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2013 KC Royals ZIPS


Quick and dirty: adding up the WAR totals, I come up with with 38 WAR. Dan has said he figures replacement level as 45-46 wins, so 83 wins according to ZIPS.

Dutton on possible Myers trades


Let me sum up: It's possible we trade Myers for Lester and then non-tender Paulino.

Royals sign Guthrie to 3 year deal


#Royals sign RHP Jeremy Guthrie to new three-year deal. Details to come.

Rany's best column in a long time


Not really anything that hasn't been said on here but he puts it together quite nicely. The money quote: "If the Royals neglect their rotation the way the Chiefs neglected their quarterback situation, and if they start next season the way the Chiefs have started this season, it’s going to get ugly."


What does your draft board look like?

  The draft is on Monday and this is a loaded class.  The Royals have done pretty well in the draft the past few years (my only complaint would be that they should be actively trying to figure out...

Dave Cameron on the Hosmer call up

Hosmer is probably Major League ready. He’s probably going to be a very good player for a long time. The Royals probably made the right call in promoting him now. Basically thinks Hosmer won't be a superstar right away. But doesn't seem to dislike the move.

Cards' Wainwright may have to have TJ surgery


Huge hit for the Cardinals. Zack's path to the playoffs just got a little easier.

Baseball that counts: college baseball kicks off tonight


link is to UCLA boxscore where Gerritt Cole's line was: 9ip 4h 0r 1w 11k--man I wish we'd get a shot at him but there's not chance other top draft prospects: Jackie Bradley Jr. with a big game: 4-4 2 2B, HR, BB Sonny Gray had a rough opening game: 4.1ip 4h 3r 3er 2w 6k Anthony Rendon 0-3 Springer plays later tonight

BA article on UCLA's two aces


Cole will probably be gone by the time the Royals pick at #5. Bauer is one of the more polarizing players in the draft. The fact that he doesn't want to conform to a team's training regiment makes me think the Royals will pass on him. Schaum has said he thinks Bauer will be the best P from this draft.

Q & A with Baseball America's JJ Cooper, Part 2


The second part of our interview with Baseball America's JJ Cooper about Royals prospects.

Wil Myers officially to the OF?


I've seen a couple of folks who were at FanFest report that DM stated that Myers would be moved to a corner OF position. I think we can officially stop referring to him as a catcher.

Angels trade for Vernon Wells and his contract


DM is no longer the luckiest GM this week. He lucked into saving $12 million. The Blue Jays just lucked into saving $80 million.

Royals Top Prospects: The Overview


A breakdown of Royals minor league system--we slice and dice it every which way but loose.

April 2nd Rising Stars game at the K. Feature NW Arkansas v Omaha #royals !!!!--Bob Fescoe on...


April 2nd Rising Stars game at the K. Feature NW Arkansas v Omaha #royals !!!!--Bob Fescoe on Twitter

Royals Top 60 Prospects: #6-1


A look at the best prospects in the best farm system in baseball.

Royals Top 60 Prospects: #12-7


Down the stretch we come.  We get to players that just about every Royals fan has heard of.  The Top 8 or 9 Royals prospects are just about the same on every list--the order differs slightly--but I...

Royals Top 60 Prospects: #19-13


The best system in baseball reveals itself with a raft of top pitchers.

Royals projected record, according to CAIRO


After 10,000 projections, the Royals averaged a record of 66.9-95.1 with 678 RS and 815 RA. They won the division 2.8% of the time and the wildcard 1.1%---they made the playoffs almost 4% of the time!? That seems really high. The 2010 Royals were 67-95 with 676 RS and 845 RA. They are projected to go from being outscored by 167 runs to 137 runs.

Royals Top 60 Prospects #26-20


The Royals Top 30 just got a little deeper--kind of.  I realized I had neglected to put Kevin Chapman on the list.  #26 seemed just right for him, so everyone below him gets bumped down a slot. ...

Royals 2011 Top 60 Prospects; #32-26


The ranks of the Royals prospects swelled this past week.  I'm not sure what I can add about the Greinke trade--I went through the same cycle I've heard from many Royals fans:  Initially...

Greinke changes agents

Source: Trade target Zack Greinke has changed representation to CAA, specifically Jeff Berry & Casey Close. Agency also reps Garza, Blanton Have no idea what this means...

Royals Top 60 Prospects; #36-31


  In this installment, we finish off the bottom half of the Top 60.  Here we have several players who project to be role players in big leagues.  Not big time ceilings but if the Royals are to...

Royals 2011 Top 60 Prospects: #42-37


Reviewing the top prospects from one of the best systems in baseball.

Royals 2011 Top 60 Prospects: #48-43


A littler later than expected, here is the latest installment of our trip through the amusement park that is the Royals' Minor League System.  This installment closes out what I look at as...

Gammons on Twitter quoting agent:" Pirates, Royals offering big. This is a great market."


Here is the whole tweet: Agent:"3 years Buck, Benoit. Pirates, Royals offering big. This is a great market. Angels, Red Sox, Mets could be left behind" I have no idea who we could be offering big on, I'm a little scared.

D-Backs shopping Justin Upton


Wow, I'd love to be all over this. Has virtually no chance of happening but that doesn't stop me from dreaming. Perhaps a 3 way trade--sending off Greinke and getting Upton? Or perhaps Gordon/Montgomery/? for Upton. FYI J. Upton has 5yr/$50 million left on his contract.

Royals 2011 Top 60 Prospects: #54-49


Onward we continue.  As expected, this list will evolve a little over the winter.  This past week, I had to take out Ed Lucas and add in Lance Zawadzki.  And then with the DDJ trade, Justin Marks...

Dutton ranks the Royals Prospects


Dutton gives a top 10 list. Not that I necessarily agree with it. He also gives a little blurb about 40 some prospects. Several good nuggets in there.

Royals 2011 Top 60 Prospects: #60-55


Former QB Pat White begins the list.

What does having the #1 farm system mean? Conclusion


Examining the implications of possessing a top minor league farm system.

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