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What's this hole for?


Anyone know what this hole is for? There is this one and another smaller one to the side. It's on the rims on my bike. Some searching on Google indicated it was holes to release welding gases, but the forum did not seem completely convinced on that answer.


Creating the Perfect VDS Team, 2012 Edition

I recently - and by recently I mean about an hour ago - figured out the necessary skills to mash together teams and the riders they picked in composite. I posted what I came up with 2013 in...

New post-Vuelta (and Canada) best possible VDS team. Best possible score 27064.


New post-Vuelta (and Canada) best possible VDS team. Best possible score 27064.

Best possible VDS team as of 8/25


Best possible VDS team as of 8/25


Tour de France Startlists

Let's talk about who is going to the Tour! Lists below the jump. Add confirmations to the comments and I'll update. Let's stick with confirmed startlists for the whole squad. For long lists and...

I made a histogram of all the VDS teams by current score. I just thought it was a bit more...


I made a histogram of all the VDS teams by current score. I just thought it was a bit more interesting than just knowing what place you are in.

Cervelo probably going to sell itself to a Dutch company


I'd be really interested in knowing the management story of this company from the start of CTT through today.

Geox-TMC collapsing


Well, I won't be buying Geox shoes again. Update: Geox is dropping out. Gianetti must have really pissed Geox' owner off. I remember stories last year about Geox wanting to own a team a la Liquigas. So much for 5 years at $50 million.

Post-Worlds best possible VDS team. Total score is 24,690 so far.


Post-Worlds best possible VDS team. Total score is 24,690 so far.

Cervelo Introduces S5 (video)


Complete with a foam model of Dave Zabriskie. Curiously, it's currently cheaper than the S3 in the US.


Video of Weylandt's Wins

I thought it'd be nice to post videos of Weylandt that aren't from today.  I am starting with videos of recent wins.  If you find any other good ones, post a link and I'll add to the main post....

Doping News: BMC drops the ban hammer


BMC suspends Ballan and Santambrogio... again. I'm not sure what's changed between now and a few weeks ago. But BMC claimed it learned something new. Your move Lampre.

UCI ProTeam Ranking Formula Revealed by CN


"The UCI has always refused to reveal the complex tables and points scales used to award the licences, claiming riders would use them when negotiating their contracts." God forbid riders have access to information that affects their livelihood.

Lefevere gives Boonen a 'pep-talk'


"It's also about results though. If he wants to keep his financial situation, he must also perform. Getting dropped on the Poggio, ninth in Waregem - no problem. I will take stock after Roubaix though. If there are others who ride better, he may have to concede something." Does Quickstep have any chance of staying a WorldTour team next year without Boonen?

Specialized is launching an aero road bike this weekend apparently


The Venge. I bet they would love for Cavendish to win a monument in its' first race. I like picking out which Garvelo riders are on S3s vs. R5s when watching races, now I get to play the same game with HTC. My only issue is - why do they think working with a Formula One team is good marketing? A bike isn't a car. And 40 miles an hour isn't 200 miles an hour.

Tirreno-Adriatico Startlist

Cycling Fever may be more accurate, as de Gendt probably isn't doing Tirreno-Adriatico.

Supterteam victory count update


HTC, Rabobank and Garmin-Cervelo all tied at 9 victories going into opening weekend. Leopard-Trek is MIA (for now) and Liquigas is catching up.

J-Rod to race VDS dream program


He's doing the Ardennes, Giro and the Vuelta. That's a lot of potential VDS points. I think it's a great for a rider of his caliber to realize there's bigger things in this sport then a top 10 finish in the Tour.

The Inner Ring does some investigation into GreenEDGE rumors


GreenEDGE may be making more enemies than Sky did.

Garvélo's TdU Lineup


Who do you think will be the last man on the leadout, Dean or Lancaster?

Make cycling fans pay to watch races?


What do you guys think? I've never watched a major race in person, but paying a small fee to be at the finish line or the top of a summit seems reasonable. With a couple thousand people x say, $10, that could go a long way to making certain races more viable.

Stephen Roche wants to win a jersey


Am I the only one who finds this funny?

Cavendish to TdU


Cav v. Farrar v. Greipel. Awesome.

WorldTour to include Tour of Beijing


"This high-level event will complement an already rich circuit of events, giving Asian cycling an exceptional showcase for its riders, teams and sponsors, as well as for the very many bicycle industry manufacturers," McQuaid continued. Except there are no Asian ProContinental teams. So the only East Asians who get to ride (except for the Chinese national team) will be the few East Asians on ProTeams.

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