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BBWAA awards AL MVP to Travelocity Gnome


Dustin Pedroia, all 4 feet of him, wins it. Mauer 4th, Sizemore 10th. Cliff Lee 12th. Raul Ibanez actually got a vote. Everyone back at the Keebler tree is very excited.

BBWAA do not screw up NL MVP, give it to Pujols


Ryan Howard finished too close to second for comfort.

The end of a pretty good era


Fire Joe Morgan is hanging up the skateboard and moving out of their mothers' basements. Say what you will, but we've all taken pleasure in the work FJM has done. I'm going to miss them. I like to think they've done a lot of good: They made people laugh, they taught newcomers a little something about statistics, and they made it impossible to ignore the flaws of the mainstream media. I've exchanged a few e-mails with KT and Junior and they loved to talk baseball to any random guy. Christmas Ales to the boys of FJM.


Open Cliff Lee Just Won the Cy Young Award Thread

UPDATE, 2:00 PM:  And boom goes the dynamite via   22-3, 4 CGs, 2 SHOs, 223.3 IP, 170/34 K/BB, 3.8% BB/PA, 19.1% K/PA, .304 BABIP, 0.48 HR/9, 1.11 WHIP, 2.54 ERA, 175...

Are you kidding me, Baltimore?


"Yes, the Indians like Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts, but Shapiro isn't going to give up Fausto Carmona and Asdrubal Cabrera to get him. If the Orioles lower their asking price, Shapiro is willing to talk." -- Paul Hoynes in today's PD

Blue Jays claim Bullington


That's the last time I buy a jersey from the Indians. I swear to god, they just wait for me to get someone's jersey and then get rid of the guy. Oh well. At least I've got my Fasano Fa'sure customized tee.

Hold on a minute-- A Moneyball MOVIE?


From the link: ---------- It’s a busy day for Brad Pitt! Variety reports the star is in talks to play the lead in "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game," a movie based on Michael Lewis’ non-fiction book. "Devil Wears Prada" helmer David Frankel is attached to direct, and Steve Zaillian ("Schindler’s List," "Gangs of New York") has signed on to pen the script. ------------ In related news, Jeff Bridges has agreed to play the lead role in The Bill James Handbook 2004.


LGT: Who ya got?

A simple poll.  I want to know who everyone is rooting for (not necessarily who we think will win). Are we as a community pulling for the Rays, a worst-to-first story filled with a young and...

"The price for Roberts? It won't be Kelly Shoppach, as Baltimore has a hot catching prospect in...


"The price for Roberts? It won't be Kelly Shoppach, as Baltimore has a hot catching prospect in Matt Weiters. But the Birds had a 5.13 team ERA. Jeremy Guthrie was their only starter with an ERA under 5.01. They desperately need starters, and the Indians have several young ones in Jeremy Sowers, Scott Lewis, David Huff, Zach Jackson and Adam Miller."

Terry Pluto

You can't trust rookies in the postseason. Also! Longoria, 2-2, 2 HRs.


You can't trust rookies in the postseason. Also! Longoria, 2-2, 2 HRs.

Feller speaks


This is nothing significant, just Bob Feller speaking to people at a luncheon. I just thought it would be interesting enough to pass along.

Hank Steiny opening mouth = /facepalm


Hank believes the current divisional structure in baseball is unfair because ... well, because the Yankees aren't in the playoffs. He points out how even though the Yankees have a better record, the Dodgers will be making the playoffs and that just can't be right. Two things: 1) Unless you combined the AL and NL, the Dodgers wouldn't matter in a reformed division setup. 2) The 2000 Indians wait patiently for you to forfeit your World Series rings.

By the way, Choo likes the cheers of "Choo" from the Progressive Field crowds. "At first I...


By the way, Choo likes the cheers of "Choo" from the Progressive Field crowds. "At first I thought they were booing," said Choo.


Minor league shifts for Lake County, Bowling Green


Lake County will be moving from the South Atlantic League to the Midwest League in 2010. A Tampa Bay Rays affiliate in Columbus, GA set to move to Bowling Green, KY will also be a part of the Midwest League. The Indians apparently lobbied strongly for the change due to scheduling and travel difficulties. As an aside, I wasn't able to find a link directly to the story, so I just linked the front page which had the story on it.


Instant replay starts Thursday

Link. The Indians will apparently be able to use it starting with the home series against Seattle on Friday.  I'm not sure how much we care, but it should be interesting to say the least. Video...


USA loses to Cuba

Team USA fell this morning to Cuba, 10-2.   The Bronze medal game will be tonight at 10:30 against Japan.  Cuba will go for Gold against Korea. The Strasburg Machine pitched 4 innings, struck...

Apropos to baseball.


Apropos to baseball.

Byrd to Red Sox


The PTBNL (unless we get cash), thanks to East Coast Hype, will automatically project as our best prospect.

Winner: July 29


In the "Date Milton Bradley Injures Himself Again" contest. Check your raffle tickets. Null and void if he turns out to be okay.

Harden, Gaudin traded to Cubs


"The Cubs have traded for Oakland A's pitcher Rich Harden in a multi-player deal. This counters the move of the Milwaukee Brewers, who acquired CC Sabathia. The Cubs also acquired Chad Gaudin for right-handed pitcher Sean Gallagher, outfielder Matt Murton, infielder Eric Patterson and catcher Josh Donaldson." This is the entirety of the article.

