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Matt McGloin led a TD drive in an NFL game


7 for 15, 87 yards, no TDs, no INTs. Yes, it was in garbage time. But still!


More Snacks on Snacks: the best chili ever

As I find myself preparing my legendary chili on the eve of my trip to State College for a glorious weekend, I figured I'd re-share my chili recipe with the BSD crowd. I previously posted this...


The Latest from Dan Wetzel

So, Yahoo Sports just posted the latest article from Dan Wetzel, titled "Penn State continues to be Penn State despite Freeh Commission report's damning effects." It's an interesting read, and...

What happened to the "Recruiting Roundup"?


The last one I see on the site is the one linked to here, on July 12. Interviews with recruits seem to have fallen off the map too. Considering BSD has been in multiple blogwarz over recruiting coverage, it seems strange that it's virtually disappeared overnight. What's the story?



Last night, I pulled my season tickets out of their envelope, laid them out on my kitchen table, and just stared at them. Over the past month, I've often thought about Saturday's game against...


...and the vultures swoop in, right on cue.

I know a lot of people on here don't like Dan Wetzel. I'm not one of them; I think his analysis has been pretty fair and grounded in solid facts, at least for the most part. But today's column is...


LawyerTalk: is Amendola ineffective?

I know there are a lot of lawyers on this board, so there are a few technical legal questions I thought might be worth discussing in our little corner of the internet. First, after taking a closer...


Ben Novak: Reflections of a Former Trustee, and how the Board needs to change

http://www.bennovak.net/2012/01/reflections-of-a-former-trustee/ So, this piece broke today, both online and in the CDT, and it's already received a fair amount of publicity. I recommend you read...

Coaching search non-news: Bradley actually a candidate?


Some quotes from Joyner on the search. "I’d like to get this finished so that whoever the head coach is, be it (interim coach Tom) Bradley or somebody else, has enough time to really interact with recruits and to do the best they can do," Joyner said before a team dinner in Dallas. "There’s a three-week open period (before national signing day). That would be nice. I’m not going to let that dictate if there are a couple days one way or the other. But I think it would be very good for recruits."


Why I'm done with ESPN, and why you should be too.

I've been a low-level ESPN junkie ever since my family got basic cable, and a chronic ESPN.com junkie ever since I first got high-speed internet in 2000. I could list the reasons here, but I know...


For Penn State Football, A Moment Unlike Any Other

Yesterday's game was supposed to be meaningless. It was supposed to be meaningless because amidst all the  urgent matters facing the university we love, the relative triviality of football--let...

"It Was a Witch Hunt at Penn State"


Good read this morning. Bill Kline does a better job than anyone I've read to date of putting the Board of Trustees' decision in perspective.

Attorney General "Concerned" about Paterno's firing


At times over the past couple days, I've felt like a crazy person for believing that there was something wrong with the fact that the university turned on Joe while supporting Curley and Schultz. Knowing that the Attorney General sees things the same way I do makes me feel a little better.


When is the last time anyone talked about the Second Mile?

Like many of you (and a growing number of national columnists as well), I've been hugely disappointed by the media coverage of Jerry Sandusky's crimes.  The omission of facts, the judgments based...


The One Fact That Everyone is Missing

Joe Paterno was fired because people think he didn't do enough.  As of this moment, no one knows if that's true.  With a complete lack of any further statements from Joe or the university the Grand...


The Failure of Public Opinion

As I write this, Joe Paterno is being eaten alive. Every news and media company camped out on the University Park campus, clamoring for details on the awful story that has engulfed Penn State over...

Thoughtful commentary... from Deadspin?


After 72 hours, I'm nearly at my saturation point with this thing. I've read a lot of commentary from a lot of sources, with most of it ringing pretty hollow for me. This column, by Drew Magary, has some worthwhile insight.


The Yahoo! Sports "10": Booster at Miami runs the program

Before you read any more of this FanPost, you should make your way over to Yahoo! Sports (which, you will notice, has a "Miami Probe" tab atop the main page now).  The "10 out of 10" story that Dan...

JoePa, back at practice


JoePa, back at practice

Sporting News Previews PSU


They're projecting an 8-4 (4-4) record. In other words, they think we'll beat Alabama but lose 4 conference games. Does that sound kind of crazy to anyone else?


So what's the story with the Alabama/T-Town Menswear scandal?

I wandered over to SPORTSbyBROOKS earlier today, because I was bored and I hadn't been over there since the Bruce Feldman thing last month.  I quickly discovered that there is apparently a huge...

JoePa's Media Day Transcript (PDF)


Lots of good qoutes, though my favorite is when he refers to the ESPN special he did with Coach K as "some TV show I was on."


OSU off the hook for LOIC, Failure to Monitor

It figures that news like this would drop at 6:00 on Friday evening.  The NCAA announced today that after further investigation, they've determined that there's no evidence that the wrongdoing at...

An Elite Helmet Safety Study, Presented by Gregg Easterbrook


I always love Easterbrook's stuff, and I found this one to be particularly relevant. Anyone know offhand what helmets PSU uses? I seem to remember reading something about players wearing the Schutt Ion, but I'm not positive.


NCAA tries to pass the buck on DOJ investigation into the BCS

As I'm sure you all saw, after years of saber-rattling by senators from Utah and Houston (remember when they were the top non-AQ teams?), two weeks ago the Antitrust Division of the Department of...


Tom Bradley's candidacy: your thoughts?

Hi all.  First time posting here.  As you may have heard, Penn State Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley is a rumored candidate for the head coaching position at UConn.  As a lifelong Penn State Fan,...


Outback Bowl Gets a 7.6 TV Rating

Ever since expansion talk began in December of 2009, television ratings have been a big part of the college football discussion.  You'll all be happy to know, that once again, PSU did very well,...

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