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Mariner's Minors

A little bit of a nod and a tip of the cap to Jay Yencich's now defunct website. I'm sure many of us had it bookmarked and at the least read it on Sundays to catch his weekly re-cap. Here's to you,...


Minor League Chat

Have the Mariners been able to draft and develop good players?


This is only the draft, so we're not seeing the players that were acquired internationally. Just based on drafted players, the M's come out looking pretty good in this analysis, which is kind of surprising considering that this includes the Bavasi drafts. In particular, look most of the way down the page at the chart "MLB WARP by drafting team, 2010-14". I like that chart, as it presents the total contribution by M's draftees by wins, and includes a spread of years, rather than a short period, like one year only.

Wow, this is a must read if you're into $/WAR


Well for me, at least, it was a must read a few times to understand all of it. He also penned a precursor piece explaining his methodology, to provide background for his analysis:


Why the opt-out in Tanaka's contract isn't such a bad thing

The overwhelming reaction on the web to the Tanaka signing has been that the Yankees were nuts to include that opt-out clause. The criticism being that they were taking on all the risk associated...

Mat Gamel: Freely available talent


Just another example of what they talk about when they say "freely available talent". At the least, he'd add good depth for a team in AAA. At best, some team might finally give him a shot to see if maybe he really can hit in the Majors.

Would you like to have Brendan Ryan help you blow up your computer?


If you like to see your computer grind to a halt and whine away whilst you patiently (or perhaps impatiently, like me) wait for it to come to it's senses, I have just the link for you.

Sounds of the Game


I read a lot of baseball on the net. Too much, probably. Most of it is sabermetrics oriented, but once in a while I catch one that describes the non-numerical beauty of the game so perfectly. This is one of those. It's a different world in there.

USSM's response to M's network deal


Marc's probably not going to toot his own horn here, so here it is if you haven't made your way over there today. Excellent article, pretty much must-read if you have any interest in the new deal, as is Dave's equally excellent piece right before it. I suspect we'll see Wendy Thurm's take on it up at Fangraphs within a day or two, which should also be well worth the read.

Leone scheduled to pitch today


Why does that feel.........just perfectly right today?


Free Scott Patterson

What more does this guy have to do to get a shot in the big leagues? Other than one blip in 2009 with Potland of the PCL, where he walked 40 in 50 innings, he's been spectacular, if not solid. I...


Differing affects of batted balls for relievers and starters?

I ran across something odd when looking at GB/FB relationship for pitchers. First, here's a look at overall affect on runs per 9 when plotted against GB/FB ratio (GB/(GB+FB), to be exact): As...


Who can we get for Milton Bradley?

With the recent signing of Jack Cust and the general feeling that Bradley doesn't have much of a role on this team, is there any chance at all that he can be traded in a deal that could help the...

Does Brandon Leauge get squeezed by Umps?


Also noteworthy is the number of Mariners on the list. Of the top 22 over the last two seasons, five have pitched for the M's. Probably nothing more than coincidence, but it does make you wonder if something's going on.

Presented without commentary


Because I'm sure your minds are going the same place mine is

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