2010 seaon. He dethrone Pujols who held it for four years. I understand why some people may question it. But I find myself, and I really can't say I have bias because I love Pujols as a player, being okay with this.

Pending Options Spotlight : Coco Crisp (via Fangraphs)


Much of the same thoughts that have been tossed around here. But I kind of like how the question of "why the hell not?" as to if we should keep him or not. Maybe with a new training staff we can keep him together with more than spit and duct tape.

Two Free A's tickets


Two Free A's tickets

August 3rd, Royals at A's Section 245, Row 2, seats 9 and 10.

Pictures and Thoughts from A's 8/11 game.

Even though the game ended in a loss for the A's, I don't think I could have asked for a better "First A's Game" experience. I hate to say this, but a good part of seeing a couple last place teams...

Wuertz's Slider


Harry Pavlidis, who I think is tied with the SB Nation blog Beyond the Boxscore, rates Wuertz's slider as the hardest pitch to hit in the MLB this year. The following link explains his findings:

Should We look at replacing Beane?


Found this over at one of the SB Nation's sister sites Driveline Mechanics, and thought I would share it. It is interesting timing seeing as we, and by we I mean AN, have throw around what needs to change.


Brad Ziegler on The Show on XM

Don't know if anyone one else heard this, I only caught the tail end of it. This afternoon Ziegler was interviewed on The Show. For the most part the interview was about Team USA in the WBC, but...

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