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The 2011 49ers were no Fluke, Contrary to

We all know the number of publications and analysts, led by FootballOutsiders, that are saying the 2011 49ers were a bit of a fluke and should return back to an average team in 2012. Contrary to...


Projections for Out-of-Market 49er Broadcasts in 2012

As I'm sure many of you are, you no longer live in Northern California and will not get to see every 49er game unless you have NFL Sunday Ticket. I'm not paying for that anymore - that's beer money...


Game-by-Game Outcome Predictions and Standings

I went through every game on the NFL schedule and predicted the outcome, added up the results, and posted the standings below. I have the game-by-game results in the linked spreadsheet. Division...


A Solution for the Logjam at Wide Receiver

So, perhaps the most praised player in training camp so far is CB/S/PR/KR Perrish Cox. What many don't know is that he's a pretty fantastic punt and kick returner as well. so what we can do is keep...


Alex Smith, Top 10 Quarterback

Alright, so I've been looking over the numbers and it seems like there is still a ton of disagreement on how good Alex Smith was in 2011 and what that means for him going forward. Ideally, you...


Is it me, or does AJ Jenkins look and play a lot like John Taylor?

I'm sure this will be a lively debate. With the talk of AJ Jenkins running the Hill with Jerry Rice, people are starting to say Jenkins is the next rice -- I know its hyperbole, but still. H...


2012 NFL Draft - Re-Mock for the Niners

2012 NFL Draft - Re-Mock for the Niners I've gone back and done a re-mock of the 49ers picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. If you're going to grade the 49ers draft, you have to compare it to the...


Bold Camp Battle Predictions

Anybody have bold camp battle predictions that they'd like to share? I'll throw a couple out there for conversation: 1. Perrish Cox wins the starting CB job away from Tarell Brown, Brown gets...


Does WR Chris Owusu make the Team? (and how Perrish Cox fits in)

Does Stanford WR Chris Owusu make the 53-man Roster?Assuming he's medically cleared, I think he's got a good chance to. Moss, Williams, and Owusu are probably competing for three roster spots....


Do the 49ers have the *fastest receiving corps in the NFL?

I think so. Including Owusu, who does have a shot at making the 53-man roster and will be PS if he doesn't. Here is what it looks like: Michael Crabtree, age 24, 40yard - 4.5 sec. (estimate)Mario...


Analysis of the AJ Jenkins Pick (AJ Is a Range/Speed Specimen)

Clearly, Trent Baalke concluded that the 49ers lacked elite speed and explosiveness on offense, resulting in the picks of AJ Jenkins at #30 and LaMichael James at #61. James is a consensus home run...


Day 2, 2nd Round Mock with Available Players

A Niners Nation user puts together a second round mock draft for the 2012 NFL Draft.


Final, Sealed and Delivered Complete 2-round mock draft

We land DL Jerel Worthy at #30 and steal WR Reuben Randle at #61 -- he's only at #63 on Mike Mayock's big board.


Official Kendall Wright Hatewagon (Peter Warrick 2.0)

Mike Mayock has us drafting the most overrated player in the NFL Draft, a guy named Kendall Wright from Baylor -- a slower version of Kyle Williams who in addition gives up on plays, fails to...


I'm Very Happy With our "30 at 30" Options, Except For Two Players

With all the mocks that have come out and all the different directions we can go, I am very comfortable with our options at #30. There are, however, two players that I would be very upset if we...


Last-Second Draft Crush: Josh Robinson?

Never really looked at this guy until I read the 49 in 49 on him this morning. Dude is incredible! I would be very happy if he is the pick at #30. He's the guy that ran a 4.33 40 at the combine,...


Alshon Jeffery's Deceptive Deep Speed

I ran across this fantastic analysis of Alshon Jeffery's speed, and what it shows is that Alshon Jeffery, the big possession WR, is as fast as Julio Jones, DeSean Jackson, AJ Green, and Percy...


Is Running Back The *Safest* Position to Draft in the Top 10?

In response to my Trent Richardson Trade Scenario post, I saw a lot of bad information thrown out as evidence against the trade. So, I decided to go back and look at Running Backs taken in the Top...


The Scenario

So on Thursday, here is how the Top 8 or 9 goes: 1. Luck 2. RGIII 3. Kalil 4. Tannehill 5. Claiborne 6. Cox 7. Blackmon 8. Ingram The 49ers make a call to either Carolina at #9 or Buffalo at...


Top 10 players I'd like the 49ers to draft at #30

Of all the players with the potential of falling to #30, here is my ranked list of who I'd like. The top 3 are all defense, simply because that's where the talent is at this year. I have TE Fleener...


Who is Trent Baalke's Mystery Draft Crush?

We open the floor for predictions on who Trent Baalke sees as one specific guy for the 49ers at No. 30 in the 2012 NFL Draft


My Final Mock Draft, Two Rounds, Based on Value Boards

OK I based my picks on the value boards available at ESPN, Profootballweekly, and CBSSports. Nobody reached more than 10 picks.We end up taking Rueben Randle, WR, LSU and Orson Charles, TE,...


If you are so fixated on drafting Stephen Hill, why not take Tommy Streeter instead?

A Niners Nation reader takes a look at the 49ers WR need and Stephen Hill versus Tommy Streeter in the 2012 NFL Draft.


Final* 7-Round 49er Mock Draft

Final* 7-Round 49er Mock Draft Barring prospect injury/arrest or a trade, this will be my final 49er full-round mock. I limited my picks to prospects who have draft grades near where we pick -...


I've got Randle over Hill...Am I crazy?

So as many of you know, I'm not very keen on the idea of drafting a WR in the first round unless they have the chance of being an impact rookie or they're simply a I'd prefer Fleener. T...


Worst-case scenario first round for 49ers

Worst-case scenario first round for 49ersWhile mocking out the first round, I found that there's a good chance for trent richardson to drop in the draft...and I expect somebody to trade up for him....


An early look at the 49ers Draft Board/First Round Strategy

Based on team needs and the types of players the 49ers prefer, I believe we're starting to see the 49ers first round draft board take shape. To begin, I think there are a few players that the...


Our Receiving Corps is Better than Niner Fans Admit...except for Walker

So, here's the narrative we hear from 49er Fans incessantly: - Crabtree will never be a #1- Manningham is overrated- Moss is Washed up- Williams needs to be cut (for some reason)- Delanie Walker is...


Josh Morgan doesn't fit the 49ers anymore...might as well say goodbye

With Moss signed, Flanker and Split End are filled positions. Even though Moss will probably be our #2 behind Crabtree, Moss will play the #1 position at Flanker because of his style of play --...

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