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Miracle on Ice wallpapers, in honor of the 30th anniversary on Monday. 1600x900, but I can make it...


Miracle on Ice wallpapers, in honor of the 30th anniversary on Monday. 1600x900, but I can make it smaller if you want. Link Enjoy!

Evilducks thought of this pun during the St. Louis game thread, and I just expanded on it.


Evilducks thought of this pun during the St. Louis game thread, and I just expanded on it.

Like it says, Marleau is a beast. During a penalty kill in the second period of the November 7 game...


Like it says, Marleau is a beast. During a penalty kill in the second period of the November 7 game against the Penguins.

WTC: More on Clowe, Heatley's NMC no longer in effect


What was previously reported by THN a while ago was just confirmed by Pollak: the Sharks are not bound by Heatley's no-trade clause. Also, Clowe felt like at first he was "squeezing his stick too tight," but now feels like he's in the right spot, but just getting unlucky points-wise. He also says he feels like he scores in bunches. Heatley's return to Atlanta will be the eighth time since he was traded, and he says that now it's not as emotional or hard as it was initially after the crash and the trade demand. And the Sharks aren't leaking any info about Pavs and Torrey, other than they're skating and making progress.


Fear the FAQ

With the new season, there is a new influx of readers and users. Not that that's a bad thing - heck, we were all new to Fear the Fin at one point. But since there's been some inside jokes and...

Puck Daddy talks to Joe Pavelski


It seems as though Pavs is getting some more recognition around the league, especially with the latest interview with Puck Daddy. In the interview, he talks about the trades, the Olympics, how he hates the Ducks more than the Kings, and the fact that he likes country music. There's a lot more, and it's a really interesting read - and he still comes off very leader-like.

Sharks camp down to 29; Petrecki, Couture among those sent down


From the Sharks site, the camp has been reduced down to 32 players, with Petrecki, Couture, Mashinter, Groulx, Helminen, and Vesce sent down. [WTC Update]: Pollak talked to McLellan about Couture, Petrecki, and Mashinter (as he didn't know about the other three yet). McLellan said that all three are very good and look to have bright futures, but they need that "middle step" of development down in the AHL before they're ready for the NHL.

WTC: Heatley due in SJ tomorrow, Malhotra coming to Sharks camp


Not much explanation needed. If Heatley does arrive tomorrow, the press event will be on Friday when the Sharks are back in San Jose. Also, C Manny Malhotra will arrive in SJ within two to three days. Not sure if he comes with a contract or if he's just trying out.

WTC: Training Camp Info


Pollak posted the schedule for training camp, including practice and scrimmage times as well as the breakdown for each group. Because the groups are pretty interesting, I posted them below. Interesting how the training camp lines previously posted by Pollak are pretty much kept together, with Vesce replacing the injured Mitchell (NOOOOOOO!!!!). GROUP A Marleau-Pavelski-Clowe Mashinter-Zalewski-Staubitz McCarthy-Helminen-Ferriero (Quirk) Huskins-Boyle Petrecki-Jason Demers Cantin-Lopriento Greiss Heemskerk GROUP B McGinn-Vesce-Setoguchi Shelley-Nichol-Ortmeyer Henderson-Desjardins-Jones (Judson) Murray-Joslin Colbert-Dandenault Vlasic-Liotti Nabokov Sexsmith GROUP C Michalek-Thornton-Cheechoo McLaren-Couture-Hinote Treveleyan-Strong-DaSilva (Bancks) Moore-Blake D Groulx-Callahan Wilson-Doherty (S Groulx) Stalock Nie

WTC: Marleau-Heatley Rumor False, Tank Capacity Increased


Pollak has confirmation that the whole Marleau-Heatley debacle is false. Its just that WordPress was acting up, so he couldn't post it sooner. Also, since the broadcasters are being moved up to the rafters, HP Pavilion's capacity has been increased by 66 seats. Goodbye 17,496, hello 17,562. Because I know that's what we really care about, right?

Training Camp Roster Reduced by 7


Sharks draftees Julien Demers, Phil Varone, and Marek Viedensky were re-assigned to their junior teams. Free agent tryouts Rigby Burgart, Brodie Melnychuk, C.J. Stretch, and Daniel Erlich have been released to their respective hockey clubs. I don't think many people are going to be too happy with that last one.


