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Careful What You Pay For


Henry Abbott discusses the way smart teams pay their players and warns against the danger of signing non-stars to big contracts. Bottom line: pay your stars and surround them with bargains.

Tanguy Ngombo has not been voted in as an All-Star starter


Blake Griffin has understandably been elected as a starter at forward for his stats and flashy dunking abilities. Unlike Tanguy, however, he cannot defy time itself by being 21 and 27 at the same time. It's results like these that make somebody question fan voting.

Kevin Love, master of the crazy face


According to The Basketball Jones' Trey Kirby, Kevin Love has supplanted Pau Gasol as the NBA King of the Crazy Face. The proof is in the pictures.

Kevin Love - Coats - 'The Dilemma'


With this awkward commercial, Kevin Love's 2012 Coat Drive has begun.

The Dirty Secret About Ricky Rubio


No, it's not a love child or a body he buried in a shallow grave. It's that the team defense is markedly better when he is on the court.

ESPN 5-on-5 Buy or Sell: Early Season Surprises


All five writers are buying the hot start of the Timberwolves and are optimistic about their future.

Just in case you needed another reason to hate on AWoj


His pick for 2011-2012 MVP is the Minny 2012 draft pick. Regardless of whether he's talking about it as a piece of the CP3 trade, it's yet more piling on from a noted Wolves-basher.

Ball Don't Lie's 2011-2012 Timberwolves Season Preview


The guys at BDL predict an entertaining if low-win season from Minny's ragtag team of lovable losers.

Surly considers its options as area suitors smooth out obstacles


The producer of Canis Hoopus' Official Beer is looking to expand. I don't know about you, but a huge Surly "destination brewery" expansion gets me pretty excited. P.S. - Has anyone tried any good new beers they'd like to recommend?

Ball Don't Lie's Should-Be Western Conference All-Stars


Kelly Dwyer says that not only should Love should not only be on the All-Star team, he has performed well enough this season to start on it.

Love's back on twitter!


Kevin's sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, always interesting twitter account is back to being active just in time to ring in the New Year.

Love is in the Air


Lee Jenkins' profile of Kevin Love in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

Hilarious Kevin Love Picture


I won't even begin to ask what he's doing here.

Ball Don't Lie's PF Rankings 10-1


Kelly Dwyer ranks the top 10 power forwards in the league, with some high praise for our own Kevin Love at #10. Michael Beasley was also featured in the preceding power forward rankings at #30.

TrueHoop's Free Agency Timeline


"Bookmark this post -- it won't follow every twist and turn, but it will provide an evolving one-stop synopsis, rich with links, to the important meetings, developments and signings of the summer of 2010. "


Draft Drinking Game

For those of you out there who are watching the 2010 NBA Draft from the safety of your own home , here's a game to keep things interesting for the duration of the draft. Choose one or any...

Drafting by Similarity


Kevin Pelton reveals his closest statistical comparisons for the top 60 players in the draft.

HoopsWorld Chat with DraftExpress' Jonathan Givony


Givony notes that Derrick Favors could fit nicely alongside the T-Wolves bigs. He also mentions that this is a great year to have multiple picks and that there are many potential steals in the 11-30+ range.

The teams who will compete in 2010 free agency


Truehoop discusses the teams and players who figure to be at the forefront in the upcoming free agency bonanza, and which teams will be able to offer the max. Minnesota is filed under the "Need some creative accounting" section.

BDL's Kelly Dwyer on Milicic-Cardinal Swap


Dwyer laments the paths that these two very different careers have taken, and how their careers are bound by their lack of opportunity.

Bill Simmons' 2010 Trade Value Column


Bill unveils his yearly list of the top 40 players in trade value.

Tricks of the trade: How to defend the likes of Dwight Howard in post


Maybe Love and Jefferson could learn a thing or two about post defense from another "Neither tall nor especially quick or springy" player like Malik Rose.

Why the Lynx Are the Ideal Intro to the WNBA


There's at least one basketball championship contender in Minnesota. (ED NOTE: It should also be noted that Feb 1st is the first day WNBA teams can sign free agents. Go Lynx!)

Checking In On Ricky Rubio


The Painted Area's M. Haubs offers a scouting report on Ricky Rubio.

A Shooter is Born: Corey Brewer


A quick look at Corey's improved shooting over at ESPN's Truehoop blog.

Kahn won't trade Al Jefferson, unless....


..."someone calls up with a deal that’s so preposterously one-sided, we'd have to do it." - David Kahn

Sporting News' Sean Deveney Interviews Jonny Flynn


Jonny discusses the team's struggles as well as Rambis, Love, and Rubio.

David Thorpe Chat


David answers quite a few Wolves-related questions in this draft. Nothing especially informative, but entertaining nonetheless.

Caught in the Triangle


Author Anthony Macri dissects Minnesota's use of the triangle for Basketball Prospectus.

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