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Will the 49ers end up in some shootouts?

One statistical look at the potential for shootouts.


DVOA Strength of Schedule Grids

I've taken the liberty of plugging in last year's DVOA for every team in the NFL into a schedule grid, color-coded. For now, I have Total Efficiency, Total Offense, and Total Defense. I will...

Who is the best 'Young Gun' in the NFL?

I was reading this article at Football Perspective discussing potential franchise quarterbacks using the RANY/A metric. RANY/A looks at performance above average on a per play basis. I wanted to...


would anyone be interested in picking up Christian Ponder?

would anyone be interested in picking up Christian Ponder? Pro Football Talk is reporting that Christian Ponder is looking to be traded. While I don't think he is elite starter material, I do...


Boone for a third round pick?

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole is saying that based on teams he's talked to, Alex Boone will probably get traded for a 3rd round pick. In addition, Tampa appears to be interested. Would you like...

How does free agency price wide receivers?

Time to consider free agency pricing of wide receivers based on various metrics.


Harbaugh's 2014 Goal: Fix the Running Game

Everyone seems to be focused on improving the pass game, and ripping Greg Roman for not doing a better job. But if you look at where we've actually produced, its been in the passing game -- and...

Yes, Kap is worth big bucks

I would say that the overwhelming majority of 49ers fans are happy with the Kap deal, especially with the contract flexibility it provides. Most pundits and sportswriters are of the opinion that...

Quantitative look at the 49ers age in 2013

Inspired by Fooch's link to snap-weighted average age at football outsiders, I wanted to look at contribution-weighted average age. The first thing I did is see if there was any relationship...


2012 Re-Draft with One Round "Crystal Ball"

Pundits on ESPN and NFLN love re-drafts. they can take all 256 players and re-rank them however the see fit. Fans love them too; they can look and see who was drafted after their team picked and...

Quantitative Approach to handing out draft grades

To me, evaluating draft grades has always felt like some sort of voodoo; sports writers and other simply assign a grade to a team’s draft haul based on how they feel about the players drafted…it’s...


Day Two Mock Draft

Without trading up, we are really set up for Day Two. Day Two Dominance! We end up getting an absolute haul at Wide Receiver, Corner, and outside linebacker; we end up with SJB and McGill, so...


Getting Comfortable with the Idea of a Pass Rusher at #30

Since the season ended, I was never happy when I saw a mock draft with the 49ers taking a DE/OLB pass-rusher at #30. 'Why would they do this?' I'd say to myself -- with Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks,...


Alternate Draft Strategy - Day Two Dominance!

Lots of talk about trading up, lots of talk about trading down. How about both? How about if we trade down from #30 and up from rounds 4, 5, and 7 to completely dominate DAY TWO of the NFL Draft?...


A Julio Jones Style Tradeup isn't that outrageous

A Julio Jones Style Tradeup isn't that outrageous We all remember the Julio Jones trade of the 2011 NFL draft: the Atlanta Falcons traded picks 27, 59, 124 and their 2012 1st and 4th round...


why do I get the feeling that the 49ers are willing to trade anybody?

why do I get the feeling that the 49ers are willing to trade anybody? Now, Im not saying its a bad thing, but I think that Marathe and Baalke are ruthlessly analytical, and they wont sacrifice...


Force as a NFL Draft Measurement (Moncrief comes out on Top)

If you remember back to your physics class, force (f) is mass (m) times acceleration (a). Acceleration is finishing speed minus starting speed. via It got me...


NFL Draft 'Capital' by Team

Below you will find the sum total of each team's 2014 draft picks in terms of draft value chart points. all NFL draft trades are made based on the draft value chart, +/-5% (with exceptions). I call...


you're crazy if you think Frank Gore is better than Maurice Jones-Drew

It's highly unlikely that Maurice Jones-Drew signs with the 49ers, but for the sake of argument I wanted to demonstrate how much clearly better MJD is than Frank Gore. I know that hurts, but its...


Signing Maurice Jones-Drew is not so Far-Fetched

so, most 49ers fans are downplaying the Vernon Davis-MJD connection as merely coincidence. After all, we have Gore, and Hunter, and Lattimore, and LaMichael James. Here are a few reasons why its...


Contrarian view on Harbaugh

Yes, the report from PFT about Harbaugh being almost-traded is probably bogus. and, at worst, everyone was discussing hypotheticals for a while. And yes, I believe Harbaugh is the best coach in...


Most ridiculous Auto-Mock ever!

Wow. Basically, two corners and two WRs that can start as rookies. Crazy. 30 CB JUSTIN GILBERT OKLAHOMA STATE 56 WR JORDAN MATTHEWS VANDERBILT 61 CB MARCUS ROBERSON FLORIDA 77 WR JARVIS LANDRY...


Where does Value Reside in This Draft?

In every draft, there is a varying mix of talent by position and by quality; sometimes a draft will be deep at the top and little else beyond that...or just the opposite. The key to a truly...

The 49ers offense let down Colin Kaepernick

Raise your hand if you actually paid attention to the performance of the 49ers Offense on Sunday. Okay, now that I have those who actually understand the game, we can discuss what really went down...

Russell Wilson's decline the last two months

Okay - I'm a stats junkie. And as you know, QBR is my preferred measure of statistical performance for quarterbacks. It takes the expected points performance of a quarterback and adjusts it for the...


Championship Week Hump Day 2014 Mock Draft!

via Well, I can't wait for Sunday. And I need to occupy my time with something other than recycled Niners-Seahawks stories. So, Mock draft time! Clearly, our biggest...


Per Media Narrative, Kap gets snubbed, Wilson makes pro bowl

The media narrative is that Russell Wilson is having another "great season" while Colin Kaepernick is struggling in his second season. This media driven mythology has resulted in Wilson making...


49ers have a 12% chance of winning the division

After Seattle's first loss at home, the chances of the 49ers winning the NFC West stand at 12.1%. I came up with such a precise number by using the NFL lines coming out of Vegas for tonight and...

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