Rookie Tournament Stat Analysis

For the past three days, the Sharks rookies have taken part in three-game tournament with the Ducks rookies. The Sharks ended up sweeping the series, winning it by a combined score of 12-3, with...

Mathieu Dandenault invited to camp


The article is in French, but basically it's saying that Dandenault was invited to try out at camp. Last year he played as both a forward and defenseman for the the Canadiens (look, a French-Canadian Semenov!), recording 4 goals and 8 assists.

WTC: Dan Hinote Invited to Sharks Camp


David Pollak reports that Dan Hinote was invited to training camp. No word on whether he comes with a contract in hand, or he'll try out like Freisen did last year. Also, completely unrelated, the current plan in Worcester is to have Stalock and Sexsmith be a tandem.

WTC: Marleau stripped of Captaincy


Its official: Marleau is no longer captain of the Sharks. Along with that, Thornton no longer has the "A". McLellan says that the letters will be given to whoever steps it up and earns them during training camp - so it might end up being Marleau again, but probably not, as the front office/coaching staff wanted a change.

WTC: JR says goodbye


In an interview before the press conference, Pollak talks with JR about a multitude of things, including his opinion on what to do with the team (not blowing it up, BTW). JR also gave Pollak a note to the fans, which is as follows: "To all my friends, "I would like to thank everyone in the Bay Area for two of the best years of my life. When I signed with the Sharks, a lot of people were questioning Doug Wilson’s judgment. I was nervous also. Down on myself and my career, I took one last effort at saving a career I was very proud of. "Never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect things to be as great as it became for myself and my family here in San Jose. "I would like to thank the fans for all your support and encouragement you have given me. Everywhere I go there always seems to be a smile and a "we love you." "I would also like to thank Doug Wilson and the Sharks for allowing me the opportunity to play in such a wonderful city. All of you have given me back my love for the game, my passion, my respectability, my life and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "Go Sharks."

WTC: Roenick retiring, Wilson's changes "come in many forms"


Torrey Mitchell and Devin Setoguchi tried to talk JR out of retiring, but Roenick was set in his decision. The two have dinner plans with the Roenicks on Wednesday (okay, not very important, but I thought that was kind of cute - they also said they might have to go to Thornton's house more often next season, lol). Doug Wilson isn't happy with how the media is portraying him as a guy desperate to make major changes; he said that changes come in many forms, which could include a change in captaincy (theorizing by Pollak). Wilson also sympathizes with Tambellini, WRT his offer for Heatley becoming public (the same thing happened to Wilson for a potential trade deadline deal for Redden with the Senators). The leak will likely make Wilson's conversations with Murray more tense. Also, Setoguchi thought his flight with the Blue Angels was "awesome."

Because kezargiants requested it.


Because kezargiants requested it.

WTC: Likely Line Combos for Training Camp


Michalek-Thornton-Cheechoo Marleau-Pavelski-Clowe McGinn-Mitchell-Setoguchi Shelley/Frazer McLaren-Nichol-Staubitz Vlasic-Blake Huskins-Boyle Ehrhoff-Murray I'm sure I'm not the only one who is shocked by these. Seto to the third line? Cheechoo and Michalek reuniting with Thornton? Marleau on the second line with Pavelski? Craziness. Not so shocking: Frazer McLaren being penciled in on the fourth line along with Staubitz, McGinn as a full-time NHLer, Blake-Vlasic as the top defensive pairing, and Huskins as one of the top 6 D over Lukowich. Of course, these are all set up without a trade being made, so they will likely change.


Rumorbusters: Dany Heatley

Heatley to the Sharks. I should probably put an (e5) next to it, because one of the most adamant supporters of this rumor is the infamous Eklund. Normally, I'd just brush him off, but this rumor...

WTC: Nabby willing to waive NTC, Marleau willing to give up the "C"


Great new post by Pollak over at WTC that answers a lot of questions that fans have been asking. Nabokov stated that if the Sharks asked him to waive his NTC, he would, since he doesn't want to play for an organization that doesn't want him. He also stated that "the last four years have sucked," in terms of playoff exits. There have also been discussion between Marleau and Wilson on whether Marleau should remain as the team captain, and Marleau told the Merc that, "I’ve told Doug that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this team to the next level." Come on, how can you not like the guy? Probably also a good indication that he's willing to take a drastic discount next year, but that might just be me projecting. Wilson stated that he waited 1 1/2 years to get Joe and a year to get Boyle, so he doesn't think its the end of the world that nothing has happened yet. He also understands and thinks that it's great that fans are passionate about the team and want changes, but he also acknowledged the economic realities of 2010. There's more in a post, and an article coming tonight from Mark Emmons, but I wanted to sum up what I felt were the key points.

