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Quick Poll: Which scenario is the best value for a WR?

We take one of the top wide receivers in the first round. Which of these scenarios would you be most happy with (or least angry about): S E VE NT Y- FI VE WO RD S S EV EN TY -F IV E W OR...


Greg Robinson...

There hasn't been much discussion about taking an OL this draft, as we're set at the position in the immediate term, but I found this quote on a good article over at DLD: Two different sources...


Poll: If it falls this way, who should we take?

We tried to trade up, but Mayhew did not want to go all-in on a bidding war for the elite talents in this draft, as other teams overpaid to move up. Now, we're sitting here at # 10, and there...


2,050 points: What's the best draft haul you can make for the Lions?

According to the Trade Value Chart, the Lions hold 2,050 points worth of draft picks (not counting compensatory picks, which cannot be traded). As we all know, trading down is not always an...


Historically, pick 5 has outperformed picks 10 and 45 together, so let's trade up for Watkins

I am all for the idea of bundling our first and second to move up for Sammy Watkins, and I'd like to offer a justification as to why. First off, why pick # 5, not # 3 or # 7? Four reasons: F...


Jim Caldwell and Quarterbacks

The single most important job for our new head coach is getting the most out of Matthew Stafford and making him a better quarterback. So I decided to take a quick statistical look at all of the...


What are you drinking tonight?

The Lions have returned. As Suh, Fairley, Ansah and the rest of the pride gather to feast on the flesh of one Mark Sanchez, and the rest of us raise our voices and our glasses in a frenzied...


Poll: What's your threshold for not sacking ol' Jimbo?

Since there's very little to talk about in NFL world these days (come on, somebody get arrested! not really) firing our dear head coach seems to be the hot topic. That, and the Michigan weather...


What's the best draft class you can build with 2,500 points?

According to the Trade Value Chart, the Lions hold 2,562 points worth of draft picks (not counting compensatory picks, which cannot be traded). For the sake of nice round numbers, and allowing a...


Another draft-day scenario: what would you do?

HT to ATL Lion for this post. I thought I'd submit another one. Draft Day rolls around. The top four picks end up being Joeckel, Fisher, Ansah and Lotulelei (in whatever order). The...


POLL: How much better is Eric Fisher than Lane Johnson?

It's long been the general consensus that Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are the top two tackles in this class, and Lane Johnson of Oklahoma comes in third somewhere. There are some strongly...


What would you give to trade UP for Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher? (Poll)

Seems like there's a growing consensus that, for this draft, there just isn't the top-5 talent there should be: there are two offensive tackles, Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher, and then a big drop...


If Star Lotulelei is the BPA...3-4?

If Star Lotulelei happens to be the best player available at # 5, should/could/would we switch to a 3-4 with Lotulelei at Nose? Here's how I think our current roster fits and adjusts, what do...


Trading DOWN: what kind of compensation can we expect?

A few weeks ago, I found this great blog post (link) by a guy who researched every draft pick trade from 1992-2008 (it's a few years old). He built a list of all trades, and what a team recevied...


PoD Community Lions Big Board 2012 -- The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who turned in a big board. I've compiled the results, and here is the final big board, ordered by each player's average ranking: 1. Matt Kalil - OT, USC (average ranking:...


LAST CHANCE--Who should we draft?? (updated) Help make a PoD Community Lions Big Board for the 2012 Draft!

-- -- -- -- UPDATE: 3/30: 1. THANK-YOU to everyone who has submitted their rankings. 2. If anyone has not yet submitted their big board, I think I'll leave this open through the weekend and will...


"Lack of run game" POLL

  I wish I could post a poll in the comments section of this excellent discussion going on about our run game (or lack thereof) and whether it's even necessary because of how strong our pass...


Poll: 10 hours to go, who do you want?

The long countdown is almost over.  If we can't trade out of pick 13, and these are the best players available, which player do you want us to draft of these guys:S E V E N T Y - F I V E    W O R D...


Stats: Where have we improved? Passing offense edition

Through the disappointment of so many close losses and late-game fall-aparts we've seen, it is, I believe, important to look at some of the positive aspects of the Lions' play to get an idea just...


POLL: How confident are you that Lions beat Rams this weekend?

Gauging the confidence of Lions fans for Sunday against St. Louis.


Cunningham: Vanden Bosch best player he's ever coached

I apologize for pulling an "I know this should be a fanshot but nobody reads those", but this was a very encouraging read.  Cunningham is sometimes over the top, but when he puts Vanden Bosch ahead...


Contract $$ Amounts -- What should Suh get?

I was curious what kind of contract to expect for Suh, so I looked up some numbers for comparison's sake of the #1 - #3 picks this year compared to last year.Note: All of these contract $$ numbers...


What's the biggest holdup in signing Suh?

Okay, it's Thursday morning.  Camp is imminent.  Suh still isn't signed.  What do you think is the biggest item, right now, keeping him from being signed? S E V E N T Y - F I V E  W O R D S!  S E V...


2010 Lions by Jersey Number

Given all the roster turnover that happens every year, and all the new players coming in, it takes me a few games before I can comfortably recall all the jersey numbers for new players who might be...


2010: Winning Season -- Why we have a chance

I think the consensus, nearly everywhere I've read, is that the Lions are somewhere between "bad" and "average", better than last year, 'on their way up', etc, but 2010 isn't the year.  Somewhere...


POLL: Who won the Sims-Scheffler trade?

Who came away with the best value in the three-way trade?   S E V E N T Y - F I V E    W O R D S ? S E V E N T Y - F I V E    W O R D S ? S E V E N T Y - F I V E    W O R D S ? S E V E N T Y - F I...


POLL: Which FA/trade acquisition will make the biggest difference in 2010?

I can't believe we're only 12 days away from the start of the draft.  I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas, you know how it goes. Anyway, of the guys we brought in who are expected to...


If Russell Okung is the pick

Please, indulge me while I ramble.  Or don't, there are shorter fanposts to read...What I like about Picking OkungOkay, I'm going to have to turn off my knee-jerk "BPA Suh or Berry! BPA Suh or...


Bryant Johnson vs. Nate Burleson -- STATS

A statistical breakdown of the careers of Nate Burleson and Bryant Johnson.


If you want to trade down from #2, who should go to the Rams at #1?

Ok, suppose we're hoping for better value from a trade-down, in terms of salary impact, and the number of guys we can pick in the first few rounds, than simply picking somebody at #2 and paying him...

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