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Writer, juris doctor, and baseball fan. Interested in all aspects of the game, but particularly in its social history, business, marketing, and contract and union negotiations. Most importantly: the funny stuff.

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Royals 6, Twins 3: Twins fall apart on Correia


Kevin Correia only gave up two earned runs, which should be enough for a team to win—except if your team is the [gosh] [darn] mother [happy] Twins.

Twins 2, Royals 1: Gibson shuts the front door


Kyle Gibson had an excellent outing and the Twins picked up the win against the Royals, but there were also a couple of weird umpire rulings along the way.


Game 105: Twins at Royals

Come chat as the Twins take on the Royals!

Tuesday Twins Talk


Are the Twins just unlucky? What the heck got into Vance Worley? How did Ryan Pressly lose 20 pounds while pitching in AAA? All that, and more!

Indians 8, Twins 2: Twins totally blow 9th inning


Believe it or not, this game was a close 4-2 going into the ninth inning.


Game 99: Indians at Twins

Come chat as the Twins take on the Indians at Target Field!

Tuesday Twins Talk


Math proves Minnesota Twins fans are the best fans in baseball, Tommy Watkins hates frogs, why all those Metrodome signs are still around, and more.

The All-Star Game: a fan's perspective


All I can say about this week, is that, as a fan... IT FREAKING ROCKED!

Twins 4, Mariners 2: Yohan Pino Gets First Win


For once it was the OTHER team he loaded the bases twice and couldn't get anything done.


Game 91: Twins at Mariners

Come on in and chat as Yohan Pino and the Twins take on the Mariners at SafeCo!


Game 90: Twins at Mariners

Come in chat!

Twins 2, Mariners 0: Hughes out duels Young


It was kind of like the game on Monday, except the exact opposite.


Game 89: Twins at Mariners

Come chat as the Twins take on the Mariners and we vote for Justin Morneau!

Tuesday Twins Talk: Pre-ASG Edition


As Minneapolis and Target Field gear up to host the All-Star Game, here's a latest news on everything that will be going down in the coming week.

Suzuki, Perkins selected for All-Star Game


Kurt Suzuki and Glen Perkins will represent the Twins at Target Field for the 2014 All-Star Game. Which is awesome.

Yankees 7, Twins 4: Hughes, Twins can't match up


Masahiro Tanaka and Phil Hughes matched up today, with the later being the ultimate *fart noise* against his former team.


Game 84: Yankees at Twins

Come chat as Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka takes on Phil Hughes and the Twins!

Twins 10, Royals 2: USA! USA! USA!


Did you SEE how many runs our team scored? Because they scored ten of them. That's a lot.


Game 82: Royals at Twins


Tuesday Twins Talk


A Minnesotan stripper is pissed-off at Bruce Chen, the Twins wore a bunch of gosh darn ugly suits, Target is making a mini-Target outside of Target Field for the All Star Game, and other good news.

Angels 8, Twins 6: Twins fail to bring it home


This game looked like it was going to suck after the first inning, but most surprisingly, it didn't. (Until it did.)


Game 75: Twins at Angels

Come chat as the Twins take on the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim!

Tuesday Twins Talk


The Home Run Derby is taking on a new format this year, Gardy can't explain the difference between Kurt Suzuki and Joe Mauer, Trevor May through 120 pitches in one game last week, and other minor...

A non-analysis of what's wrong with Joe Mauer


What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is wrong with Joe? Myjah takes a mildly closer look.

Red Sox 2, Twins 1: Hughes has complete-game loss


Apparently the Twins brought their ass-bats to Boston...


Game 69: Twins at Red Sox

Come chat as Phil Hughes and the Twins take on Jon Lester and the Red Sox!

Red Sox 1, Twins 0: Twins load bases, do nothing


Twins prove that loading the bases is the biggest trap ever while Kevin Correia is once again quietly competent.

Tuesday Twins Talk


Players and fans reflect on Tony Gwynn, plus a few other probably insignificant notes...

Twins 4, Blue Jays 0: Correia pitches a solid


Brian Dozier hit his 14th home run of the season, and Kevin Correia looked like a solid fifth starter as the Twins blew past the red-hot Jays.


Game 63: Twins at Blue Jays

Kevin Correia takes the mound for the Twins tonight against the hottest offense in base. It's going to be fun.

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