2009-2010 Regular Season Schedule


Sharks first game is October 1 at Colorado. The home opener will be Thursday, October 8 against Columbus after a three-game road trip against Colorado, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. The two Eastern Conference teams the Sharks will be facing twice are the Washington Capitals and the Buffalo Sabres. Edit: Apparently, there are two games against the Flyers as well. Hmmm. Edit #2: Here is the Sharks-exclusive schedule on their site if you don't want to go through all the filters.

Qualifying Offers to Clowe, Mitchell, Staubitz, and Greiss


QOs mean a 10% raise for those making <$660K, 5% raise for those making <$1M, and no raise for anything else. Goc, Plihal, Kaspar, Morris, Armstrong, Ashton Rome, Taylor Dakers, and TJ Fox did not get QOs. I'm assuming that indicates that the Sharks aren't as high on these players as they are on the titular four, and we'll likely see some of them not with the Sharks next season (whether it be San Jose or Worcester). Or they just don't deserve raises, I don't know.

Sign of the apocalypse? Purdy article without one mention of "our beloved Los Tiburones"


Yes, its true - a Mark Purdy column without any Spanglish! Tim Burke (scouting director) says the newly drafted players will be ready in around 3-4 years. Oh, and DW said there would possibly be 6-8 changes on the roster going into next year. Start the speculation... NOW. Here is Pollak's blog with essentially the same information with less speculation.

WTC Update: Clowe and Grier


Clowe and Grier both in the process of negotiating contracts; Clowe's "no. 1 goal" is to stay in San Jose, despite knowing that he can get more money somewhere else; while Grier hopes to finish his career here, and feels that he still has a few years left in him. Also: San Jose still in the running for Gustavsson (no team has been ruled out), and we should expect an answer by June 29 or 30. And Claude Lemieux is becoming a US citizen Friday, so congrats to him.

Winter Classic - Flyers at Bruins?


PD is reporting that it is likely that the Flyers will be playing against the Bruins at Fenway this coming New Year's Day. I also expect a report that Ty Conklin is signed to either Boston or Philly come July 1.

Sharks Playoffs Injuries


Because the season is over, the Sharks have released some info on the injuries. Besides Marleau's MCL sprain, here are a few that Pollak over at WTC thought were the most serious/curious. Days is reference to how long the player has had the injury. Rob Blake — foot contusion, 10 days, MRI possible. Jonathan Cheechoo — MCL sprain, left knee, 22 days. Travis Moen — hip contusion, 8 days. Douglas Murray — left shoulder may need MRI, acts like mild rotator cuff strain. Evgeni Nabokov–strained hip muscle (gluteus medius), 13 days. Joe Pavelski — knee contusion, 4 days. Devin Setoguchi — mild ankle swelling by Achilles tendon. Jody Shelley — possible MRI for neck and shoulder soreness. Joe Thornton–groin/hip flexor, 63 days.


We Didn't Start the Fire - Sharks Edition

Ever since Dwight rattled off a stanza in that classic episode of the Office (Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe. Ryan started the fire!)...

CSN-BA First Round Broadcast Schedule (all HD, all the time)


The Sharks just released their playoffs broadcast schedule for the first round, and CSN-BA is broadcasting all but Game 3 (which will be handled by Versus, who is already broadcasting the entire series along with the Canadian networks CBC and RDS). Not only that, but every game will be available in HD. I just hope there won't be any Giants games running over playoffs games this year.

Vote Setoguchi as Fan Fav


This week saw Seto break his 13 game goalless streak in a big way - 5 goals in 4 games - which got him to that impressive 30 goal mark in his first full season in the NHL, a feat that has earned him a spot on NHL.com's weekly Fan Fav poll. Be sure to vote for him over Martin Havlat and Cam Ward, since I'm sure we all agree that Seto is much better than they are.

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