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What a Tanaka signing could mean. Or, a dreamers dream season.

The Cubs signing Tanaka sends the strongest signal that the Chicago Cubs are getting ready to win, and win big. The biggest impact could be on the players. That is where it should be. If the...

Ian Stewart at Peace with Demotion


Stewart's wife is living in Chicago waiting in the apartment he rented. He took the 72 hours to report to spend time with his wife in Des Moines. His kids miss him. He's a good teammate. I get all that. But why would he just assume he was going to be handed the job?

Ian Stewart Missing In Action


According to the Des Moines Register, Ian Stewart, once optioned to Iowa, has not shown up to the clubhouse. He has 72 hours to report. What makes this weird, he was already in Des Moines. With the way he has hit so far, maybe he is mulling retirement.


April Schedule: How many games can we win?

3 @Pittsburgh 3 @Atlanta 3 vs. Milwaukee 4 vs. San Francisco 3 vs. Texas 3 @Milwaukee 3 @Cincinnati 4 @Miami 2...

One time Cub, now Astros manager, Bo Porter talks about changing the Astros' culture


Bo Porter had a brief career with the Cubs. Before that, Porter was an Iowa Hawkeye centerfielder and defensive back for Coach Hayden Fry. He is going to use a lot of Fry's techniques to change the culture surrounding the Astros. I say good luck, especially in the American League.

March 15 WBC Split Squad home game tickets now on sale.


Not sure how long tickets have been available for this home date but discovered it today. I was torn on seeing the White Sox game this day or going to the home game in the WBC. Since I don't want to fight the drive and parking at Camelback, I chose the home game. This game was a late add in the schedule in case you missed it. It's still not listed who the Cubs will host.


That Was the Year That Was.

In 1964-65 there was a popular, short-lived TV show called That Was the Week That Was. It was a parody on the news of the week, kind of a precursor of what SNL did years later. For the...

Ricketts watches I-Cubs lose. Says in the long run, we're going in right direction.


Same old build from the ground up talk in the article. Nice to see him come to Des Moines though. The city council just appropriated over one million to remodel clubhouse and weight rooms. He was probably trying to figure out how they did it. Side bar in the article.....$49 million spent this year on house cleaning the Cubs. Hadn't seen this figure totaled. Man, that's a lot of dough to make people go away.

The Cubs footprint, we're not all from Chicago.


After returning from Minneapolis for the first two games, I was thinking why so many Twins fans assumed, just because I was wearing a Cubs jersey and hat, that I was from Chicago. I politely told them I was from Iowa, home of the Cubs AAA team. As you can see on the link to this fanshot, Cubs radio is broadcast all over Iowa, plus into Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and even Minnesota (a station I can get throughout most of the state). Was it any wonder that Saturdays recent game there were almost 40% Cubs fans at an away game? And, most were upper midwest area fans that found an easy way to see their favorite team play, despite the record. The Cubs footprint is very large and the popularity of WGN radio is enormous. Hard for Twins fans to understand I'm sure.


Going to Target Field This Weekend?

For those of you traveling to Minneapolis this weekend I wanted to share some highlights of my last two trips to a Twins game. The ball park sits on the smallest acreage in MLB. It's tight with...

Quade wants back in baseball


Article in the Des Moines paper about what Quade has been up to and that he misses the game. He does not throw anyone under the bus, which he could have. Put all the clapping, nicknames and strange moves aside. I feel he didn't stand much of a chance at being successful with what Hendry gave him to work with. But, I'm glad things changed and a new direction is underway. I hope this works out sooner rather than later.

Vitters waiting for promotion.


Nice article on Vitters in Des Moines paper. His manager points to improvement. Maybe he will finally "get it" this year.

Does our record over the last eleven days indicate anything?


Dale Sveum earlier said that the spring training record that indicates the most is over the last ten games. With no starters throwing these last couple of days, our record in the last eleven days of camp stands at 7-4-1. I like what I've seen. After a week in Mesa, this whole organization has changed for the better starting with fundamentals and attitude. Does anyone think this is what we may see during the season or have the last week or so really meant anything? For me, I'm hoping that we can play over .500 for as long as possible.

