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New Rutgers AD under fire has UT connections


This piece came out today uncovering some interesting details about new Rutgers AD Julie Hermann. Much of the story occurred while she was head volleyball coach at UT.

Vols will play Ga. State in 2012


Hopefully a good game to get some good work in for players after the NC state game


Is Saturday setting himself up for a bad year?

I really have no reason to doubt him and there has been no evidence to ever question the man's ability, but do any of you think that Jeff Saturday's performance is going to decline this year...

Peyton had Twins


Boy and Girl, born March 31. I don't know how he and his wife kept this under wraps for so long. Maybe its just news to me that they were expecting.

Jerry Richardson insults Peyton Manning in NLFPA-NFL talks


The Carolina Panthers owner takes a shot at #18; He may have just lit a fire under one of the most respected voices for the players in the league.

Doc Saturday has done an excellent series on recruiting


Just to keep the bliss of NSD in check, here is his list of the 8 most under-acheiving recruiting class in the past 10 years. Guess who is listed twice...

Firearms dealer plans Kiffin Bobblehead doll shooting


In light of recent events, this has got to stop. Commemorating the unexpected departure of one coach, while brutal, by shooting bobblehead dolls of his likeness is shamefully barbarian and embarrassingly juvenile.

Welcome to the Gator family Coach Muschamp! You'll soon find out why it's great to be a Florida...


Welcome to the Gator family Coach Muschamp! You'll soon find out why it's great to be a Florida Gator! God bless and Go Gators!!!

Looks like Gators got their main. Source: Tim Tebow Twitter!/TimTebow

Lane Kiffin: Voice of Reason


Blasphemy? Kiffin talks about recruiting Cam Newton at UT, says they never asked for money. Tip to Josh Ward Twitter.

20 Best Baseball Decisions of the past year


The Braves front office has three of them (as deduced byJohn Heyman) and very easily could have had a fourth with the signing of Troy Glaus

Kevin Mawae is still available


Mawae just came off a pro-bowl year (maybe on reputation), but sign him to a 1 year deal and we got some solid veteran leadership and talent in the trenches. Thoughts? Good Target or is this just "not the Colts way"?


Any chance Colts go after Faneca?

I think he's still one of the premier O-linemen in the draft.  IMO, he's worth getting and shuffling everybody around accordingly.  But he may want too much $   $$$$ alkdjf a;dlkjf aakdjfd jifoj...

Jason Heyward is now #383 in the career active HR list


Tied with the likes of Josh Beckett, AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia and Josh Johnson

Picture of Steven Pearl being circulated on opposing team blogs.


Picture of Steven Pearl being circulated on opposing team blogs.


Where we stand

Here's where we stand according to the recruiting websites going into the final week of signings.  Let's see if they change at all after NSD


RTT Admins!

RTT admins, I don't know what you guys are planning for Nat. Signing day, but do you think you could compile a list of prospective recruits that have UT hats on the table (if there are any).  Maybe...

John Clayton provides good analysis


John Clayton at gives some good indepth analysis that doesn't just generalize on Darrelle Revis or the Colts D v. Jets Run

UK Basketball raises $1 million for Haiti Relief


Calipari and our blue -brothers- associates to the north have done quite a noble thing. Wish we could have thought of it...


What is your favorite network sports coverage?

Just some thoughts to maybe get your mind off our troubled youth.   First which network do you think covers or has covered each sport best or which channel would you prefer to watch college...

Tobias Harris wavering after arrests($)


Can we expect four college athletes to anticipate the huge ramifications of their idiotic actions?

Why the Chargers will not be Colt Killers like the Media has portrayed them


They have beaten the Colts the past 5 times. This is why they won't this year. They are last in the league in rushing and rushing is what has killed us in the past.


Conference Realignment

All this talk about the Big 10 (11) expanding to 12 teams might have an affect on Tennessee.  From what I've read, two possible candidates are Nebraska and Missouri.  If they jump (I don't know...

Vols lose out on Luc


This would have been a major pick up. Oh well, the Chimera must move on!

The awful pass-interference call that gave the Colts life --and a 43-yard gain -- on the first...


The awful pass-interference call that gave the Colts life --and a 43-yard gain -- on the first drive of the third quarter. Jacque Reeves barely arm-barred Pierre Garcon, and a drive-sustaining flag came flying. Manning doesn't need your help, zebras. This is really saying something, but that's the worst PI call of the year.

Peter King. Again. Although I do think the call was pretty ridiculous. This is why the media can't buy the Colts. There's always something big each game that the medial can latch onto and deny the Colts' ability. This was the big one in this game.

Fulmer to Louisville


I'd be happy for the big guy. Love to see him back in big time coaching.

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