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The Joe Dillon All-Stars

We all know that Joe Maddon loves to throw new players right into the fire, and this strategy seems to work out more often than not. Or does it? It's the goal of this Funpost to separate anecdote...

Chris Archer Recalled?

This can't be real, right?

Joe Maddon Worst Person Ever

I know no one will see this, let alone read it, but it is hysterical.

Hillsborough Official is Rays' new 'boyfriend'

This is the actual headline from the print edition of the Times, and now I will have the Killers "Somebody Told Me" running through my head all day. So, good news? Bad news? What took so long? A year ago, I would have cheered this. But given the relative calm and maybe even some (wishful thinking) positive movement) on the stadium issue lately, this seems like very bad timing. Can't we just play baseball?

Rays Give Andino Standing-O

Anybody see this? I love that it showed up on NESN.

Stark on the Rays Rotation

In summary: They are really, really good.

Is bad umpiring good for business?

No reference to baseball directly, but it still applies.


Why the Rays shouldn't sign Manny Delcarmen

Okay, this isn't really going to be about Manny Delcarmen per se.  So why did I title it that way?  Because I just read the Delcarmen post by rays_rev (and all the comments!  My eyes!  OMG, my...


This Week in STFU: Phil Rogers STFU!

Okay, technically that's not what he said.  But it's a pretty accurate paraphrase.  In today's tbt, the normally forgettable Tom Jones does what we've been begging local writers to do: he...

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