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steroids and how the public feels


saw this on nbcnews and it's a great read concerning steroids and the publics feelings and attitudes towards their use...

Why Pitchers and Tommy John know each other so well


thought this was a good article detailing why so many pitchers are having TJ surgery so early in their careers. the article gives some reasons as to why and how they're injuring themselves...thought it was a good read and wanted to share...

More drama with time warner


Not entirely cubs related, but with Al's article talking about negotiations between the cubs and WGN over their new TV deal, and the mention of the problems that Time Warner is having, I felt this might be a good example of how contentious and bitter these negotiations can be, and what's at stake if they fail

Nice Story about Samardzija


Nice story on ESPN about Samardzija and how he chose baseball over football

Interesting Article about save and changing how relievers pitch


Thought this was a interesting article and point of view on the current save statistic and how to change the way relievers are used in the game

Astros to the AL?


Just saw this on ESPN....very intersting, something to watch

Selig Sets Nov 1 Deadline for Negotiations


So Al and some of the others were right....Selig is going to get involved in this.....

Len Kasper talking about Castro


pulled this off of msnbc just a little while ago.....talking about castro and his game and what it means for the cubs

Pujols Negotiations


Saw this story on the on going Pujols negotiations, and since the cubs are mentioned in there as drivers of the market I figured I'd pass it along......I'll go on record as saying that's just too much money for one player, period. the amounts some of these guys are making now is astromonical and as great as pujols is, and would be for either the cards or cubs, I don't think he's worth that much, and if that's the minimum deal to get to talk to him then I say let him move on somewhere else...

New Minor League Baseball league in NM


Since it's a slow news day, I saw this in MSNBC and thought I'd pass it a NM resident, I think it's great, but I have no idea it if's affiliated with MLB or just a semi pro league coming to the area

Cubs looking at Pena again


Seems the cubs are seriously going after Pena....although why they would even consider colvin at 1st on any sort of basis boggles my mind

3rd candidate for manager job


Just saw this on ESPN, nothing noteworthy till the end where it talks about Eric Wedge as a possible 3rd candidate and he's already had a 2nd and 3rd interview....could it be possible the Cubs go none of the above with respect to Quade and Sandberg and take Wedge? I haven't heard anyone discuss him on here, is he any good?

Another twist to the new labor agreement


I saw this on ESPN yesterday, and thought it was a very interesting article. I for one hadn't realized the strife that's occuring between the clubs, and it makes you wonder just what some of these clubs are doing and why they have such low payrolls and yes where is that money going. I personally found it interesting as to how much the cubs are paying....didn't say specifically, but if that figure is to believed, it's around $75 million and that's a lot of money. Money that could be better spent on rennovations, upgrades, etc....I can understand how the big market teams would feel about this. Should be interesting to see how this works out as the sides start the long laborious process of negotiating a new deal.


Does A-Rod break the Home Run Record?

So I saw this link a little while ago, and it's a article talking about A-Rod breaking the home run record.  Since he's in the news so much now, and with the talk of steroids front and center yet...

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