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"I want to maintain my flexibility."
-Andy Reid

" If you do that its really unfair, that's my teammate (sniff), that's my quarterback, if you guys do that its not fair, we lost as a team (sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff)." - Terrell Owens

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I'm Sorry....

I've decided to retire number5. With the recent bashing of the Eagles and his move to Minnesota, I think its time. Been a great three years with this account and looking back I really grew as a...


Bye, _____ :(

Aggressive: 1. militantly forward or menacing. 2. making an all out effort to win or succeed; competitive. 3. vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness. 4. boldly...



Sorry in advance. I finished a fantasy football draft with my friends today and I need some help on the name. I want a name that has one of my players in it. Here are my starters.  QB: Matt Schaub Q...

Thanks, but no thanks Dallas

UPDATE: (6:13 p.m. ET): Asomugha’s agent told the Dallas Morning News that the Cowboys are now out of the running for Asomugha as well. Yay Cowboys are out as well!

The Cardinals announced Friday that they have signed Bradley to a five-year deal. Coming back in...


The Cardinals announced Friday that they have signed Bradley to a five-year deal. Coming back in 2010 after missing the entire 2009 season due to a knee injury, Bradley finished second on the team with 88 tackles to go along with one sack, and one interception while starting all 12 games in which he appeared.


The day has finally arrived! The 32 player representatives voted unanimously Monday afternoon to approve the deal agreed to by both sides hours earlier. The vote now goes as a recommendation to...


#5's Off-Season Rant: A Blast From the Past, Gloxico Burress, Vietnam vs DRC, and More!

After an abrupt ending to TD's N Beer's BGN Tournament season, I've decided to get back to making some fanposts. I had a multitude of ideas, however I couldn't find a perfect way to start and/or...

Looks like Peyton saves Eli once again!


Looks like Peyton saves Eli once again!


Terrelle Pryor in the NFC East?

It's been over a week now that news of Terrelle Pryor's and fellow buckeye players received improper benefits, costing Ohio State, teammates, Jim Tressel, and himself. He's a young, physical,...


Aubrayo Franklin

Hey guys, Eagles fan here. I'm doing this NFL Players draft on Bleeding Green Nation and I need your help about available defensive tackles. How'd Aubrayo Franklin do this year? Was he dominate?...


Philadelphia's Defense, Taking Shape

I wanted to give my thoughts of the incoming draft, however they would probably be drowned out by the continuous chatter from others on the Eagles draft. However I'd like to take the Eagles draft...


GM Number5's Eagles Off-Season 2011

I felt that I would take a crack at a off-season mock after ChaoticEagle, d-jackfan10, and others did theirs. The Eagles always make a great move during the off-season to improve the team overall...


Eagles All-Star Team: Defensive Ends (UPDATE 2.0)

via And the defensive ends are now on the All-Star Roster, Trent Cole and Hugh Douglas are backing up Clyde Simmons and Reggie White. Thanks for voting. via i...


Number5's Draft Gems, Part 1: The Most Interesting Prospect in 2011

Greetings from Hawaii. Well with all the troubles with the CBA, this makes the 2011 draft not only the most important part of the off-season, but arguably one of the most drafts ever. Why? Because...


Last Season's Biggest Off-Season Move

As we look to improve our team this year through a definite draft and a possible free-agency, let's also reflect on what happened during last years off-season. One move made last off-season made a h...


What Would You Do....

If the clock strikes midnight on March 4 and unfortunately there is no CBA deal. There is no football. Probably one of the worst things that could happen to the year 2011. Whether or not who's...


A Number5's Mock Draft: 2011

Probably the only certain part of the 2011 off-season is the draft. Since 1936 players from universities around the United States anxiously wait 2 days 3 days to learn about their football future....


Top Ten Free Agents....

that suck. Yes, another off-season parody from yours truly. With all these free agent and wishlist posts over-flooding the fanpost section it's time to have a funny one. Here are...


The Biggest Over-hyped Eagles...Literally

We have one of the brightest group of Bloggers here at BGN. My favorite part about BGN is the members here are avid Eagle fans that give intellectual posts and discussions on one site (most of the...


BGN's AP Awards

While I might not be the most qualified person to be giving out awards on BGN, I'm doing so anyways. I feel we need a break from the Reidtards and Off-season "wishlists," a break from the Eagles...


The 3-4 in Midnight Green?

(Rock on Bro, Rock On) While I myself was part of giving McDermott one more shot, I wasn't as heartbroken as others. McDermott's lackluster numbers (whether its the players fault or not) were not...


The best and efficient way to improve this defense

via With another heart breaking playoff loss in the books, it's time to reflect on what is needed to reload and prep for another season in 2011 (hopefully). First up is the Eagle's...


Is Micky D (McDermott) the problem?

via The last of Jim Johnson's protégés. Sean McDermott replaced the late Jim Johnson in the off-season of 2009 (RIP). McDermott has been with the Eagles since 1998, as a Scouting...


I'm kinda tired of...

People talking about the playoff's already. We haven't gotten there yet. I'll have some explain this in the best way possible... Jim Mora playoffs (via rayz0818) And yes while we have had a...


Jersey Help!

I was going to get myself a Stewart Bradley jersey for Christmas since the prices would be low. But after last night's injury and that he's on his last year of his contract, I'm  not so sure. He is...


Eagles hitting vs Dunta Robinson

Today's sweet victory was cut short with news that our play-maker Desean Jackson suffered a severe concussion in the 31-17 win over the Falcons. Eagles coach Andy Reid didn't estimate how long...


Make or Break Kevin Kolb

Tonight for Kolb is make or break. With Vick on the sidelines with a rib related injury, the HAS TO prove that he can manage more than dink and dunk. Especially since this Niner's D allowed over...


Fantasy Football Help

Fantasy Football can be just as competitive as the real thing. It takes in-dept knowlege and strategy. That being said it's tough making close calls on who to start. And for one of the first times...


BGN Roster: Asante and....?

The LB corps have finished the polls, here our our backers. Erine Sims, Steward Bradley, Akeem Jordan, Keenan Clayton, Omar Gaither, Mosie Foku, and Jamar Chaney. via w...


BGN Roster: The Backers

Laws and Dixon were voted to back up Pat and Bunk, while Teo got a slight victory over Juqua Parker. The roster now stands at 16 spots remaining.  Last year the Eagles had a carousel at all the...

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