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Any TN members in the Durham/Chapel Hill area?


Hi all, I'm an FSU alum (c/o 2011) now attending Duke. I just started in August, and have only met less than a handful of FSU fans. Anyone here in the Durham or Chapel Hill area? Any experience with the Triangle Seminole Club out of Raleigh?

Jacoby Brissett transfers to NC State


Looks like it's a few days old, but I didn't see this posted on TN anywhere. Could be a pain for us in '14 and '15.

Shawn Powell to be re-signed by the Bills


From their SB Nation website, it looks like the Bills are releasing their longtime punter Brian Moorman in favor of Shawn Powell. Good to see Shawn get another shot with the bills. Also, Buffalo Rumblings looks like they're running a quality site.

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech Open Thread


Since VT is likely to be our most important game this year, I though it would be nice to have a game thread for their game against GT tonight. Editors, please feel free to delete if you think it isn't worthy of a fanshot. No hard feelings. Thanks!

ESPN SportsNation Poll


ESPN asks the question: which season are you most looking forward to (NFL vs College football)? Here's a map showing the voting trends around the nation. Very stark contrast between the Northeast and the rest of the country. - New England is the only region with a greater than 80-20 preference for NFL - The Bible Belt is more excited for College than NFL (as you likely expected) - Florida is 55-45 in favor of the NFL - Alabama is the only state with 80-20 preference for College football (also expected) Though not scientific, it is pretty interesting IMO. The biggest question I see from this: why does the ACC covet the NYC market (evinced by Pitt and Syracuse additions) if merely 18% of respondents are more excited for College over the NFL?

Penn State faced 4-year death penalty

If Penn State had not accepted the package of NCAA sanctions announced Monday, the Nittany Lions faced a historic death penalty of four years, university president Rodney Erickson told "Outside the Lines" on Wednesday afternoon. This is unfathomable. Four years without football would have ruined the local economy. I'm somewhat glad this didn't happen. Other opinions?

Penn State students protect JoePa statue

"Amid calls for the removal of football coach Joe Paterno's statue from the Penn State campus, some students have started a vigil to protect it from vandals." What are everyone's thoughts about this? How would you feel if this were Bobby? Personally, I'd be all for taking the Bowden statue down had he done something like this. And the stained glass window, too.

Bowden's take on Saturday's game


Bowden's take on Saturday's game

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