Cubs games at the Cell in 2013?


I'm not ready to believe this nor do I think it's anything more than speculation. But, I suppose it could be possible when and if Wrigley gets a makeover. But really, a season (or even part of a season) at the Cell? Say it ain't so!


Pitchers and Catchers, one month from today.

Is this the roster that we'll see in one month? I think pitching is set but I feel there will be some minor tweaks along the way. Anone else ready for spring training?


Game Recap #162, Let's Hear it for Al

I wanted to take a minute out of my schedule to say thanks to Al for the coverage he provided for this season. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to recap 90 losses. Base running errors,...


When is a prospect ready?

Here are things I've read on BCB for quite some time...."He's ready!"..... "He's not ready"...."He's too old to be a prospect".... "He's a AAAA player"..."Why don't we bring him up and see what he...

Interview with Hendry in Des Moines


Nothing earth-shattering here. Hendry was in Des Moines to watch the Iowa Cubs for a couple of games. The I-Cubs have 11 players under age 24 after starting the season with three. He discussed not trading anyone off the big club that will be of value next year.

50 Years Ago, former Cub Gene Baker becomes first black minor league manager.


Nice article in Des Moines Register on former Iowan and Ernie Banks double play partner.50 years ago today he became the first black minor league manager for the Pirates.

Johnson, Baker and Soriano to "likely" appear for I-Cubs


It always helps minor league attendance when MLB players rehab, but possibly three at the same time? Baker and Johnson to Des Moines Thursday, Soriano to join on Sunday. I really can't believe that Soriano would agree to rehab in Des Moines.

Dusty Baker Back in Playoffs


Nice read on Dusty's playoff career. Some questions to ponder this morning: Is Dusty THAT good of a manager? He's been in the playoffs every place he's been. In hindsight, was 2006 Dusty's managing or Jim Hendry's giving him a crappy team? Is the popular manager with the players theory one we've already seen and would popular Quade be another Dusty minus the toothpick?

Sandberg to be named PCL Manager of the Year


Success as a player and a manager. What else does he have to do to be named our new manager?

Cubs commit to Samardzija as a starter.


As you look at his stats, Quade said on the radio that since he has left AAA the reports he has say that hitters have more "slider speed" bats than fastball. He said our AAA guys are able to overpower with the fastball and when they are called up can't do that to MLB hitters. Do you ever expect to see Samardzija in the Cubs rotation?

Iowa Cubs GM: Sandberg has no shortcomings. Sandberg: Managing Cubs my dream job


From Des Moines paper. Probably as close as Sandberg will get to lobbying for the managerial job. Praise heaped on Sandberg from I-Cubs 27 year GM and Micah Hoffpauir.

Zambrano press conference 2:00 pm Wednesday


Not a lot here but will speak to local reporters. Found it interesting he worked out with the I-Cubs yesterday and then left and did not attend the doubleheader. Don't we pay him enough to sit through two 7 inning games?

Ricketts: I-Cubs to stay put and other comments.


Tom Ricketts took in a double header in Des Moines and confirmed the I-Cubs will not become the Omaha Cubs. He makes some non-comments about the disappointing season and a non-comment on the next manager and the fire sale.

Sam Fuld Amazing Catch


Click on I-Cubs highlights to see Fuld make an over the shoulder fully extended catch. Go full screen for best effect!

Sandberg would consider an Orioles offer


Maybe unlikely Andy calls Ryno, but consider what would happen if our manager in waiting is offered and leaves the Cubs for the Orioles. Would the Cubs make a counter offer just to keep him in the fold for next season? Interesting thought, discuss.


Dave Kaplan on D.M. radio on Lou and Lee

Dave Kaplan, believe what he says at your own risk, does a weekly radio show on a Des Moines radio station each Wednesday. Since we are out of the Chicago market I think he says things he may not...

Cashner to throw Saturday and will find out what's next


This Des Moines Register game article states Cashner was told he would pitch twice out of the pen and they would let him know what was next. Sounds like he may be up soon. Same article has pictures of Sandberg getting thrown out yesterday! Another article on details of Cashner's first game in the pen. That 97 MPH fastball will look good in Chicago!

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