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The "I'm tired of waiting for 1000 comments to load" OT

Someday I will replace the rickety laptop that is my home link to the outside world -- perhaps even have access to that WiFi thing of which I have heard, thus freeing myself from the tyranny of...


Happiness is ..... Steve Kelley fixing the Mariners

it seems so long since Steve Kelley has given us the benefit of his Baseball Wisdom ... "The Mariners were one-hit in their 3-0 loss to Kansas City, and as the team enters the final five weeks of...

Triunfel back soon?


"Both Mariners minor league director Pedro Grifol and strength coach James Clifford say Truinfel has made tremendous progress. Grifol said there's a good chance Truinfel could rejoin West Tennessee for the final few games of the season and the playoffs if the DiamondJaxx maintain their second-half division lead."

Why Dave Niehaus sometimes makes mistakes.


Why Dave Niehaus sometimes makes mistakes.

It's your chance to get tickets to the USSM/LL get-together from 710. Call 206-726-7052 and leave a...


It's your chance to get tickets to the USSM/LL get-together from 710. Call 206-726-7052 and leave a voice mail explaining why you are the biggest SABRNerd, and thus deserving. Phone lines open until 8pmThursday.


Bedard MRI again, per Drayer updates

She's been tweeting all afternoon-- and some of the news is much more dire than other news. Bedard says he felt something, and so they have scheduled another MRI, to compare it to the one from last...

Mike Sweeney says he can be Ultry-Sultry, too.


Mike Sweeney says he can be Ultry-Sultry, too.


"The Bedard Standard"

Larry Stone has a blog piece on what he is calling "The Bedard Standard":   If Roy Halladay or Adrian Gonzalez don't get traded, blame the Mariners. More specifically, blame Bill Bavasi. Heck, we...


OT 7/2/05-- Flag Waving, Long Weekend, 4th of July Holiday edition

  Ahhhhh, a long weekend, complete with baseball. Time for rambling thoughts, happy incoherence and some patriotic quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father: “Without continual growth and...


Zduriencik on the State of the M's

Today, Larry Larue has a long interview with Jack Zduriencik on where the Mariners are at about the halfway mark, after their 101 losses last year.   "“I always said [during spring training] ‘We’re...

Now I feel very old.


Now I feel very old.


OT: Danielle Lawrie takes on the local media. They lose.

from Caple:"The most dominating pitcher in college this year was the University of Washington's Danielle Lawrie, the Most Outstanding Player in the Women's College World Series and the NCAA's...


Ichiro. Just a little too organized?

Shannon Drayer has the daily home game routine for Ichiro! up on her blog. The thing I found most surprising was not the precise routine (well, duh) but that he eats what might be thought of as...


All Star voting fun

The first voting update is out for the All Star game: "Jason Bay is heading up a fantastic crew of outfielders with 446,183 votes. He'll have to keep up the great numbers to hold off second-place...


Shortstops of the future?

Geoff Baker tosses off the nugget that the Ms are indeed doing a little preliminary water-testing for a Betancourt trade, and the name he comes up with is " veteran shortstop Jack Wilson." A...


Isao Harimoto and Ichiro

Brad Lefton, the bilingual jornalist who has wriiten some of the best pieces about Ichiro, writes about Isao Harimoto in the Times today. it is a fascinating life, as well as some fine comments...


Opening Day weather

"Tuesday: Partly sunny, with a high near 51. South wind at 5 mph becoming north northwest." So, it is looking to dry out, but still stay cool ...   "Inside Safeco Field, crews were busy...


Mark Fidrych, 1954-2009

and Mark Fidrych has died, as well.   The Freep has the AP story, as well as some photo galleries, reminicences, and a story from 2006, when Fidrych came back for a visit.   "The year was 1976,...


Tuba Man Salute for the opener

from Greg Johns at the PI site:   "Friends of deceased Seattle street musician Ed McMichael are planning a tribute in The Tuba Man's memory in conjunction with the Mariners' home opener next...


OT: Ichiro fashion parade

I want some speculation on this year's ensemble before the descriptions and pictures of what Ichiro wore to the clubhouse today come in. All we know so far is that he is in, everyone was happy to...



Well, we have our first indication of the baseball coverage (aside from Shannon Drayer)  as Mike Salk has just popped up on Drayer's blog while she is on her ST break.  Salk was formerly at ESPN...


Tonights game against the Hated Aussies.

It is set to air at 6:00 on FSN. Likely worth cracking a tinnie. Here is the line up from Larry Larue: Ronny Cedeno 2B Yuniesky Betancourt SS Ken Griffey Jr. DH Adrian Beltre 3B Russell...


Yet another 'got your nostalgia right here' post

So, as I was watching the fine& tasteful bonus features on the"Hot fuzz" disc, one finds that whilst on the multi-city press junket for the film, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost take in a Mariners/A's game...


AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi

  from Dave Andriesen Ryan Rowland-Smith's roommate, former Mariner Chris Snelling, is back in town, at least for a few days. Snelling, a free agent, is part of the Australian team for the World...

""When somebody sits there and says Derek Jeter is a bad shortstop, it's comical," [Michael] Young...


""When somebody sits there and says Derek Jeter is a bad shortstop, it's comical," [Michael] Young said. "Derek brings so many things to the game that people don't see or understand. He's an unbelievable player, a first-ballot Hall of Famer and an incredible shortstop. It's laughable to say he's a bad shortstop."



nos·tal·gi·a  (n-stlj, n-)n. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. A severe and sometimes fatal form of melancholia, due to homesickness. One of this year's...


Griffey-free request for restaurant recommendations

I am in the market for a good place to hold a birthday party for a soon-to-be 90 year old; someplace to book for a party of 30-40 people -- Somewhere in the greater Bellevue/ Kirkland/ Redmond/...


After a day or so, spring training stories thus far.

After his bullpen outing, Ichiro made his bicep and tricep and oblique and deltoid and trap and lat and pec and serratus really tired and sore. Ichiro is not meant to be a pitcher without a lot of...


OT-- Early Demises (2-11-09)

and, oddly enough, I am not talking about the hopes for the Seattle Mariners 2009 season. As we sit in the long, slow grind to spring, there is a lot of sofa-setting going on, and the spring...


Hot Stove League show, sat. 1-3

KIRO has now begun their Hot Stove show, scheduled in the awkward saturday midday timeslot, and with a couple of shows under their belt, they are doing a pretty good job-- still a fair bit of...

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