Bob Timmermann blogs the SABR convention


Timmermann attended the 38th SABR convention in Cleveland and caught an Indians game while he was at it. I thought I'd pass along this tidbit: Thunderstorms delayed the start of the game until 8:48, but it was worth the wait. Cliff Lee dissected the Giants, striking out a career-high 11 and winning his 11th game of the year. Cleveland fans impressed me. They do love their team and they're an optimistic bunch even though the team is beset with injuries. They also don't have the St. Louis vibe of "Look at us, we're great fans. We're the world's greatest fans! Love us! Peter Gammons says so!" They just root for their team. But tonight, there was an extra rooting interest as Omar Vizquel made what was likely his last appearance before Cleveland fans. Vizquel played in Cleveland for 11 years (1994-2004) and won 8 Gold Gloves and played on two pennant winners. Each time Vizquel came to bat, he was given a standing ovation. And when Vizquel flied out to left in his last at bat, he was given a standing ovation as he went back to the dugout and he briefly saluted the crowd. It did not seem like this was anything forced or manufactured. There were no scoreboard announcements telling people to cheer for Omar Vizquel. The fans just sincerely liked him. There were plenty of Vizquel t-shirts and jerseys present at Progressive Field.

Chacon goes nuts


According Chacon, he was in the lunch room after batting practice when Cooper asked him to join him in his office. "And I said, 'what do you want to speak to me about?'" Chacon said. "He said, ‘we just want to talk to you.’ I said, ‘anything you can say you can say to me right here. I don’t want to go to the office. He looked at me and I said there’s nothing for me to say to you guys.’ And I don’t think whatever they had to say to me they were going to make me happy. I didn’t want to get in a closed-room conversation. I just wanted to be left alone. "I sat down to eat and Ed Wade came to me and very sternly said, ‘you need to come with me to the office.’ I said ‘for what?’ I said 'I don’t want to go to the office with you and Cooper.’ And I said ‘You can tell me whatever you got to tell me right here.’ He’s like, ‘oh, you want me to tell you right here?' And I said, ‘yeah.’ I’m not yelling. I’m calm." It deteriorated quickly afterward, according to Chacon. "He started yelling and cussing," Chacon said of Wade. "I’m sitting there and I said to him very calmly, ‘Ed, you need to stop yelling me. Then I stood up and said 'you better stop yelling at me.' I stood up. He continued and was basically yelling and stuff and was like, ‘You need to (expletive) look in the mirror.’ So at that point I lost my cool and I grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. I jumped on top of him because at that point I wanted to beat his (butt). Words were exchanged." Players quickly intervened to separate Wade and Chacon, who remembers being pulled away by backup outfielder Reggie Abercrombie.

Shapiro on Wedge, Peralta, etc.


Shapiro was on ESPN Radio last night (Yes, okay? Yes. I listen to it. Sometimes I have to. My iPod hasn't been working in my car and I hate Cleveland radio and I just wanted to hear sports ... Don't judge me). It's pretty vanilla for the first part, but there are some interesting answers. RODA: Mark, are the players you touted as your core players two years ago still the same today? SHAPIRO: (Lists the core. Paraphrasing until quotes) Grady, Fausto, Westbrook, "Aaron Laffey has probably put himself in the boundaries of that group," Victor, Choo/Francisco both have a chance "... Jhonny Peralta, you know, uh, still a solid player to build around, maybe not quite the player we had hoped he'd be..." RODA: Is Eric Wedge still the guy you believe can lead this team to a World Series championship? SHAPIRO: Yeah, I, I hesitate to even dignify that with an answer. But he didn't tear Victor Martinez's hamstring, he didn't break Travis Hafner's shoulder, he didn't blow out Jake Westbrook's elbow ... we're getting everything out of the team, we just don't have the talent on the field every night to win as many games as we want to. RODA: Same goes with Derek Shelton and Carl Willis, you're- SHAPIRO: Yeah I feel strongly about our staff, they're doing a good job.

You guys remember the Hurtin' Murton?


A Tribune reporter speculates that the recent call-up of Matt "Greatest Right-Handed Hitter of Our Generation, Says Nick, And He Doesn't Care What You or Manny Ramirez Has to Say About That" Murton may just be to showcase him in a trade. The moving parts include Murton and Rich Hill for Coco Crisp. And ... God I hope someone else. That's an awful deal. If they think that little of Hill, we could get a lot more from the Cubs than I thought. I originally figured something like Hill + Patterson would be nice.

Pitching in Coors revisited


Just in time for the Indians to open a series at Colorado, The Hardball Times has a new article called What to pack for Denver, using PITCHf/x data to determine what pitches work in Coors. Unfortunately C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee are not scheduled to pitch during this series; the effect Coors would have on C.C.'s fastball and Lee's curve would seem to be the most interesting to watch. FWIW, the starters should be Byrd, Laffey, and Sowers.

Mets demolish Randolph's bathroom


The Mets fired Willie Randolph late last night. Rick Peterson, the pitching coach, was also axed. I thought he was supposed to be good? It seems odd to take the entire team to the opposite coast, win the first game in the series, and then fire three coaches after the game.

Livan wants to go Bradley on STO crew


Livan Hernandez apparently doesn't appreciate what Rick Manning and Matt Underwood had to say about him. No word yet on if it's a complaint about Underwood's home run calls.

Mets acquire Grit, Pies


Nothing saves a clubhouse like a cheek stuffed with chaw.

Rosenthal: LA should deal Kemp


Is Colletti dumb enough? I've heard Joe Torre and Jeff Kent have no love for Kemp and have said so. I'd welcome him to Cleveland with open arms.

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