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Order BPB2014 by John Sickels TODAY


Order your copy of The Baseball Prospect Book 2014 by John Sickels.

Happy Father's Day!


Do you have baseball memories with your father?

Baseball Prospect Book 2013: Wyoming update


Has your state ordered the BPB2013? Not if you are in Wyoming!

BPB2013--Now Accepting Orders!!!! from JERI


Order now to reserve your copy of John Sickels' Baseball Prospect Book 2013!

JERI's Big, Huge Question O the Day, Again!


I’m sure you’ve heard that this year’s All-Star Game is in Kansas City. I’m likely going to be skewered for this, but I’ve never understood the point of the All-Star Game. It seems that it...

JERI's Big, Huge Question O' the Day!


John is out of the office today so I’m hijacking the blog today. It’s been a while since I’ve posted for you, and I’m glad to be pinch-hitting. (See? ALREADY with the baseball references!) J...

ORDER BPB2012!!!


It's TIME, happy readers! We are now accepting orders for The Baseball Prospect Book 2012! ORDER!!!!   This year the book will ship, as usual, at the end of January. IF the post office still...

How John Learned to Pick Up Chicks Using Baseball--By JERI


When John and I were dating, way back in the stone ages, before anyone even thought up the word blog, he decided that as his main squeeze I’d need to know something about baseball…not just the...

What's up With Wyoming??? ...and Other Random Thoughts--from JERI


  Dearest Readers,   John's busy, and asked me to start up a discussion here, so I'm taking over the blog for the rest of the day. I usually like to post one topic, but I can't think up anything...



Get the BPB2011 PDF Today!

NOW SHIPPING!! The BPB2011 by John Sickels


Strike up the band! Pop open the bubbly! Your patience is being rewarded! Today our friends at the Post Office will be picking the books and delivering them to your eagerly awaiting hands.

The 2011 Top 50/50 List Has Been Sent--from JERI


  Hey, Happy Readers! The top 50/50 list has been sent to all who have ordered the BPB2011 via Paypal as of yesterday, as well as all those who sent an email address with their mail order. If you...

BPB2011 Now Accepting Orders!--from JERI


The Baseball Prospect Book 2011, by John Sickels is now accepting orders.

Terror Must Be Maintained...It is the Logic of History


My operatives would avenge my death...and some of them are Vulcans. JERI here! It's Sunday, John's on a trip, and I'm dealing with the blog today. I'm tired and don't want to think up a...

JERI's Question and Vintage Cheesecake


Welcome Back, Happy Bloggers!  Getting 200 hits in a single season is not terribly easy, at least according to people who actually know this stuff. I was going to ask about which of the top...



 Good Morning, Thursday Bloggers!   John is STILL icky, and is going to the doctor as we speak. There is likely nothing to be done but to wait out the spores of death, but anything that goes on...

JERI's Big, Huge Question O' the Day


Hello, Dear Readers! John's bout of feeling better didn't last too long, so here I am again!   I watched the movie Major League in order to get into a baseball frame of mind. I have a BASEBALL...

Mother Nature Strikes Again--From JERI


  Happy Tuesday, Fair Readers! I regret to inform you that the stomach bug that has plagued John is now in its fourth day. He can't sit at his desk, so I am taking over for the day. This is...

Would You Rather? by JERI


As a more casual, less sophisticated fan, it's more fun for me to see lots of hits in a game.  Who's with me?  Would you rather see a pitcher's duel or a home run derby?  AND... Why?   My...

For the Ladies....from JERI


       HUBBA HUBBA...Follow the jump for a more classic objectification.     Nothing like a good piece of cake...beefcake, that is!!  His name is Bond, James Bond.  (all together: Oh, JAMES!)

JERI's BIG, HUGE Question O the Day


Hello, Happy Bloggers! John's away, so that means that this blog is MINE! ALL MINE!!  This is bound to be a busy, hectic few days here, what with kids on spring break and dogs from...

BPB2010 PDF Now for Sale! From JERI


Hello, Happy Readers! You asked, We heard, We listened!Here is the PDF file of the BPB2010.Click HERE to order your copy.The file will be sent as an email attachment, so please add



OK, Happy Readers!  We are down to a baker's dozen books to sell.  This sellout is earlier than we planned, but whatcha gonna do?  If you still need a book, act quickly.  I will closely watch...

BPB2010 Geographical Fun Facts...from JERI


    Hello, Happy Readers! Here are some facts about your fellow least, where they live. We have readers in 47 states, plus Puerto Rico and DC. The states with no readers:...

JERI's Update--John Will Be Home Today!


Good Morning.  As you might have figured out from the headline, John will arrive home this afternoon.  He will no doubt be filling you in on his trip details in the coming days.  I know he is...

JERI's Late Night Update


It's Sunday night, and John is somewhere in New Mexico, on his way home.  He seems really excited about the players he saw, so that's good.  Sorry I didn't post this weekend...It's been a little...

JERI's Idea for Reality TV


I must make a confession.  I have gotten totally hooked on these cooking contest shows on the food network: Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef and Chopped.  There is also a show on Bravo, Top...

JERI's Update...mostly off-topic


OK.  So it is after 10, and I'm just now getting the opportunity to sit down and type.  John is in Pheonix, and has already attended a game.  He sounds very happy to be there.  He wanted me to...

JERI's Update, and Question of the Day


Greetings!  It's been a while since I've posted anything for John.  He's driving through New Mexico, and has assured me that he will NOT turn left at Albuquerque (rim shot!). Just a few updates...

Some Scouting Video from Oklahoma


Here is some video of Albuquerque knocking around Michael Ballard of Oklahoma from Wednesday. Two homers are hit in this clip, one of which I got nice footage off coming off the bat. I apologize...

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