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Westphal Calls Out Tyreke Evans For Being "Sluggish"


"I thought Tyreke looked sluggish and not ready to show how he can play," Westphal said. "I think he needs to pick up his pace play and he did a little bit in the second half. He needs to keep getting in better shape and play at a little faster speed and make better decisions with the ball. He killed the clock a few times and that's not the way we're going to play this year." Related: The Paul Westphal School of "How to Lose Your Players By Needlessly Calling Them Out in the Media" is accepting applicants.

Two-Part BS Report w/Bill Simmons & Chad Ford


Just wanted to endorse a listen of this two-part podcast, which had some really entertaining and insightful analysis by both Ford and Simmons. Lots of complimentary things to say about the Kings' draft (Ford at one point says that Whiteside is the only guy after 19 with superstar potential), lots of analysis of free agency and GM situations.... very very entertaining listen. And I have to say - we all kind of love to hate Chad Ford, but his draft analysis has gotten better and better over the years and he comes across really well in this podcast.

NBA Players Mock Draft (Insider)


Pretty cool feature where ESPN got a player from each team to participate in a 1st Round Mock. Top 4 went: 1. Wall (chosen by Andray Blatche) 2. Favors (chosen by Thad Young) 3. Turner (chosen by Devin Harris) 4. Johnson (chosen by Kevin Love) And #5, chosen by Tyreke Evans: DeMarcus Cousins "There's a lot of good guys out there at this spot in the draft. DeMarcus is big [6'11"] and built [292] and can run and rebound [9.9 a game last season]. Add him to our frontcourt, and we'll be ruling."


Where is Dalt?

SACRAMENTO - Sacramento police have confirmed that a missing persons report has been filed for Dalt's Pre-Draft Analysis, which has gone missing in 2010. "We don't normally send out APBs for web...

Monroe and Whiteside to work out for Kings again


"The Kings will take a second look at Georgetown sophomore Greg Monroe and Marshall freshman Hassan Whiteside in a pre-draft workout on Saturday... I've heard the Kings like Monroe, but bringing Whiteside back is interesting. Whiteside isn't considered a top-5 prospect by most pundits, but who knows? Maybe the Kings see something in him or they plan to trade down and select Whiteside."

Cousins and Favors won't be working out head to head


Favors-Cousins workout in Sactown not as good as it looks. They won't be competing head-to-head. Agents! -- Chad Ford via Twitter


2010 Positional Rankings, or How I'm Actually Kind of Excited About This Year's Draft (Plus STR Draft Board)

(From the FanPosts. An annual favorite ... -- TZ) Ah yes. It's time for the 2nd Annual Positional Rankings Post, wherein I predict the fortunes of the draft picks, and which provides great fodder...

Chad Ford Drinks the Combine Kool-Aid (insider)


Had to share this for this quote alone: "Babbitt measured around 6-9 in shoes with an 8-9 standing reach. That doesn't blow you away. However, he had an impressive 6-11 wingspan and essentially measures up with Griffin (6-10 in shoes, an 8-9 standing reach and a 6-11 wingspan). But Griffin is way more athletic, you say? Not according to the combine numbers." Oh, Chad. Chad Chad Chad.....

Full Draft Measurements Posted (Insider)


Verticals: John Wall 39", Turner: 34.5", Favors: 35.5", Cousins: 27.5", Johnson: 37", Aminu: 33.5"

Craig Brackins Has a 40" Vertical


(link to ESPN Insider) So let's see. 6'10", 40" vertical, NBA range on his three, handles the ball like a guard..... projected to go second round? How is that possible?


Early '10 Draft Preview: John Wall and... uh... yeah.

(From the FanPosts. -- TZ) With the Kings currently enduring a seventeen thousand game losing streak and looking like the team we thought they were before they went and got our damn hopes up, I'm...


NBA League Pass Customer Service Update

When we last left off, I had been accused of online harassment and possible vandalism by an NBA League pass customer service representative for pressing them for a partial refund for the several...


