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A huge fan of mathematics and basketball, specifically the NBA and the New Orleans Hornets aspiring to be part of something bigger in the future

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User Blog

On the Tank, the Draft and Probability


The Pelicans are in a precarious situation that sounds eerily similar to another team's problem not long ago.

The Pelicans' Problem


We've got a big problem in our hands that needs answering.

2013 1st Quarter Quell edition: Flamethrower Baby!


Ryan Anderson is a flamethrower. 'Nuff said.

2013 1st Quarter Quell: Jrue Edition


Jrue is Catching Fire (get it?)

Pelicans Power Rankings: Week 5, Broken Wings


A sad week to be a Pelicans fan.

Pelican Power Rankings: Week 4


1. SBNation by Jason Patt - 12 (Last Week: 15) Want to take a guess at who's leading the league in PER? Nope, not LeBron James. It's actually Anthony Davis, who has an awesome 29.94 PER. The...

Pelicans Power Rankings: Week 3


How national power rankings view the Pelicans.

Pelicans Power Rankings


A summary of all the Power Rankings posted by websites

A Quick Look into the 2013-14 Pelican Schedule


With the season just a few short weeks away, it's appropriate to examine the schedule of the Pels and see what's in store for our favorite birds.

Staturday: On Shooters and Slashers


Today we take a look at how shooters actually help slashers

Staturday: Projecting Point Guard Development


A look into Dell Demps's seemingly obvious plan

On the eve of Pelicans Free Agency, where to next?


It's already been a crazy, whirlwind offseason, and free agency hasn't even started yet. Brace yourselves.

Pelicans' Draft Lottery Probabilities


A look at more draft intricacies

Pelicans OffSeason Preview


Third part of our Pels Offseason Preview.

Goodbye Hornets, Hello Pelicans


We welcome the new team name by looking at the past

Season in Review: Anthony Davis


The Hornets' prized rookie ends his season with a thud -- literally.

Some Post-Clipper Loss Thoughts


It’s been a very unfortunate week. The second longest winning streak in the Hornets woefully bad season has come to an end. It’s been that bad for us – a three game winning streak is the second...

Nothing new -- Hornets lose again.


It's been a long season and most of the things that were wrong this game have already been discussed and re-discussed.

Hornets lose to the Wolves.


No pride. No glory.

Week in Review: Fastbreaks and Pace


A look into some of the trends of the season so far.

Hornets Lose to the Rockets


After playing well for much of the past 2 weeks, Hornets revert back to their old ways.

Optimism is so much better than Pessimism


Yesterday's loss was one of the better ones despite Monty's perplexing rotation

Hornets Winning Streak reaches 4


New Orleans rallies back from a poor 1st quarter to finish the game strong, winning the next 3 quarters and the game.

Week in Review: The Return


The Hornets on a season high 3 game winning streak; here's how it happened.

Hornets lose a close one in OT


A day before EJ returns, the Hornets took the Raptors to OT. They lost. We miss you EJ

Hornets reach double digit losing streak with loss


The Hornets lost to the Spurs to push their losing streak into the double digits.

Nico's Midweek Review: Jekyll and Hyde


We look at well known Jekyll and Hyde situations among the Hornets players

Brian Roberts, Xavier Henry, and More


Well, that was a heartbreaker of a weekend.

MIL vs NOH: Where the Commish was needed badly


In the past few games, the Hornets lost because of 3-PT shooting and the lack of a go-to scorer. This was no exception.

The Future destroys the Present


Watching this game was like entering a time machine - you get to see what was, what is and -- if everything goes right -- what will.

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