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The Dodgers are Getting the Band Back Together


If you haven't seen this yet, the Dugout has been chronicling the adventures of the original odd couple, Manny Ramirez and his bestest buddy "Jim Tommy". I'm sure we're all pulling for them in their epic quest.

Reason #7.563 to ban Botchy

Bochy said Lincecum's arm seemed refreshed with the time off to heal his back. His velocity had been down, but returned to the mid-90s. The medical staff kept checking on Lincecum to see if his back pain recurred. Bochy essentially covered his ears and screamed, "La la la la la." "I didn't want to (hear bad news) and be forced to take him out," he said. Right, you'd rather pitch him injured and ruin his career on the off chance you might win enough games to not find yourself as a Wal-Mart greeter next year. BORK

Drinking the Bork-Aid: Schulman


Wow, just wow. Reviewing the Comickle's pre-season "Five Questions", Schulman talks us out onto the ledge. In particular, the issue of who would man 2B was "less important than others", and as for the management of Bork and Bork... "New managing general partner Bill Neukom could act on a whim or his gut, but if he judges on performance, both men deserve an extension. The major-league team has won more games than expected and their minor-league teams combined for more wins than any other organization's."

Your California League-Leading SJ Giants


Neal hits his 13th HR! Tied for 1st after beating VIS tonight. PS. If CT staff is reading this blog, this team is terrible and you do not want any of these players. They can go about their business. Move along. PPS. If Brain and the BRASS!!1111! are reading, you do not want these players on your roster tomorrow, skipping two levels of minor league play.


Something Special in SJ Tonight...

I don't want to take away from the inevitable minor league thread, but I went to my first SJ game tonight and am too excited to sleep yet. For all of you that have posted advice about the games in...



I thought this was pretty interesting, another cool aspect of MILB. Click through to the original April story, where the author talks to a couple of the player/umpires about their experience.

MLB Quick Pitch says Matt Cain is "on the block"


I don't have a link- just saw this on the show I know there have been a thousand of these "rumors", but I thought this one was worth bringing to your attention, to help keep a running count. The context was a discussion of players generally "available" or unavailable, and after discussing Sanchez as generally available, Jon Heyman said "there are GMs out there" that have said that Matt Cain may "become" available too. I suppose the "sources" could be the scurrilous rumors already posted here, but passing it along for whatever it's worth.

Livan Hernandez= complete game


He pitched great, almost as if it were game 7 of a World Series...

OT: Tony Kornhole departing MNF


It's very interesting... I developed a horrible case of Kornheiserophobia a few years ago which prevented me from watching MNF. Now, it seems his fear of flying will cure my irrational fears of being drowned in craptastical blather every Monday evening.

New MLB Stadium too Hitter Friendly?


In the Fox Mandatory MLB Ballgame... Red Sux 13, Yankees 11, 8th inning That new Yankee Stadium is really a problem... hope the fences are moved out next year as the new weather across the parking lot is really tough on the Yanks pitching...

ACME Chophouse: No Cha Cha Bowl On Menu


I suspect no posters here spend this kind of loot for pre-game food, but I could be wrong. In any event, I'm glad to know I haven't missed anything there.

Early work for Giants works wonders


Re "wonders": I do no think it means wha you thin it means /inigo

What Happened to Archived Minor League audio?


For the past couple of years, I've enjoyed listening to random minor league games on weekend mornings, since even the most attention-challenged of us can't listen to SJ and Fresno and SF (and eventually Salem-Keizer) all at the same time. I've looked around and can't seem to find it. There used to be hotlinks on the schedule, but those seem to only refer to the .tv application now. Any ideas? Is it buried somewhere on the site or is there another application somewhere that's taken over? SJ and Fresno don't seem to post archived games, which is too bad since I'd think they don't really take up too much space (even if they were podcasts that could be downloaded, unlike the old streaming application they had). Thanks to any who read this far...

Barry Zito Similarity Score: 939


All the suckulence, at $4M less per year! Zitoooooooooooooooooo! Maybe the Pirates are interested?

nice video of hitter


I'm sure this will excite the McCoven...



Thank god for Jenkins- cutting-edge reporting. In case it gets edited later... "3. Giants. Not much to explain here; fans know exactly what's up. The pitching will be superb (look for 12-14 wins out of Barry Zito), Pablo Sandoval will hit .338 and Bengie Molina will symbolize the team's heart. It's an improved lineup, but none of these guys will clear 20 homers, and at some point, it will make sense to make Jose Guzman (pretty much lost as a fielder) a pinch-hitter off the bench."


MLB Teams Open New Baseball Stadia

Attention fellow McCoveneers:   It may have escaped your notice, but 2 of the 4 teams in Major League Baseball are opening brand new stadia this season.   yahoo coverage  ap coverage video...

Giants beat Dodgers to finish winning spring


I thought this might have been an April Fools, but no such luck. Thank you to the Associated Press for getting us Ginats lovers all amped up for the season... it's only the second time in 11 years they've had a winning record in spring... in your face MLB! Teh season is already over.... woot


Semi-OT: Baseball Card Project gone?

Not long ago, there was a discussion of old baseball video games.  Over the many years since High Heat Baseball was released, I've hacked a lot of the graphics files for the game, customizing the...

Yankees Season Ends Before It Begins


So, so sad. On the other hand, there's one player who didn't use any kind of performance enhancers. At all. If only there was nosuckitol.


OT: Authority v. Infamous Team Paintball Thread

Previously, CSN introduced us to womens' professional softball. Apparently, the season is over.  Now showing as a lead-in to FP and Co: team paintball. Wouldn't the 5 or 10 of us that might watch...


Open New England-Philadelphia Softball thread

I don't know what this is, but it's following the Ginats on CSN.  Assuming, arguendo, that there are more than the 100 people in the stands at that game that are interested in it... isn't there...


Slightly OT: Home Run Derby on Netflix

While looking for something else, I noticed that they have several discs worth of the old show "Home Run Derby" available for instant viewing on Netflix.  Most Netflix memberships these days...


Danger- Brain at Work

I suppose one can only hope that if Magowan does step down and sell out that this kind of thing may be nipped in the bud but... h...


I Completely Understand the Ginats Front Office

Why?  Because I have the same computer software that Brain and Co. seem to be using for roster management.  It's called Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001 ("SSHH2K1"). In SSHH2K1, Ray Durham is...


MLB Extra Innings Question

So, if anyone has DirecTV, this week has a free preview of MLB-EI.  For those who have experienced this... Are local teams blocked out even when their game ISN'T on local TV?  Specifically if the...


Your First Giants Game...

It's apparently 30 years since I first went to a Giants game... Apologies if this has been done recently, but I'd be...

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