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User Blog

Good idea for the new arena.


Would love to see Vivek and co. do something like this in the new arena.

Sign Lady elected to espn fan hall of fame


Good job STR. A wonder woman has been recognized.


My (mostly incomplete) thoughts on DeMarcus Cousins and his Olympic chances

I checked in on the USAB Blue vs White game late last night. In all fairness, I only saw most of the second half, although I have the game DVR'd for further viewing. This is what I saw. 1. K...


Just got back from Texas

Spent a week and a half in the Houston/Galveston area for a family reunion. 90 or so of my relatives gathered together in a 90 - 95 degree (seemingly) 300 percent humidity group of beach houses. ...


Options for the GM Position

Working on the assumption that the new ownership group will bring in a new Front Office to our beloved Samcramento Kings, I compiled this list (however deficient it may be) of people that I...

Another article with a 90% Seattle slant


Would be nice to have equal time spent on the Sacramento side of things. I know the fans just want a team back, I understand that. But, as has been said many times, ripping a faithful, strong, beaten down fan-base's heart out to repair a problem you created in the first place by allowing their team to move, is not the way to handle this.

Investors looking for more city contribution?


Mr. Large seems pretty decent about his reporting. But, I wonder why this is just coming out now, if it is indeed true.


My unpopular opinion


Anybody catch the Wayman Tisdale Documentary on NBATV?

I DVR'd it a while back and finally watched it. A moving story, and an entertaining one. The funny thing is, I don't recall him as a seriously athletic player. In my memories, since misted by...


Assuming the Maloofs are not interested in selling...

How can the Esteemed Mr. Burkle factor into the equation of procuring financing for an arena?  Is he able to buy into the team as a minority owner, with obvious designs on owning the team at a...


A question of financing.

I freely admit to being somewhat less than a genius when it comes to matters of numbers.  I get by, mind you, but am in no way a whiz.  I am also not an economist, accountant, or tax professional.  ...


I have some questions

A long time NBA fan, fairly long time Kings fan.  THis season there were some things that led me to not watch as much. (The Kings were lousy, little league, and 2 other kids taking up a lot of...


My thoughts. And my first post.

Well I obviously, like everyone else, want the first pick.  If only to wash the still lingering taste of  "With the first pick in the NBA Draft, The Sacramento Kings select Pervis Ellison from the...

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