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User Blog

Playoffs Day 1 Open Thread

Finally the Playoffs started! Now it's time for the real season! I really don't know what to expect about this first day. The Eastern Conference sucks, but there might be some interesting games...

OGT: Spurs vs Rockets

The Rockets swept the series against the Spurs for the first time in 100 years or something like that.

Opponent Game Thread: Grizzlies vs Spurs

So, the winning streak is finally over and the Spurs didn't want to start a losing one. People over GrizzlyBearBlues knew what was waiting for them.

Opponent Game Thread: Warriors vs Spurs

This was a game considered a loss by the Warriors' fans before it even started, and you can see it in their Game Thread.

Opponent Game Thread: Nuggets vs Spurs

Two games, same opponent, one post.

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Sixers

Two streaks met last night at the AT&T Center and both of them are still alive because the Spurs won their 14th game in a row and the 76ers lost their 25th, getting one step closer to the dreaded Cavs record. The Liberty Ballers crew had something to

Diaw's passing key to Spurs success.

We can read in this article some (very desserved) recognition for Boris Diaw.

Opponent Comments: Spurs vs Kings

Do you know what happens when the Spurs shoot 39% from the field and 20% from the 3-point line? Yeah, they win by 20, of course. Here's what Kings fans from our sister site, Sactown Royalty, had to say about the game last night as they watched.

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Lakers

Lakers came to San Antonio only to be officialy eliminated from the Playoffs.

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Blazers

Today we will take a look at Blazers Edge's Game Thread and see what Portland's fans had to say about this game.

Opponent Game Thread: Mavs, Cavs and El Heat

Comments from opponents' fans from the past three games.


Opponent Game Thread: Portland Blazers

Hello Pounders! It's been a while since the last time I made one of this posts, but after reading a couple of comments that other pounders brought from BlazersEdge, why not? So here you have...

Latest Manu Ginobili's Column in La Nación (Argentinian Newspaper)

In this article, Manu writes about his injury, things he's doing in order to recover ASAP and about 2014 FIBA World Cup. The article is in Spanish. Hopefully, there will be a translation soon at PtR.

Spurs Coyote Amazing Shot!!!

In case you missed it, you should really take a look at it.


Opponent Game Thread: Utah Jazz

So, as we are still missing TrooperJoe, I will carry the fire again. Hopefully, he'll be back soon, but until that moment, here you go: I kind of want to try out the spanish broadcast...


Opponent Game Thread: T-Pups

Hello Pounders! TrooperJoe hasn't made a fanpost in a couple of days and I think that the Timberwolves gamethread had some funny stuff that we couldn't miss. So here you have, hope you enjoy it: ...


1st Argentinian Pounders Meeting - BETRAYED BY JES

Hello Pounders! As some of you might remember, on December 21st (when the Spurs lost against OKC... yeah, that game) some Pounders here in Argentina decided to get together in order to meet each...

Manu's column in La Nación (Argentinian Newspaper)

This is his last column, written before the game @Orlando, where he gives his impression about the first month of the NBA season, Thanksgiving, the rest of the argentinians playing in the NBA, and his third chilfd who will arrive next year.


Pounding the Rock - 1st Meeting in Buenos Aires

Fellow Pounders from Argentina! Lend me your ears (or your eyes, whatever)!!! I know this site is visited by people all over the world. However, as I'm writing this fanpost in order to make a...

What's old is new again

An entertaining article written by Andrew McNeill for ESPN.com Some love for the Spurs.

Manu Ginobili video - From the MSG getting a train to Philly.

Manu uploaded a short video on Youtube, where he shows how the team walked all over inside the Madison Square Garden and ended up in a train station, where they took the train in order to go to Philadelphia.

Manu as Buzz Lightyear and Kawhi as Popeye - enough said!!!

Take a look at the costumes that some Spurs players picked for their Halloween party!!!

Living, learning, loving basketball in the mountains of Canada

Hi Pounders, I found this nice article in NBA.com that I thought many of you would like to read. It's a nice story that many of us could have written, about falling in love with basketball and the many things we can learn about it. Hope you enjoy the reading. See ya!


Which NBA players do you see as future NBA head-coaches?

During these last years, as the day Ginobili will say goodbye gets closer and closer, there's been an increasing talk about many people who think he would be a good basketball coach. The most...


Decisions we have to live with...

We live in a world made of choices and decisions. We pick our path and most of the time we look back, wondering if that was the right choice. And that's the way we live, and we have to live with...


Tim Duncan and the Outlet Pass - So simple and so useful

There are so many things that made Tim Duncan get his nickname The Big Fundamental. - His rebounding. - His jumper from the elbow. - His ability to pass the ball from the high post: H...

The Best Finals Ad You'll see.


Just amazine!!! Please watch it.

The Second unit holds on against Miami.

A small article about how good our bench played in Game 1.

Manu says he's not planning on retiring

It's not like we didn't know, but it's always to hear it from him. Hope to keep watching him doing all kind or amazine stuff on the field!!!!

Is Skip Bayless triying to jinx us?

A nice column about the Spurs, made by Skip Bayless. It's nice to read some love for the Spurs in ESPN. But I can't avoid thinking that he's trying to jinx our team.

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