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Great podcast shoutout to Portland Thorns

Slate's Hang Up and Listen is by far my favorite sports podcast. It comes in weekly every Monday, and I just got to listen to the latest episode, which features a great editorial on the Portland...


Poll: Should the Blazers rebuild?

Oden is done.  Roy is hobbled.  LMA probably won't be an All-Star any time soon.  Oh, and by the way.  The sky is falling.

Brief Blazers talk on Hang Up and Listen


Some quick talk about Roy's mental health and how Lamarcus thinks Roy wants to lose. That's actually not what they're saying, but those things are indeed mentioned. It's a great sports podcast though. Not that BFT talk radio junk. Blazers talk is around the 25 minute mark, but I didn't note it exactly. Listen to the whole thing.


Poll: Jason Quick vs. Ben Golliver - who you got?

Who is correct in the Jason Quick vs. Ben Golliver rift?  Is Ben not being fair to those he's criticising or is Quick just offended by past bedge coverage? This isn't trying to step on the toes of...


1 June Trade Drawer: Trade Deadline Nostalgia

A question to all you BE out there:  Now that we're back to having conversations about trades, what do you think about the lack of trades made at the deadline last February?  I'm specifically...


Nic is great, but start Rudy

With two solid perimiter defenders in Crazy Pills and Battier, keeping Nic on the floor allows them to focus on Roy and ignore Nic, who is a non-factor on offense.  Rudy keeps them running around...

Jeremy Tyler, a 6-foot-11 high school junior whom some consider the best American big man since...


Jeremy Tyler, a 6-foot-11 high school junior whom some consider the best American big man since Greg Oden, says he will be taking a new path to the N.B.A. He has left San Diego High School and said this week that he would skip his senior year to play professionally in Europe.


What to do with the Yellow Mamba

After my poll about how awesome Brandon Roy's nickname is to BE readers, I think it's definitively NOT AWESOME.  Or is it....? Quick's latest Behind the Locker Room write up after the Denver game...


Which Conference is Better? Let's look...

  The debate between the Eastern and Western Conferences and their dominance couldn't really even be called a debate over the past few seasons.  Dating back to the fateful WCF between the Blazers...


Will there be a post-Ruffin Trade? (Poll)

Simple poll question here to see what blazermania is thinking. Do you think the Blazers will make another trade this season (tomorrow morning)? Obviously, no one knows what is really going on,...


Your Butler, My Blazers

Hello Wizards fans and Bullets diehards,   over at blazersedge, I proposed to the crowd that the blazers out to pursue Caron Butler. I gotta be honest with you guys though, and I don't know much...


Trade Drawer - Feb 11: Tough Juice Edition

  It's a Trade Drawer with a theme, and that theme is Caron Butler. Folks might go back and forth on whether he's a small forward or not, but let's just play him there.  And, with the Wizards so...


The problem with NOT making a deal

I don't want to make another post that speculates about who the quick chat targets are, or who they aren't, but rather I wanted to check out the rational behind making a deal before the break, and...


Deng and Hinrich? Yes.

I was trolling over at blogabull and i noticed a trade mentioned in the fanposts and I thought I'd share it with BE readers for one reason alone:  I fully support it. From the post, the author...


The Blazers and The Wire

I got this idea from a comment in some post, when someone wrote something about Omar Little, and his famous "indeed" that he drops (there's no way to type that word to do it justice to omar). So...


At what point do you trade a player?

This post could be subtitled: Or how I learned to second guess and love hindsight. I'm going to use Sergio Rodriguez as a case study here, but I would also toss out that players like TO, Martell,...


International Blazer's Edge Readers Unite!

For those of you who try to keep up on the blazer's from overseas, I'm curious to hear  where you are, and how you are a blazers fan. I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer from Coos Bay, Oregon in...


OT: My Basketball team in Azerbaijan

Hey everyone on BE, I need your help. I'm a Peace Corps volunteer in Azerbaijan, which is indeed, a country.  It's a secular muslim, post-soviet, pro-turkey, oil-producing nation situated between...

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