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Coach. Talent. Expectation: Which is GSoM overvaluing?

Absolutely nothing insightful here. (yet!) Purely a space for GSoM posters to take sides and/or explain the current Dubsquad. Overachievers? Underachievers? Right on course? Coach sucks? They need...

Iguodala hates national TV games


I wonder who he is talking about in this quote???

Poole: Warriors not ready to join NBA Elite


Beat writer and Oakland Tribune legend Monte Poole on why the Warriors are not an elite NBA team

Mark Stein: Power Rankings 2014


One of the more prominent basketball mouthpieces of ESPN has his take. I myself find much to disagree about with the top 10. Particularly in regards to BKN, the Clips and our Dubs

Stephen Curry may miss Game 3.....


Well I was bummed about spending so much money on tix when DLee went down. Tuesday sparked optimism. Wednesday has left me crushed yet again.


Wright for Jack/how Rush signing is affected

I want to know what GSoM thinks Rush should be paid per year and also, can the Warriors afford it? I personally don't know how much the Warriors can offer Rush without going into the lux tax. If...

Most Expensive Blue Lines in the NHL


Disappointing to see how high the Sharks are on this list given the productivity, or lack there of, from the defense last season. Especially when comparing to some teams with great blue lines like LA and STL, this is somewhat depressing

Steinmetz: W's looking for a PG?


Matt believes that guard depth is the biggest hole in our roster, not SF. Interesting read, plus it has a poll for all you rabid rosterbaters out there.

Study Shows Shooting Early in Shot Clock Leads to More Wins


University of Minnesota Study that sampled over 5,000 NBA games to draw its conclusion. Our offese is slowed way down, we're not averaging 100 ppg despite the fact that we have Curry, Thompson. Wright, Ellis, Lee, Robinson and Rush. 6-11 to show for it. Hopefully Mark Jackson reads this.

NBA heads to offseason of uncertainty


The current CBA expires June 30th, if no deal is reached by then the owners have already told the players there will be a lockout until an agreement is reached. "I think this is going to be a scenario where the players are going to have to sacrifice and I think at the end of the day the owners are probably going sacrifice a little bit as well," player rep Roger Mason Jr. of the Knicks said. "I guess the biggest thing is figuring out what that middle ground is and we haven’t been able to do that at this point." Looks like we may have to wait until 2012 to see our Warriors play.


The Lockout is coming......

It's become apparent that there will be a lockout this coming year. And it will be worse than the NFL. In that League, the players and owners are just attempting to devide money. In the NBA the...


Slow and Steady wins the race, let's change the lines up.

Ole! Ole! Ole! San Jose! 1st time poster. Anyway.... Obviously Vancouver prefers to play at a very uptempo pace, and we shouldn't. Unfortunately, our Sharks seem to get caught up in the speed of...


Defensive Rotations

I grew up playing soccer. I played basketball a few seasons while in middle school, so I don't much but about the game, other than what I can infer from watching. Something that is glaringly...


Backup PG & Expiring Contracts

It is very clear, especially with how fragile Steph's ankle appears to be, that we need another good PG. We have some expiring contracts that we can use as bait. There is a PG in this league that...


Iggy for the 6th pick, a 6ers trade idea

Warriors: Iguodala Philly: 6th pick and Maggette Philly now would be able to draft Evan Turner and a quality big man. Plus they get the scoring prowess of Maggette, who would get to play...

Monta Ellis Unplugged


Really fascinating interview with Monta.


Decision time: upgrade our talent or wait for ours to develop?

I've come to the sad realization that we do not posses the talent to be a successful NBA team (I mean in terms of wins not dollars, Cohan!). Not just now, when everyone is injured, but even 100%...


20 games into the season, 6 wins. How many will we have when it's all said and done?

So we're about a quarter of the way through the season, our record is 6-14, and we just came off a very embarassing loss to OKC.  Monta is an all-star, and Morrow will be at all-star weekend to...

Sefolosha to guard Monta, Morrow delayed in Detroit...


Looks like Monta will have to deal with another Ariza-like defender tonight. Didn't go so well against Houston. Morrow was delayed in Detroit as of 1 p.m., he might not get to the arena til the 2nd quarter.


Jack trades, based on his requests. Then mine...

Cap'n Jack wants out, so I thought of ways we could let him go while getting decent value back. Since he had some specific requests, I'll address those first, then move onto some other trades I...

Amar'e Deal All but Dead According to MT II


"A source told MediaNews that Stoudemire thinks the Warriors would be giving up too much (leaving him with little left to work with) and that he doesn't want to play center." Amar'e and I are on the same page. We give up too much, Amar'e is not a center. Maybe this means we trade for Kirilenko:


Wow, this trade would really help our team

Before the draft the word from the Warriors front office was that we had four players we were not willing to trade, they were labeled "untouchables". The foursome were Monta, Morrow, Randolph, and...


Does the proposed trade for Amar'e improve us?

So the proposed trade for Amar'e would include Andris, Buike, BWright, and either Belli or Curry. Amar'e is an amazing NBA player, I'd love to see him on our team, more as a PF though. What were...


Do you believe in Monta's ability to be our PG?

Many of us perceive the PG position as our biggest problem. Nellie has been saying for the last 2+ seasons that Monta needs to be a PG in this league in order to be successful, I agree. He is too...

AR Puttin' in work. Next season starts now.


Good article from MTIII. Gets me stoked to see what sort of form he'll be in and what sort of player AR is gonna be next year. Enjoy


Don't stress about the Draft, trust in Larry Riley!

Not really, but don't worry because it doesn't matter. Everyone seems to be stressing about the upcoming draft. I don't know why. No rookie, none, will play a significant role for us next year....


Jamal, CJ, Marco and decisions

I strongly believe in the talent on our current team. I feel that we have the right players playing the right roles. The only area I where there 's some trouble is the backcourt. I have a feeling...


With the Playoffs in full swing and the draft not too far off, I feel this needs to be said.

If any of you have read my responses to other posts from tonight, you know where I'm heading with this. Without actually knowing what sort of weight the opinions of GSoM have on the actual...


Its time to let our feelings be known

When we go to games we need to start chants, we cheer and the only chant we say is the same old lets go warriors. I know we can be a loud crowd, but I saw FCBarcelona play their opening match of...

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