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USC is in bad shape at QB for Washington game


USC has about 4 quarterbacks and none of them are 100%. They're saying that Barkley, the golden child, probabaly won't start against Washington as he's been unable to practice so far this week. So basically they're down to second / third string guys who both are recovering from injury as well.



Nice article that rips into Tressel's game plan against USC, and tries to make the case that Pryor isn't terrible, just put into a position to fail. If that's the case I certainly feel for the guy.


The games that shouldn't matter, but do because of the BCS, Roundup

We'll all be frothing at the mouth from a mixture of football frenzy, revenge, and jagermeister come 7:00 PM this Saturday when the Texas Tech Red Raiders and their moustached captain come to town....

BC Commentary on SEC TV Deal and Big 12 Consequences


I know everyone here probably reads BC anyway, but I thought I'd link this as it's a good read. I know money doesn't make good teams, but it sure doesn't hurt.


Elite Texas Secondary? Can we hope?

What stood out to me during the NC game last season is Florida's secondary doing a heck of a job disrupting OU's pass game. To give Florida credit, I hadn't seen any defence like that at all during...


Hmmmm... the final BCS argument

I'm ready to move past it all, and if you're with me, you'll realize every thing is better when presented by chimps:   h...


Mike Leach offer on the table

Mike Leach was given an offer by Tech:   12.1 million over 5 years. That's a whooole lotta money.   I tried to look up how much Mack...


Fiesta Bowl

Looking at the bowl projections here: People are saying Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State. Ohio State has had a bad year with losses...


The Doomsday Scenario ( BCS Madness )

I don't think this is really even possible because the computers wouldn't allow it ( I hope ), but I came across a video of two talking heads on ESPN who laid out what I thought to be the worst...


Texas Rushing

Stats for the Tech Game:   CAR YDS AVG TD LG F. Whittaker 6 42 7.0 0 21 C. McCoy 13 16 1.2 0 27 C. Ogbonnaya 6 14 2.3 0 9 V. McGee 3 8 2.7 1 4 ...


Go Tech! [ From a Longhorn ]

The Poll rankings that just came out show you how no one respects Texas Tech / Leach. We lost to them, they're in 3rd, and we drop below OU, Florida, and USC.... That is obviously wrong. Tech...

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