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Wheeling and Dealing like only the Ninja can


Alex Smith, a backup QB for us, becomes Tank Carradine, Corey Lemonier, Chris Borland, Carlos Hyde, and oh yeah - Stevie Johnson! (Edited to direct link for MMQB vs. original link to Yahoo!)

Any statement by Lacob about the Sterling vote to come?


I haven't seen it in the news, just a few quotes in support, but not about the vote directly.

Average +/- per game for the season


Dre was a terrible signing. Curry is such a defensive liability. How can we win with these guys... Wait, they are two of the top four in average +/- on the season.

Dawson is back!


Very excited & grateful for the opportunity to return to my team & be a part of chasing the quest for six! Go niners! #itsgood

Glass falling from the ceiling


I was at the game and it was not the disco ball. It was a large round of glass that covers those high power lights in the ceiling. That could have been seriously dangerous if it hit and broke on a player, fan or anyone else. Those shards in the video are huge. It fell from about 100 feet up and I'll estimate that the round was 12" in diameter. Maybe only part of it fell off or only part landed on the court since it didn't seem like that much glass, but I could clearly see it missing from one of the lights above that area of the court (no reflections like the others). What is this the Kingdome?

Curry practicing for the 3 point shootout


Doing pretty well. If there is a record for most points a round and total point for a contest, it may very well get broken this year.

When going from Fanshot to Fanposts: Am I missing something or do I have to go back to the home...


When going from Fanshot to Fanposts: Am I missing something or do I have to go back to the home page, then to the other section?

Jazz reach buyout with Raja Bell


Looks like Fakers and Heat are high on the list, but he had a nice couple of games here. Interest anyone?


Are the Dollars more important than the Ws (Wins and Warriors)?

The move to San Francisco is interesting to me. I feel good and bad about it at the same time giving me an overall neutral feeling. I've been going to about 10 or so games per year for the last...

Cal has one of college football's best passing and catching duos


Duo: Zach Maynard to Keenan Allen Buzz: Allen is Maynard's younger half-brother, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that they had a strong connection last season. Allen is the more talented of the two; he had 98 receptions for 1,343 yards but only six TDs last season. Maynard threw for 2,990 yards and 17 TDs, but he has to cut down on his interceptions (12).

Beans playing respectable defense


Beans playing respectable defense


Statistic Question

What is "HG"?

Alex Smith mutant arms?


Alex Smith mutant arms?

16 in the fourth quarter and you don't think they are tanking?


Warriors score 16 points in the fourth to blow a 19 point lead.


Now that our core is set for next season, what should we do about the bench?

Taking notes from an updated Hoops Hype page, we have these guys signed through next season: Andris Biedrins (through 12/13, PO for 13/14) Andrew Bogut (through 13/14) Stephen Curry (through 13/14) ...

Barbosa to Pacers for a 2nd rounder


Did we not have one to deal? I'd also take Carter as a backup PG and send Jenkins down to the D-League.


Flipping Bogut into DH12

My theory is that this is a setup for an 11th hour trade for Dwight Howard: Warriors receive: Dwight Howard Magic receive: Bogut and D. Wright Why do the magic do this: It will be the 11th hour...

Jason Kidd passes Michael Jordan on All-Time Steals List


Humbly accepting this milestone: "Well because Mike is everybody's idol, he played both ends of the court. Just being able to pass him in something is an honor in itself..." "I've just been in the right place at the right time, understanding guys' tendencies, watching film early on in my career and just been lucky to be in the league long enough to get in the way of some passes"


Marcin Gortat Available?

I know we can all dream, but Marcin Gortat (who was backing up Dwight Howard) looks legit. Averaging 15 & 10 with a good contract (only about 6-7mil/year). I put together a trade machine taking...

Tanking? There's no tanking in Basketball!


Tanking? There's no tanking in Basketball!

Not happening so don't talk about the T-word. We can though discuss what we are going to do about a draft pick this year...

Looks like we are out of the Stefon Diggs sweepstakes


=Maryland, Ohio St., Florida or Auburn

Bears add two more recruits


Haven't see postings about this, but Cal added Maurice Bennett (3-star, DT) and Willie Fletcher (NR, CB)


2012 Draft: To Pick or Not to Pick, That is the Question

Not claiming that I'm the second coming of Shakespeare here, but I have a few thoughts on the pick that seems to have been in limbo forever all due to our most hated Warrior of all time: Marcus...

Can someone post a link/clip of Tyler's minutes from last night? Heard he looked good in the...


Can someone post a link/clip of Tyler's minutes from last night? Heard he looked good in the limited time.

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