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The Cream Also Rises ... in Detroit

So as Billy Beane might say, this "crapshoot" called a baseball playoff series once again goes to a deciding Game 5 in the ALDS. And deciding Games 5 have not been good for the A’s during...


The A's have only just begun

And Boston, please take note. The A's are Close to You. But if the A's were Carpenters, they also would be advised to keep on hammering those nails. . Still ... Oh it was a beautiful weekend in...


They're the Incredible Green Hulks again

And as they come down the stretch, the A's have turned into the Incredible Green Hulks again. It's deja vu all over again from 2012, only this year they are in position to pull away at the end...


Darling, Yu Send Me

Honest Yu do, honest Yu do. The Oakland A’s demonstrated on Wednesday a textbook example on how to beat Texas Rangers ace Yu Darvish. In Darvish’s 100 pitches Wednesday at the O.Co,...


A's most underrated? Sogard

The A's and Angels just started the final game of their 4-game set a little while ago at the O.Co. But I would just like to say a few words about what may have an impact on any moves the team...


The Donaldson (All-Star) Dilemma

All this time following the A’s, and for the past several years almost all of their All-Stars have been pitchers, and generally rightfully so. So now comes this season, and there finally...


A’s drafts after ‘Moneyball’ a long and winding road

Judging by the results going back to the 2002 “Moneyball” draft, few if any of the players the Oakland A’s take in the baseball draft that began Thursday night (June 6) will be playing for...


Rosales' homers, WBC game highlight our10 days in Arizona

Reflections on the baseball part of the 10 days in Arizona my wife and I wrapped up earlier this week. Our visit was capped by St. Patrick’s Day in the desert, highlighted by the A’s beating...


Welcome back, Mr. Hickey

Hey Athletics Nation, welcome back an old familiar friend as a source of news about the A’s. Those who have followed the A’s for a long time may remember well John Hickey, who covered the...


Please, Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends