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Gary Andersen gets picked up by Wisconsin

They must have seen Scip's breakdown of him.

Mack Brown, still a class act

Courtesy of Sasquatch_Squad on His friend has a nasty form of Lymphoma, he received a team photo with autographs from every player, collectible cards for all this year's seniors, as well as a nice hand-signed note and picture from Mack Brown.


The Anatomy of Underperformance

via Back in July I wrote an article about why Texas had the makings of a National Title contender. As ridiculous as that possibility was in July, it seems even more...

Creating this may have therapeutic.


Creating this may have therapeutic.

This week, in GIF.

Creating this may have been therapeutic.


Relevant statistics for Texas v. WVU.

First, a stats bomb! Statistic Texas West Virginia Total Offense #23 #3 Yards Per Play Gained #14 #4 Total Defense #64 #108 Yards Per Play Allowed #100 #80 Turnover Margin #10 #10 I...


Sooooo.... can we talk about the new formatting?

What is this train wreck that we're using? I am confused and enraged.

Flashback to Texas-Wyoming 2009

Down 6 to 10 with 1 minute before the end of the half, Colt McCoy ran the hurry up offense to a touchdown, letting the Longhorns go into halftime ahead, but only by 3 at 13 to 10. Texas rattled off 4 more TD's in the second half, to win 41-10, but Colt McCoy was in the game and throwing until the 4th quarter. That was Texas' second game of the season, and there was a lot of talk about Texas starting too slow... Evidenced by only generating 13 first half points in game two against the Cowboys.


Goodwin and Monroe

As a follow up to my earlier pump-up post on Brown and Bergeron, I thought I'd go ahead and put some more material up. Next two spotlights are on Goodwin and Monroe. The two Texas speedsters have...


Why Texas plays for the National Title this year. Maybe.

I've been having fun doing research over on the CFB reddit channel, and thought I would share it here since the results have been interesting and allow us to do some sunshine pumping. So the...

Reynolds, Franks, and Hayes lose their scholarships. Will not practice with the Sooners

With that penalty, I have to wonder whether they were caught taking inappropriate benefits.


Brown and Bergeron

I'm getting a crazy kind of optimism about our offense this year. Another year of experience on the O-Line and the addition of Hawkins into the rotation is making me more confident in our O-Line...

The Longhorns face 9 teams in conference next season.... 6 of which took home 10 wins last year

The article is on a playoff, but they make the point that Texas faces 6 10-win teams in conference next year. Oklahoma State (12-1) TCU (11-2) Kansas State (10-3) Baylor (10-3) West Virginia (10-3) Oklahoma (10-3) It hadn't really sunk in for me yet, but it looks like we've got one hell of a slate of football ahead of us... If we want 10 wins, we're going to need to be a very, very, good football team.

Connor Brewer tossing the ball around.

Connor Brewer tossing the ball around.

Texas has the largest differential between human and computer polling

Humans put the Longhorns at 29 and the computers put us at 19. Notable two-loss teams ahead of us in the human polls: (#25) Arizona State - Losses to Illinois(#21) and Oregon(#8) (#23) Auburn - Losses to Clemson(#8) and Arkansas(#10) (#18) Texas A&M - Losses to Oklahoma State (#6) and Arkansas(#10) And our stats, for comparison: (#29) Texas - Losses to Oklahoma State (#6) and Oklahoma(#1) All the rankings above are coaches poll #'s.


Pointless Realignment Thread

  Ok, put on your thinking caps. I want some realignment brainstorming. The Big 12 is in a position to add some teams. The favored configuration that we're hearing about is a 10 team conference....


Texas Independence, a modest proposal.

The silence from the UT administration regarding conference realignment is deafening. Every conference imaginable has been posited by fans and opponents as a potential landing ground for our...


Case McCoy to Jaxon Shipley

Ok, got my hands on some posted video from the game and thought I would bring up some highlights for discussion. First, let's talk about the Case McCoy to Jaxon Shipley connection.   Down by 6,...


Offensive MVP's

Just finished re-watching last night's game, and thought that I would post some things that I saw that looked really positive. The defense struggled on the edges and in coverage in the first half,...

Big 12 and Big East go undefeated in Week 1

Fun fact, the Big 12 and the Big East won all their games this week. USF and Baylor reeling in the big ones with wins over ranked Notre Dame and TCU respectively. SEC and Big 10 notched two losses each, and the Pac-12 and ACC four apiece.


The Coup.... OU, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech to the PAC-16

Loftin said that Texas A&M was making a 'hundred year decision' when A&M started exploring the options of other conferences. The overriding sentiment here in the Longhorn Nation is that the Aggies...

Fall Means Football Longhorn Preview

We have the technology. We can rebuild it. We can make it stronger.

No "highlights" on LHN, NCAA rep states.

Looks like ESPN won't get to air recruit highlights unless the NCAA changes its policy 6 months from now.

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