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What is Gonzalo Pineda's Midfield Role?


The Seattle Sounders have found a strong asset in Gonzalo Pineda, but may not have found a way to make the starting midfield lineup work consistently around him.

The Great Midfield Dissapearance of 2014


Have you seen my holding midfielder? If not, do you happen to have a spare?

When is a Pass Not a Pass?


Common pitfalls to avoid when discussing soccer statistics.

MLS Player Compensation - For visual learners

Charting 2014 player salaries in MLS, we see the growth of the league.

MLS Draft 2014: Measuring Draft History


Some teams are better at scouting than others.

Sympathy for the Diamond


The 2013 Sounders' first attempt at a 4-4-2 diamond was encouraging - but do they have the right personnel to make it work next year?

The Care and Feeding of Kenny Cooper


Kenny Cooper must be given the right position to help the Sounders in 2014.

Game State, Regarding Portland v. Seattle


Caleb Porter blamed Seattle's statistical strength in the first leg -apart from the scoreline - on strategy. Is he right?

Strange Case of Dr Evans and Mr Burch


The Sounders may not be able to sustain the diamond 4-4-2 without the right personnel.

There is no Peak


End-season form in Major League Soccer does not reliably predict playoff performance.

Stuck in the Middle


Many of the Sounders' difficulties may be attributed to midfield inconsistency. Choosing a scheme for the playoffs that fits the personnel, regardless of form and injury, may be key to a strong...

Lies, Damn Lies, and Defensive Meltdowns


The Vancouver and Colorado games were unprecedented, team-wide failures for the Sounders defense. Still, characterizing defense in the numbers outside of such extreme circumstances is often difficult.

The Middling of Marc Burch


Marc Burch has grown into a rotational role in left midfield with the Sounders, but is he a strong selection for the starting XI in a crown that includes Brad Evans and Lamar Neagle?


Bruce Arena: " “I thought it was inconsistent, and in a tight game like that, obviously those kinds of plays and calls are what decides the outcome.”

Role is Everything - What's Your Ideal XV?


Getting the most effective play from the Sounders' players depends upon using them in the best possible circumstances.

Who Will Replace the Sounders' Missing Starters?


Seattle will miss Evans, Gonzalez, Dempsey, Joseph, and Johnson. How will Sigi sort or the midfield and defense on Wednesday?

What is (or isn't) wrong with Mauro Rosales?


As far as performance may be measured by goals and assists, Mauro Rosales experienced a significant drought in June/July as well as a dry period to begin the season. Playing time has been more...

Who should play centerback for the Sounders?


What separates Ianni from Hurtado? What rates him on the Toronto and Houston games? Fortunately, for the sake of brevity, it’s the same answer.


Flash from past: Comparing Evans and Friberg

Statistical analysis of the two most common CMs in the Seattle formation and their passing ability.


3 reasons the Brad Evans CM debate continues...

...(within the blogosphere, if not on the field). I’ve noted a couple of (imho) misplaced I-told-you-sos amidst post-win euphoria at SaH. They are most of all misplaced due to the fact that Brad...

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