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Twitter / ArashMarkazi: Steve Ballmer is officially ...



Donald Sterling to drop lawsuit, agree to Clippers sale


Its over. It is finally over. Sterling Finally accepts defeat. We don't have to worry about this crap being dragged out in court though the way Shelly stuck it to him, I do not see how it could.


Donald Sterling okays force say of Clippers

This is being reported on ESPN radio the heard via Ramona Shelbourne. Donald has given the okay for his wife Shelley to negotiate the force sale of the Clippers. The protracted lawsuit everyone was...


Paul and Griffin make team USA squad.

I didn't see if this was posted in its own thread so I thought I would start the conversation. Stein is reporting the list of 28 names that will comprise the world cup and summer olympic teams and...


DeAndre Jordan goes to US National Summer Program

DeAndre Jordan goes to US National Summer Program

From True Hoops Clips after West


So what does that mean for the tandem of Blake and DJ

Olrando Magic: Former Magic SF Grant Hill indicates he'll retire after this season -


Was hoping we'd get two years out of him, but it looks like this will be his last hurrah. So we have exactly one shot to make this season special, Ray Lewis style.

Mini Lebron


Its nice to see good write ups without the usual jab.

Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups of Los Angeles Clippers practice without restrictions - ESPN Los Angeles


We already knew about Paul, but this is good news about Billups. Especially with how Green has played.

OT: Indiana Pacers guard Paul George throws down 360-degree, through-the-legs windmill dunk in Shanghai (VIDEO) | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports


Being dunk aficionados as we are, I figure we could appreciate this. And there were some who did not want him because of where he went to school # smh.

Blake Griffin has spent summer reworking his jump shot | ProBasketballTalk


Some here was saying this very thing would happen while he was out and it looks like Blake did just that.


Three headed monster appreciation post

Well since no one else decided to do it, I wanted to say that I think that they did an outstanding job. They improve the roster over the one that lost in the second round of the playoffs. The bench...


S&T Foye what would you want?

Jerry Zgoda mentions the prospect of teams interested in Foye coming the Clippers for a sign and trade. The suiters are the Suns, Bucks, Bulls, and Knicks. If one of the teams came up, what would...


Trading Bledsoe

I know this is a touchy subject since Bledsoe has shown his worth and the situation that just occurred with Olshey. Since Olshey is going to Portland, he may have eyes for Bledsoe, the PG he put...

Brandon Roy Entertains Comeback Possibilities


I kind of had a feeling about this earlier in the season. This just confirms it. If he even is thinking of returning we should be kicking the tires on this one.

SLAM ONLINE | " Tall Tales


The fall of Keith Closs. It is a long read and there are some things I never realized.

Kobe shunned, bypassed by several teams heading into ’96 draft -


"They told me it was the two best workouts they’d ever seen," he said. "That’s it, I figured, I was going be a Clipper and play in L.A. I was pumped!" Before Bryant had finished his fantasy, his magic carpet ride crashed. Out of nowhere, Baylor and Fitch flipped the switch. "Your skill level is off the charts. Your athleticism is exceptional. And your energy and enthusiasm are remarkable," they gushed. "But we can’t draft you." Huh? What! Why not? "Because people out here won’t think we’re serious if we draft a high school kid at No. 7." So, Baylor and Fitch showed they meant business by plucking Memphis center Lorenzen Wright (whose July 2010 murder remains unsolved). Read more:

Bledsoe to rehab in D-League - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles


Sort of missed. But Bledsoe will start his rehab assignment and should be back with the club shortly. Giving us exactly a month and a half to figure out his value.

via Pictures is worth a thousand words. Also why an edit button is needed. Read...


via Pictures is worth a thousand words. Also why an edit button is needed. Read why Baron Davis is out. About half way down. Now that has to be painful

GERY WOELFEL: Livingston has come long way on road to recover


I wanted to post this because many of us watched him and wanted him to do well. And all who were fans remember that gruesome fall. Glad he is doing well.

We had no leverage in the Paul Trade


Demands change According to another individual involved in the talks at the time, the Hornets amended their trade demands from the Rockets at the NBA's direction to say Kyle Lowry would have to replace Dragic in the deal along with Patrick Patterson or Chase Budinger and an additional pick. "Until the trade was complete with the Clippers, they (the Rockets, Hornets and Lakers) were in constant negotiations," the individual with knowledge of the talks said. "(Alexander) doesn't believe the league negotiated in good faith. "They were using them (the Rockets) to up the ante with the Clippers." Stern said he did not believe his role in the trade decision would produce a conflict of interest, calling his involvement a "frozen moment in time."

Rosenthal Tweets Nats Want Bourjos


I wouldn't want to see PBo go. But if the Nats want him bad enough We should listen if it involves names like Harper, Zimmerman and Strasburg.

MLB Labor Talks: Sides Close to Okaying Draft Tweaks


This could be just the thing JDP is waiting for. It would make signing type A free agents more palatable. It would be great if we get CJ Wilson and Texas does not get our draft pick.

Free Agents We Should Watch


Here is an interesting mix. Some of them are not gonna happen, but the reliever sounds doable.

Angels Sign Two OF from Dominican Prospect League

JDP is already getting to work on the farm. How long has it been since we signed a young Latin American player? It seemed like Del Taco Tony shied away from them.

Cron Surgery a success


Got to scroll down a bit to get to the story. But I was surprise to see that they didn't take the opportunity to do his shoulder. He is gonna be on the shelf anyway. Might as well get it taken care of.

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