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I love the Oakland Raiders that will never ever change. There has been good times and bad times but, what matters is that I never left my team and I never will. I am going to UC Merced and majoring in Human Biology. Though my chances seem dim I would love to have the honor to wear the silver and black on the field and be a part of the greatest organization this world has ever seen.

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Raiders Pre-Season Opener Blacked Out Locally

I really hope that we can find a way to sell out tickets in order for them to air our game on friday. I've seen that they will not be airing our game locally on CSN Sports Bay Area. h...


3 headed QB Attack ???

What yeah it's just an Idea and it is a crazy one. If we can use Grad in the 1st and 2nd Q then Frye in the 3rd Q and then Jamarcus if we needed a quick score in like 1:30 secs then put him in. It...


Richard Seymour

NOTES-   Defensive lineman Richard Seymour would not commit to coming back next season.  “Obviously I’m on a one-year contract,” Seymour said. “That’s just the situation at this...



Anyone who wishes to watch the Raiders game from last Sunday Online for free should go to NFL. com, scroll down and see the NFL Re-wind game which features the Bengals and the Raiders. There is no...


Jamarcus Out Gradkowski In

Here we got lesson to Jamarcus I don't know but let's go Raiders but, I can't find our game on Thursday Night vs the Cowboys anyone know where it's at? All I saw was the Broncos vs the Giants game...


Charlie Frye for President

  Ok I was watching our first Preseason game vs the Cowboys one of the few games we have won and I saw Jamarcus Russell he was Blah... Ok then Grad came in he was better than JR then Mr.President...


Ain't It good Being a Raider

  Boy I feel so blessed being a Raider fan I know without a doubt that we are the most dominate and loyal fans. I just make this fan post to acknowledge the meaning of being a true Raider Fan and...


OK,Guys Let's Take a step back

  I was at the Raiders vs Broncos Game personally pretty close to the front row but nevertheless I agree What the hell happened to the Raiders which we saw on MNF. I'll Tell you on Monday Night...


Review and Preview

 Well as all of you have seen the first Raider Game has happened after about 8 months of waiting and training. I for one was pleased with our performance not so much with the first team but, the...

A Picture Says a Thousand Words I see a New NFL Team after this Animal


A Picture Says a Thousand Words I see a New NFL Team after this Animal


Tom Cable you impress me once again

  I have just read that Tom Cable is allowing The officials to come to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Practice watch what dose this mean.


Huge Tryout for the Oakland Raiders

 It was reported some time long ago I think that a challenger drove to Oakland California and tried out for the Oakland Raiders I will not tell You who it is but, you will have to see the link. He...


What To Do? Which To Choose? You Pick

 Now it has come to these two Titans of people whom we call RB's or in other words Darren McFadden and Micheal Bush as you continue to read this you should be forming an opinion of who you want...

Yo Kizer I think this would be a nice pic for your weekly Raider.


Yo Kizer I think this would be a nice pic for your weekly Raider.


Tom Cable Salute

Once the offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons now the leader of our Oakland Raiders. Someone who was a simple coach who no one really knew now has the undisputed and immeasurable love and...


The Future of the Oakland Raiders rests on Jamarcus Russell's Shoulders

Well, Our organization started to rebuild itself are a league worst 2-14 season by Drafting QB from LSU Jamarcus Russell with the first Overall pick in the 2007 Draft. He was projected to be the...


Who will have a Better NFL Legacy DHB or Crabtree

Now, many many NFL, ESPN, and other football analysts have said this is the same stupid Al Davis run team But, like the sophisticated Raider fans we have here know that if is this was an Al Davis...


Sebastian Janikowski

Most people say that kickers are the least athletic and physically fit but,  Sebastian for the Raiders  is the all time leading scorer. The Raiders had 263 points last season with 87 of those...


What is Up With Al Davis?

Don't you guys remember in the middle of this season we all couldn't wait for him to die. Now he is letting Cable pick the coaches , learning from Free Agent mistakes, Signing players who have to...


Best game this year

I know that this year had it's ups and downs but i would like to talk about what the best game this year was. There was alot of unexpected players who really amazed us. This year has been a big...

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