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What Makes A Falcoholic?


Some non-Football fun for the off-season. Let's get to know our fan base a little better

A Data Dive Into the Defense


Let's explore some of the data generated by Mike Nolan's group.

Quarterly Trends for the Falcons' Offense


You asked, so I shall deliver. It may be several months later, but I shall deliver...

Jackson Jeffcoat: Mid-Round Sleeper


Jackson Jeffcoat has been overlooked despite his supreme athleticism and performance on the field.

Draft Success Information: Dynamic Workbook


Let's try another dynamic workbook where you get to select the variables and find something interesting.

Happy Pre-Draft Present


Because I'm so nice...

Combine & Pro Day Standouts


With most of the Pro-Days complete, I'll show some of the biggest standouts by position.

Size Doesn't Matter: A Case for Aaron Donald


The star defensive tackle has been proving people wrong for years. See why I believe the trend will continue.

Falcons Free Agent Targets: Defensive Tackle


Our Defensive Tackles situation isn't great. This off-season, both the draft and Free Agency provide a good opportunity to revamp. Here are a few options.

Falcons' Potential Free Agent Targets: Free Safety


Hey Buffalo, what's it like having a good Free Safety!?

O Pass Protection, Where Art Thou?


We saw our pass rush ranked dead-last in the previous article. How does the offensive line fair using the same analysis?

O Pass Rush, Where Art Thou?


Just how bad is our pass rush? Take a look into the pool of despair.

Falcons 3rd Down Breakdown '12 & '13


Both offensive and defensive third down conversions information. This time, you get to play analyst.

Evaluating The Draft: Linebackers


I continue my historical analysis of the NFL draft, showing performance for each position based on round selection, Combine results, and PFF grades.

The Falcons' Receiver Injuries: A Silver Lining


With Tony Gonzalez moving on, injuries at the Wide Receiver position could be a blessing in disguise.

The Third Quarter Meltdown


I divulge my curiosity about the infamous third quarter meltdown.

Ranking the Falcons' Players: Who's on Top?


Who are your Best (and Worst) graded Atlanta Falcons? Let's see what PFF says about it.

Evaluating the Draft: Defensive Line


How well can we expect a defensive lineman to perform after the draft? Take a look! (It's in a book...)

Evaluating the Draft: Offensive Lineman


The Falcons obviously need some help on the offensive line. Let's look through previous draft results to evaluate what we may expect in 2014.


Trends in the NFL: The Running Game

We had some interesting comments last week from Coach Pat Hill, describing the offensive line and their run blocking abilities. From this, we sparked some conversation about how the NFL is...


Data Nerd: Grading Our Players

Everyone has an idea of the Falcons' weak positions and where the draft focus should be. Some young players are still trying to break into the mold of the NFL, while some older players are making...


Data Nerd: In-Depth Look at Our Safeties

The Safety position in the NFL is dynamic. The player is expected to play coverage or stop the run, reading and adapting to the offense at all times. In that regard, we have many key stats to look...


A Data Nerd's View: Our Cornerbacks

In light of recent news about Julio, I'm sure this post will fall on deaf ears...or I guess 'blind eyes' for writing. I have been tirelessly frustrated with our defensive performance this year. In...


A Data Nerd's Grading of NFL Offensive Lines: Pass Protection

I know I promised some detail on our defensive players, but I found something interesting in the process. I was looking at pressure the opposing Offensive Lines allow to compare our performance. I...


A Data Nerd's Stat Update

After a poorly played game of football, I found myself consistently asking questions. The offensive line looks worse; the defense looks awful; the play-calling is questionable. The Falcons have to...


A Data Nerd's View of the Defense

Since I did a detailed review of the offense last week, I thought I would delve into the defense this time. We all see generic statistics thrown around, but I want to try and understand some of...


Third Quarter Breakdown? I think not...

As opposed to my last fanpost, I'm keeping this one short to hopefully just spark some discussion. I found an interesting stat to share. We talk each week about the highly anticipated Third...


A Data Nerd's View of Offensive Line through Week 3

Though I enjoy watching and assessing games as they play out, it's hard to capture everyone's performance in real-time. I would prefer to ignore the offensive line most days, but lately it's hard...

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