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Best and worst Nets starting 5 of all time

The doldrums of the NBA season are upon us, so just a little exercise. Name your best and worst Nets of all time starting 5 in the comments below. My picks: Best Nets PG - Jason Kidd No...


Two low cost suggestions for the PF spot

Here are two guys that I think could help the Nets to improve that PF spot. Gustavo Ayon, New Orleans Hornets 2.3 steals, 2.7 blocks, 0.3 charges taken per 40 minutes (5.4 total defensive...


Carlos Boozer

Reading Zach Lowe's piece on the NBA extensions got me to thinking more and more that Carlos Boozer is a probable target for this team sometime in the future. Lowe writes on the Taj Gibson deal: ...


Nets Fans Expectations

Allow me to remind everyone of a little something:


The Nets' pick and roll defense

The biggest reason why Brook Lopez is called a bad defender is probably largely due to his pick and roll defense. Scouring around the internets, let's look at what minds far greater than mine have...


2013 trades to solve the PF defense hole

The Nets have one problem keeping them from being a true contender: interior defense. More specifically, the pick & roll, help rotations, close out on shooters type of interior D; not the post up,...


Nets Draft Targets

Here are the players that I think the Nets should target to get in this coming draft: In terms of need, I would put the needs for the Nets at - a big man, then SG, then the BPA in PGs or SFs with a...


Netsdaily Fantasy Basketball League Survey

I think it'll be fun to have some other basketball interaction here, so why don't we set up a fantasy basketball league for Netsdaily? In order to make it as enjoyable as possible, chime in with...

Top 10 Alley Oops from Jason Kidd to Kenyon Martin


Top 10 Alley Oops from Jason Kidd to Kenyon Martin


Why Nene is underrated

In order to solve the mysteries surrounding Nene, let's look at solving all of the questions people have about him

One of Jason Kidd's greatest passes


One of Jason Kidd's greatest passes


The Nets' Play Style and Identity

One of the main problems of the post-KMart Nets was a lack of identity. They didn't know who they were. Were they a running team? Were they a half court team? Part of this reason was perhaps a...


My Draft Options

Here are some of the players that I would consider with the 2 picks that the Nets own, and why I like/am concerned about them


New CBA concepts - thoughts

We've seen a lot of new CBA concepts come out over the last few days, so let's see their merits right here.

Hump for most improved/all defensive video


Hump for most improved/all defensive video


The team to emulate

What is the team to emulate for the Nets? Well it's the very team you were watching nearly a decade ago. The 2001-2003 Nets


A Win-Win-Win scenario

Do me a favor and go over to NetsAreScorching and read the new article posted up there. It does seem to make some good sense to trade Lopez for Dwight, because it can become a win for everyone...

deron williams signature move: pick and pass


deron williams signature move: pick and pass

deron williams signature move: pick and roll


deron williams signature move: pick and roll


Think big

I've seen a lot of proposals so far with a mindset that either expects too much or expects too little.

DeMarcus Cousins rookie retrospective


Looking forward, Cousins remains one of the most enigmatic prospects in basketball even now that he's in the NBA. On one hand, he has extremely strong physical attributes and is capable of being one of the most uniquely dominant centers in the NBA, something that does show up every few games. On the other, he's basically done everything every doubter from the draft process expected him to do, and he has been one of the most inefficient, turnover prone players on one of the worst teams in the league. From

Jared Sullinger profile


Sullinger may not carry himself like a star, but there’s no denying that he is one. NBA scouts who attend Ohio State’s games dote on his athleticism, strength and versatility. "He’s not a one-dimensional guy," one scout said. "He can score better than you think he can from the outside, he rebounds with high energy on both ends, and he’s a lot bouncier and nimble than his body type may suggest." A different scout said that, along with Sullinger’s size, his biggest strength is his "basketball IQ." He recognizes when to set screens, he has a feel for where his teammates are going to be on the court and he understands different offensive and defensive schemes.

Brook and Robin Lopez in Stanford


Brook and Robin Lopez in Stanford


Draftexpress on some interesting 10-day contract candidates

Now that the Melo-saga is over for now, the Nets can start looking at ways to improve the team. What better way than to try out guys for a mere 10 days?

Renaldo Balkman - Does he really make plays that are not reflected in the box score?


Renaldo Balkman - Does he really make plays that are not reflected in the box score?

Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd


Contract Extensions

Brook Lopez is up for a contract extension next season, so to approximate his worth, let's look back at past extensions.

A Night at the Starbury. Lest we forget


A Night at the Starbury. Lest we forget

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