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OT: "He's clearly being brought in as a leg-breaker" edition, 6/13

said Buster Olney this morning on the radio, about Frank Robinson being named to head the MLB umpires:   "Major League Baseball shuffled its Baseball Operations Department on Friday. And when the...


OT- The May 4th "We (Still) Love Jack" edition

  Jack Zduriencik went to the News Tribune offices to speak the Associated Press Sports Editors Northwest chapter meeting yesterday. Larry Stone and Ryan Divish both have articles up about it, full...


OT: The wonders of the DVD (April 24)

  The relative cheapness of the DVD has brought us many fine timewasters over the last few years, including the chance to (re)watch some of the more eccentric tv efforts of the last 40 years. For...


OT for Apr. 21 -- Looking for a hero edition.

We have Felix ("Felix (Latin for "happy" or "lucky"))   And in ChiTown, they have Carlos Silva ("Carlos Silva added six crisp innings to his surprising comeback')   Of course, on the other hand,...


New OT By Popular Demand -- April 12

Ok, someone give me some restaurant suggestions for west Portland, north and south of Burnside, between Broadway and Niato. We'd be on foot...Al-Amir Lebanese? Karam Lebanese Cuisine? Mama Mia...


OT for March 23rd ... just because.

I think it is time for a new OT ...  a few topics: Mariners on TV? Sunday, March 28  vs Cubs  1:05 PM FSN (live), MLBN (tape delay) Friday, April 2  @ Rockies  4...


OT-- non-Olympic I'm tired of waiting for that last one to load and my weekend has already started and it's only Wednesday (woohoo!) ed., Feb 24

Tomorrow's calendar involves nothing more than a free lunch and watching a movie ... anyone seen Black Dynamite? Does the promise of the trailer hold up?  Another option is Death at a funeral...


Companion Olympic-themed OT-- aka 'You call THAT skating??'

Maybe with two threads it won't fill up as fast? for those who are getting their re-introduction to figure skating, a few thoughts. Why do they call it figure skating when they don't do compulsory...


OT-- new European-Friendly thread

Fun facts about Europe.... - The Vatican city is the smallest state in Europe despite being in the center of Rome, Italy. The population is under 1000 ! - Europe has many large cities including...

Brad Lefton interviews Ichiro, 2010


"Brad Lefton is a bilingual St. Louis-based journalist who covers baseball in Japan and America. He often follows the Mariners for Japanese media, and he interviewed Ichiro in Japanese for this story."--Seattle Times.


OT -- Countdown to Spring Training edition, Feb.13

  Organization           Pitchers & catchers    First workout    Seattle Mariners     Feb. 17                        Feb. 18                 So, ready?  Who all (besides Mark Sobba) is going this...


OT cooking thoughts, and oh yeah, there's that football game, Feb 7

I was making the weekly pot of soup for lunches-- this week it's going to be refrigerator soup (aka "what  the heck is this in the crisper?")  I had chicken, leftover rice, onion, garlic, carrot,...


"1145 Comments in 3 Days?!" OT-- Jan 21

  And not all of them were related to Felixocity!  although, speaking of Felix:   "I remember facing him in 2005, when the Pirates played in Seattle. Felix was a young kid with an incredible arm...


Another OT--Jan. 18th

We went up to the Cinebarre-- the North Seattle version of The Big Picture or the Central-- a theatre that serves real food and alcohol while the film plays. It is in the old Mountlake 9-- they...


New OT -- Jan 12

  As a media cataloger, I have seen more depressing and heart-rending documentaries on more wretched and heart-breaking subjects ... however, watching Young@heart again, tonight on PBS, reminds me...


Smaller, less unwieldy OT post for the New Year.

Much as I enjoyed the 10 best lists (something which I am very bad at, but I do like to see what others have to say) that post has been making my pea-brained home computer unhappy, and the holiday...


December 25th, December 31st/January 1st OT:

  'I think it must be the field-mice,' replied the Mole, with a touch of pride in his manner. 'They go round carol-singing regularly at this time of the year. They're quite an institution in...


OT: Dec 13th

Hey, look-- it's a week later, and and the old OT has been buried under more important, relevant, and useful fanposts. So, here is a new one.   I have just finished making four rolls of cookie...


Daily Rumor Open Thread IV

re: yesterdays news ...   Larry Stone says "Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski explained why he settled on the Yankees and Diamondbacks as his trading partners ...  "At times, there were a...


OT: Dec 6.

Thanksgiving is so November.   Indianapolis is the 13th largest city in the United States and  became the capital of Indiana in 1820. The most common nickname for Indianapolis is ‘Indy’; other...


Q&A with skipper Don Wakamatsu

with one Doug Miller at Pravda.   Lots of good stuff, from his input at the Winter meetings, working with Zduriencik & Blengino ("Am I a total stats guy? No. But I always welcome the addition of...

Wow, they've already written a book about the 2010 Mariners?


Wow, they've already written a book about the 2010 Mariners?

"No amount of offseason tinkering is going to make Seattle a good team"


says Cliff Corcoran covering the AL West for SI's Hot Stove piece.

Rally Cuddle, sez Mark Lowe. One wacky bullpen.


Rally Cuddle, sez Mark Lowe. One wacky bullpen.


OT on a friday morning 11/6

  Mostly because the last one hit over 1000 comments, primarily due to a spirited discussion about meaningful things.You won't find that here, though, bucko. Anyone watch the new version of "V"?...

The hour on 710 with Ryan Rowland-Smith now up online


Well worth the listen for his thoughts on what changed for him mid-way through the year, on Kenji, on places to go in Oz. Would have been better with less Calabro and more Drayer, but then ...


Johjima opts out of his contract

here is Larry Larue's note; Jack Zduriencik is supposed to have a press conference at 10:30   "After lots of very deep thought and deliberation, I have decided to return home to resume my career in...


The origins of the Ichiro thigh slap

Geoff Baker has a blog entry today on the celebratory move, where he mentions that various Japanese readers have told him that "there has been much chatter about it on TV overseas and that the move...

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