Adventures in NBA Customer Service (or rather the complete lack thereof)

As you may have seen complained about in the Kings/Spurs game thread, the NBA League Pass Broadband feed was incorrectly showing the Cavs/Rockets the other night. This wasn't fixed the entire game....

Right now it appears that Oklahoma City is leaning towards picking Rubio and keeping him as a...


Right now it appears that Oklahoma City is leaning towards picking Rubio and keeping him as a trading chip to potentially use this summer. A few sources we spoke with mentioned that they still expect Rubio to end up in New York when it’s all said and done. Oklahoma City is also active in trade talk with Phoenix, with their main target appearing to be Robin Lopez. They are reportedly offering Phoenix their 2010 unprotected pick back in return for Lopez, but that seems like a very high price for the Suns to pay. Sacramento seems to be leaning towards Tyreke Evans from what we’re hearing, and may have even told him as much.


Sacramento has reportedly offered Detroit the #23 and #31 picks in exchange for the #15. The Kings...


Sacramento has reportedly offered Detroit the #23 and #31 picks in exchange for the #15. The Kings may target DeJuan Blair at 15 if he’s available, while the Pistons like Toney Douglas and possibly DaJuan Summers.

Draft Express

Hollinger on Rubio


"OK, it's time to shine a harsher light here. There's one thing working hugely against Rubio's status as an A-list prospect that nobody seems to want to mention, so let me put it out there: There's very little evidence he can score at anything approaching an acceptable rate for an NBA point guard. We have very little recent Euroleague data to work with from Rubio -- just a 66-minute sample from this year and a larger sample from two years earlier -- but both sets translate to scoring about five points per 40 minutes and shooting in the low 30s. Ugh. Rubio shot better in the Spanish ACB league this season, including 25-of-62 on 3-pointers, but he also shot only 39 percent on 2s against a lower level of competition. Same goes for his alleged breakout in the Olympics -- as heralded as he was for his play, he made nine baskets in eight games and shot 28.1 percent for the tournament. And while one of those games was against a team full of U.S. All-Stars, he wasn't bedazzling the Germans or Angolans either. Obviously he's a Jason Kidd-like rarity in that he can have a heavy impact on the game without scoring, but if his shooting numbers don't improve, he'll make Kidd look like Rick Barry."

Chad Ford: Not a sure thing the Kings would take Rubio #4


"Rubio has been pretty adamant that he doesn't want to play in Memphis. Although he doesn't have the same objection to Oklahoma City, it sounds as though the Thunder are leaning toward drafting either James Harden or Stephen Curry. So, if neither team makes a trade, Rubio would be there at No. 4. But sources in Sacramento say that the Kings have reservations about Rubio and that it's far from a done deal that they will take him if he is on the board."

Gani WithdraLawals From the Draft


"I'm going back to school," Lawal said. "I sat down with my family and after going through this positive experience, where I learned a lot and got a lot of exposure, I realized the best thing for me to do was to go back."


Positional Rankings, or How I Still Fear This Year's Draft

It’s been some time since my last foray into the world of Sactown Royalty Fanposts. My last entry was about How to Avoid a Draft Bust, and I tagged it with the ominous subtitle "how I learned to...

This has been a Jeff Teague public service announcement. This is only a test.


This has been a Jeff Teague public service announcement. This is only a test.

Newsday: Kings interested in Marbury, Maloofs lost hundreds of millions to Madoff?


"One team that is believed to have asked about Marbury is the Sacramento Kings, a franchise believed to be in serious financial distress because its owners, the Maloof family, lost hundreds of millions in the alleged Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme."


How to Avoid a Draft Bust (Or How I Learned to Fear this Year's Draft)

(Enjoy this great draft analysis from nbrans. -- TZ) NBA drafts are a heady mixture of science, art, luck, dice rolling, gut feelings, expertise, and luck. It is the place where otherwise rational...

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