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Terminated Sports: Stay or Play?

Like many (several?) of you, I've been wondering what athletes in the terminated programs have been thinking as they chew on their Thanksgiving meals and surely endure questions from every family...

This Just In: Posey is a Good Defensive C


Beyond the Boxscore determines that Buster is a better C than Bengie. And all but a handful of other regular C. SCIENCE!

Australian Baseball League


As usual sorry if this has been discussed before, but it's apparently opening day in Australia for a new winter league. They don't seem to be streaming games but at least you can follow your favorite Brisbane Bandits and Sydney Blue Sox to the... well, whatever they get where water drains in the other direction.

Fair and Balanced: _____ A's Lose Umpiring Travesty


I enjoyed this thread quite a bit, particularly the part where it's suggested that Reggie Jackson's number should be "unretired" and removed from the tarp. Reggie could only be so lucky- I'm sure Catfish Hunter's ghost and Rickey really enjoy the honor of being listed on a giant hefty bag. Incidentally, the Pinstripe Alley article for the same game was: Yankees 6, ARod 5, A's 1.


July 6 OT: A Modest Proposal

Yesterday, one of Grant's highly paid professional sycophants suggested an "Off-Topic" post in which folks could post their, well, "off-topic" comments, thus saving innocent readers naively seeking...

Skullman: Oh, the Huge Molinatee


Bengie Molina: great catcher, or greatest catcher? Only the BBWAA knows for sure!


Past Yankees Mascots?

Hello pinstripers, pardon the interruption but I'm puzzled by a bit of Yankee trivia.  The Yankees have no walkaround-type mascots, and I can only imagine what the atmosphere was like in Yankee...

Sizzling Frandsen Steps Up for Halos


I never really liked Frandsen, and expect that this is mostly an SSS kind of thing. But I'm glad he's getting a shot at playing time. Here's to Brain's AL Talent Export Program!

More Borkfail, Brought to you by Ray Ratty


Botchy brought to Snus by Giants' "offense"; wife screens his calls.

Jenkins: There are fewer black players because there are fewer black players


I remember some interesting discussion a while back on this subject, and thought this might dredge it up again. Also, chicks don't like baseball players. Silly McC fake gurls.

News Flash: Giants Hit Into Double Plays


"Manager Bruce Bochy can do his part, too, by sending more runners and calling more hit-and-run plays."

Posey May Get Call to Aid Offense


Don't worry though, there's plenty of fail for everyone. "One does not need binoculars to see Posey as a backup at each position [C and 1B]"... And don't worry if that doesn't work: "[t]he team would have no problem bringing him to the majors to help the offense, then returning him to Fresno if he struggles". Indeed.


Cal Baseball Takes Two of Three From Cal Poly

Cal baseball wins two out of three against Cal Poly San Luis Opisbo.


Cal Baseball Runs Out of Runs, Houston Wins 12-9

Cal and Houston battled for almost 4 hours this afternoon before the Bears finally fell to the Cougars 12-9 in 12 innings. Although the loss is fairly disappointing, particularly since Houston lost...


Cal Baseball Splits Series With #9 Rice

Sunday: Cal Falls to Rice 7-4, Splits 4 Game Series In the series finale, Cal came up just short against the Owls and settled for a split of the weekend's four game series in Houston.  Perhaps...

The Most Interesting Shortstop in the World


He is a noted fashionista. He is a drummer and a singer. He is a painter and a philanthropist. He batted .333 lifetime against a pitcher that swore to bean him in every at bat. He wrote a best-selling book. A hall-of-fame shortstop unretired his number so that the Most Interesting Shortstop in the world could wear it.


Cal Baseball Shuts out #17 Arkansas 6-0

After dropping the first two games of their three-game homestand against the Razorbacks, Cal avoided a sweep this afternoon with two home runs and a touchdown's worth of run production while...

Burriss' Foot Busted Again- Walking Cast for 4 Weeks


Not cool. I really hoped he was going to have a healthy year somewhere that might help him develop as a hitter.

KNBR interview with Nate coming up (8AM)


Murph and Mac just interviewed DeRosa, and... breaking news! Tim Flannery is leading bunting practice! I smell runs.

MLB Gameday Audio to be Released "Tomorrow"


For any that might be interested, MLB's Audio package is supposed to be released tomorrow. For the past few months, all links relating to Gameday Audio have led to the TV packages, which implied one could only get it along with the $100+ TV packages. Anyway, crack MLB staff seem to be confirming that a Gameday Audio package will be available "tomorrow" (which they apparently posted yesterday). Some teams (Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Indians) seem to have some kind of fan club that includes Gameday Audio, but I haven't checked to see if any of those are any cheaper. I'm dumping Extra Innings this year (which is $200 for those of you interested)... I'm still considering MLB TV instead but less now that audio-only packs will be available. I remember a lot of complaints about the MLB.TV feeds last year, so I'm curious if any are letting their subscriptions to it lapse.



At least he characterized the Brain Paradox: "That is precisely what the Giants will need from their bench in 2010 as they field one of the slower lineups in the majors. In fact, one of the biggest drawbacks to the way they were built is their inability to run while, at the same time, they must manufacture runs because they lack power." I still don't understand how a crew (except Torres) that is not particularly good at stealing or even running bases is going to change the above equation. I'm glad he's still talking to Fred, but I'm not going to be deceived into thinking he will be here. Fool me once, fool me twice, won't get fooled again.

Schulman: Don't Expect a Barrage of Homers from Huff


I can't imagine why we shouldn't; this article makes clear he's in the BEST shape of his life!

Good Receiver: $400K


Good thing the Giants locked up the other Molina first. At just a slightly higher price.


A Post for the Namesake

 A while back there was  a nice thread ( that included a few stories about Willie Mays.  I and others realized that we...

Moving this Tarp is Getting Expensive


The City and County of SF seems to be getting in line to squeeze money out of the A's...

Monarchs Fever: Catch It!


Golden State Amazons? Squaws? Shieldmaidens? All you Warriors kids should be excited! One of the Original 8 teams!

The Dodgers are Getting the Band Back Together


If you haven't seen this yet, the Dugout has been chronicling the adventures of the original odd couple, Manny Ramirez and his bestest buddy "Jim Tommy". I'm sure we're all pulling for them in their epic quest.

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