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DBD 8/22/14: Breaking News From Giants Country South!

Hidely hodely Cal sports nerbs, I saw this news and thought some of you might be interested. It seems there's this guy named Matt Flemer, who used to wear the blue and gold and throw baseballs by...


Hot PCL Affiliation Gossip!

This is a little bit too long for a fanshot, I think, so please bear with me. Today in the SF Chronicle, A's [fantastic] beat writer Susan Slusser penned this piece about the Sacramento River...


A Mets Bookshelf (updated 4/6)

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but was trying to finish reading Keith's book first. Since there's an off day today, it seemed like a good time to get this done. Hopefully it doesn't have...


Geographic Realignment... if it's inevitable, let's live with it in style

Yesterday over on Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer posted an article defending Bud Selig/MLB owners' decision to move the Houston Astros, after a half-century, to the AL. You can go read it and argue...


DBD 3/19/13: The Cleveland Indians are the heroes we need

I have posted many rants about the crazy costs and wacky profit-grabbing schemes perpetrated by the lords of the realm of major league baseball. So, it's only fair to give credit where credit is...

"Your BillyBall Stinks..."


I stumbled on this on You Tube while looking for an old Billy commercial... any of you that remember Super Dave Osbourne may enjoy.


DBD 12/19/12: Making a list, checking it twice

Gonna find out who's naughty or nice? Well Santa, I can make your job a lot easier this year. Because everybody reading this DBD has been a bad, bad, bad boy or girl. The University of California...


The Secret Life of Bud Selig, August 2012 edition

I haven't seen a fanpost or fanshot about this; if there's an AN version of this story pending today mods are welcome to hide or delete this post as you all think appropriate. I enjoy (well,...

Two ballclubs in San Jose if/when the A's move?


There's a suggestion in this Ballpark Digest article about SJ Muni stadium that the SJ Giants might stay there even if the A's move. Is that just crazy talk? I've never seen that suggested before, and given the other places (Sonoma, Tri-Valley) in the Bay Area that would be great places for an A ball team, the suggestion seems odd.


DBD 2/6/2012: Highlights from Yesterday's Game

All eyes in America were trained on their TVs yesterday! Or on their coffee tables, groaning under the nation's bounty of guacamole, chex mix, and blood-congealing trans fats. In any case, the...


DBD 1/10/2012: From the Ashes

Man, I get busy one afternoon and I miss a hundred great slapfight topics. Whose a bigger jerk, Guy Fiery or St. Anthony of the Windbag? Making fun of baseball writers for their steroid hysteria?...


DBD 12/28/2012: What's on TV tonight?

Today will likely be another skeleton crew DBD. Since so many seem to be working short hours or off entirely, and others seem to have daytime activities today that will likely keep you away from...


DBD 12/21/2011: Losing the War on Christmas

Good news everyone, even though Steven Colbert revealed recently that the war on Christmas is over, you can still attend religious services on Christmas Day in San Francisco. Some of this was...


Heeding Barndon's Call: A Fanpost of Recipes and Restaurants

Yesterday's open thread contained a great discussion of recipes and restaurant recommendations, but most of it happened at the right margin and was a bit hard to follow. At the risk of boring...

Posnanski: Verlander and Broadcaster Narratives


"One of the sports things that drives me crazy is when a television broadcaster will stick with a point despite the obvious evidence.. [snip] want the stat of the day? In the history of the postseason, before Verlander, pitchers who allowed four runs in eight innings were — get ready for it — 1-14."

Ryan White improving


The 9-year-old boy from suburban Philadelphia who was struck by an alleged drunken driver after a Giants game in San Francisco has been upgraded from critical to serious condition and spoke his first sentences this morning, his parents said.

"That information is 1,000 percent correct," Baer said. "Once you begin talking about negotiating a...

"That information is 1,000 percent correct," Baer said. "Once you begin talking about negotiating a dollar figure, the horse is already out of the barn. The South Bay was a core piece of our business model when we bought this team. We based much of our entire business strategy on Santa Clara County being a piece of our territory, and I don't think it is overstating it to say that allowing another franchise into our territory would set a dangerous precedent and have a traumatic effect on this franchise. "If we were to go down to 2.5 million [in attendance], we'd be in the [expletive]," Baer said. "This franchise would be completely destabilized. So, for me, the question is this: Is baseball willing to have two teams receiving money from the revenue-sharing pool or one that is so financially healthy that it paid $30 million into it? "You see," Baer said. "It's a priceless thing." Maybe it's just me, but I think he just put a price on it.

Bleacher Report: 10 C to Consider Trading For


Now, don't judge too hastily. For instance, #9 is Matt Treanor, who would give the Giants the chance to form the first All-Worse-Than-Your-Wife battery in Fresno. And yes, Molina is (inevitably) on the list. And I must admit I wasn't expecting to see the #1 choice.

So, Andy Laroche


Oakland designates Laroche for assignment. If he's not good enough for them, is he good enough for the Giants? If not, how much worse can he be than some of what's been run out there already this year?

"A New Generation of Well-Paid Slaves?"


Pretty interesting article about the big money being thrown at DR baseball scouting/camp operations, and not just by MLB. Also links a few articles from the NYT and elsewhere about various unsavory incidents involving international scouting, and some defenses of the system as well.


Losing the Rookie of the Year

Giants fans were stunned, and baseball fans everywhere were saddened. An electric, charming, handsome small-town Southern boy who keyed his team’s charge from mediocrity and frustration straight...


Elijah "Pumpsie" Green's Momentous Appearance in NY

Yankee fans may remember Elijah "Pumpsie" Green as the doughty soul who became the first black ballplayer for the Boston Red Sox.  On July 21, 1959, Green took the field with the floundering Red N...

"Nate The Great"


Nice to see him getting some press and playing well. Among other things, they claim to have had no thought of dumping Nate (what else would they say?). And he's been here since 2007? Time flies.


The Player the Giants Need, Right Now

More than a few people got excited watching Darren Ford run around the bases last week, forcing bad throws and distracting pitchers.  Despite the malaise, once in a while some special talents are...


April 28, 1950: Jackie Jensen Gets a Hit

A look at one of the most memorable, and most forgotten, Yankees of all time.

Biz of Baseball on MLB Blackouts


A nice explanatory post on one of the most self-spiting business practices in existence. "But, if you’re trying to sell me that in blacking out a Mariners fan in Butte, Montana he or she will be more likely to drive to Seattle to see a game because it’s blacked out well, the owners are dumber than we’ve been led to believe."

Root, Root, Root in the Garbage


Q: How do seagulls know when a baseball game is almost over? It seems like they show up in the seventh inning of every home game!


DBD 3/22/11: This Just In: Headlines

In a recent DBD, posters discussed the state of newspapers.  Let's see what's happening in the world today, courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner.  Japan struggles with nuclear...

Life in SF Giants Minor League Camp


We kvetch enough about lousy ST coverage ("best shape of his life!" "just getting my work in"). I'd prefer that this had spent less time with Bochy's kid, but it was a good piece. In fact I think it would be interesting to have a sidebar daily or weekly with some interesting story from minor league camp.

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