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OT for July 14th -- the thoughtful, helpful kind.

After my experience with the helpful, kindly folks here, how about a new OT, with more space for help & kindliness: Day trip suggestions, with Seattle as the starting point, for someone who may be...


OT-- forward-looking Star-Spangled ed. -- June 29

So, what are the plans for the upcoming weekend?  How many are planning to take Friday off, and make it a four day weekend!?!    [hand waving over here] How many are going to at least one baseball...


Off Topic rambles, June 20, 2011

so, if you don't want to venture outside in this glorious Summer weather ... coming soon to a theater: The Trip wherein Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon tour Northern England Submarine-- Richard...


Weekendy OT, June 10, 2011

  Weekends, weekends. What to do on a weekend. I assume grilling and beer will be involved?  What kind of grilling? Is there a hibatchi-like grill that doesn't use charcoal and could I afford it? O...


OT for Humbled Fan, April 28th

Humbled Fan has requested a forum to talk about the end of Michael Scott's management of The Office. How about some links-- Michael meets David Brent A Michael vs David quizaroo A nice summation of...


OT April 20, 2011-- In my spare time, I...

When not watching scintillating baseball as played by the Hometown 9, doing all the usual daily stuff, and hoping that Spring will finally arrive, of late I have been filling my hours with the...


faux-Faux OT, Mar 30

  A few things to tide us over until a real OT is fashioned. Rather cool story behind Ken Rosenthal's continued wearing of the bow tie, on-air. (I wonder where that blue silk one I used to have is...


OT, Feb 22-- Whither the weather edition

So the February Snowpocalypse is upon us, and hence, what traditionally follows --- Danger Jim Foreman in a yellow parka and everyone checking the various news sites and weather forecasts. Is there...


Pitchers and catchers and position players, oh my!

As Kirby Arnold put it this morning, in an early-bird blog post: "Good morning from Peoria, Ariz., where the sun is rising into a cloudless sky and most of the action on the first day of the M...


OT- St. Valentine's Day edition, 02-11-2011

So, they say that one of the 14 St Valentines was the first St. Valentine. And then there is all sorts of stuff about the Romans and Lupercalia and mid-February. Paper valentines began to be...


OT, Jan 28-- we're gonna need an even Bigger OT!

Wow, Almost 1300 comments ... so, here is another one to start filling up. FAN FEST! FAN FEST!  what to do, what to do... Swing Ichiro's bat, try on Chone Figgins' batting glove or hit a simulated...


OT, Jan 22 -- "Awwww, Felix" edition.

Time for a new OT, and look!  Pictures from the awarding of the Cy Youngs, tonight in New York!   Felix and Roy with Bob Engle  and Felix' award, courtesy of @TheRealMariners   what else about...


OT, Jan 12th-- hard to settle on one topic ed.

It is Wednesday, in the middle of a topsy-turvy* week, and I am finding it hard to get my mind to work in a linear fashion. Some might say that is not an unusual occurrence, but be that as it may. H...


OT, Dec 20th-- "I'd like to see THAT" edition

  Things I would like to see. A complete lunar eclipse ("which begins at 9:29 p.m. PST Monday with the peak of the eclipse set for 12:18 a.m. Tuesday morning. It'll be all over at 3:04 a.m.") ...


OT, Dec. 14th: Happy birthday Nostradamus! edition

oh, how I wish that SCTV's "coming up later tonight" ad for their tv-movie Mr. Know-It-All: The Life of Nostradamus was available online (“I knew it! I knew that was going to happen!”)  However...


OT-Dec. 6th, kinda quiet edition

December 6th. Not the anniversary of an unprovoked attack on the United States. Not the birthday of chatty Terrell Owens, author of other kinds of unprovoked things. some different chatty...

Art Thiel and Steve Rudman have a new online venture


It goes up on Thursday, and Thiel discusses it briefly at the end of his last PI column


Nov 18th OT-- not specifically for Felix, but, yeah, whatever.

  Looking for something else to discuss while the clock ticks down to 11:00 Pacific?   Well, as Larry Stone reminds us, November 18th is also the birthday of one Jaime Moyer: @StoneLarry   Happy...

Donating in honor of Dave Niehaus


"Many Dave Niehaus fans have asked the Mariners office which charities they can donate in honor of the broadcast legend. "


OT, Oct. 28 -- "1240+ comments are just too many" edition

You know, the world was a different place around the year 1240 ... A Novgorodian army led by Alexander Nevsky defeats the Swedes in the Battle of the Neva, and heads off to take on the Teutonic...


OT, Oct 22nd-- happy birthday, Ichiro! I got you a ...

Jeff's post about Ichiro's birthday made me think-- what do you get a suave worldly fellow, who already pretty much has everything? (except a tasteful World Series ring of his own) .  Any shopping...


OT, Oct.2-- there is superstition

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall, Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall,   So, superstitions? sports or otherwise?   I turned on the tv, and as soon as I did, Jake Locker had the ball...


OT, Sept 16: Time wasting-- online or otherwise

  Link-heavy as usual. Turns out that the AdFreak blog (who brought us the 25 most epic ads time-waster)  has other entertaining blog entries .. on  Focus groups, on the Utah State Fair vs Jared...


OT, Sept. 2: say what?

This OT features the Top 100 movie quotes according to the American Film Institute... "A statement, phrase or brief exchange of dialogue spoken in an American film; movie quotes that viewers use in...


No game tonight OT-Aug 26

I have no good questions to kick this off, so instead ...   100 Best First Lines from Novels   1. Call me Ishmael. —Herman Melville, Moby-Dick (1851) 2. It is a truth universally acknowledged,...


OT Aug 8-- a day early, still a dollar short

It is still just Sunday afternoon, but the old OT is getting pretty full, so here is a new one to get the new week off and running.   When you see Pat O'Day, do you think "keep on rockin' dude",...


MiniOT on Aug 5th per Eyebrows' request

Amazingly, it turns out there are many guides to perfect eyebrows. The 'use our pencil and all will be well" method The "drawing eyebrows in a drawing" method The eyebrow tattoo The eyebrow dormer T...


OT-- August 3rd Gift Consultant Edition

I have a gifting question. I need to come up with a token gift (possibly jokey) for two young ladies soon to be moving into their first dorm rooms. They can't be big as they have to transport it &...


Dave Sims Hat Night

Any one else planning on going to the Dave Sims' Hat Night?     Dave Sims Hat Club Night White Sox vs. Mariners Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 7:10 p.m. Here's your chance to join Mariners broadcaster...


OT-- June 28, just how old is Old Man Moyer?

  When is some columnist on a slow news day going to write humorous new lyrics to "Old Man River" in his honor? Is he really akin to Eppa Rixey?Can he get to  300 wins? (oh, and Incidental Baseball...

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