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What does having the #1 farm system mean? part 2


What have the most recent top farm systems produced at the Major League level?

What does having the #1 farm system mean? Part 1


The Royals now have one of the best farm systems in baseball. What has that meant for other franchises this decade?

Royals drafting 5th next year


Royals will draft 5th in 2011. 1. Pittsburgh 2. Seattle 3. Baltimore 4. Arizona 5. Kansas City A quickly look at my top 10 for next year: 1. Anthony Rendon 3B--Rice 2. Gerrit Cole RHP UCLA 3. Matt Purke LHP TCU 4. George Springer CF UCONN 5. Taylor Jungmann RHP Texas 6. Bubba Starling RHP/CF HS 7. Sonny Gray RHP Vandy 8. Daniel Norris LHP HS 9. Matt Barners RHP UCONN 10. Archie Bradley RHP HS Looks to be an incredible top 10 for next year--I would be happy with Springer/Jungmann/Starling.

BA's Arizona League Top 20


2. Yordano Ventura, rhp, Royals 3. Robinson Yambati, rhp, Royals 7. Chelsor Cuthbert, 3B, Royals The buzz on Ventura and Yambati is building quickly. A little surprised to see Cuthbert that low (wasn't Callis raving about him?). But this is a good sign and we should see plenty of Royals listed as BA goes through each of the leagues.

Royals Review Prospect Pulse: September


Royals Review breaks down the top Kansas City Royals prospects as the 2010

Royals Review Prospect Pulse: August


The Royals' farm system continues to be very good. A look at how the prospects did in the month of July.


Thinking about Manny Pina

When we picked up Manny Pina (along with LF Tim Smith) in the Dan Gutierrez trade last year, I wasn't very excited.  He had just posted a 703 OPS at AA.  This year he posted a 732 OPS at AA which...

Rockies score 9 in 9th vs. St. Louis


Ryan Franklin WPA: -.990 But Tony stuck with him to the bitter end because he is the closer.

Right before he was fired, Baird was going to take Tim Lincecum with the first overall pick in the 2006 draft


A Boston article talking about how helpful Baird is to Theo--and they drop this little nugget

"..raising the issue of whether they'd consider moving excellent closer Joakim Soria..


I would be pleasantly shocked if DM traded Soria--(assuming he got a good return--which is a big assumption, I know) Also quotes one GM who says the DDJ is better than Granderson and Damon

Royals Review Prospect Pulse: July


A look at how Royals Prospects performed in the month of June.

Christian Colon starting tonight for Wilmington


Batting 2nd and playing SS--hopefully there will be more to his debut than Duffy's last night.


Moose's Defense

As I am putting together the Prospect Pulse for July, I was looking at Mike Moustakas.  One of the major questions about Mike Moustakas is if he will have the glove to stick at 3B in the Majors. ...

Pitching tonight for the Arizona League Royals: Dan Duffy


I'll try to post some update as Dan Duffy makes his much anticipated 2010 debut.

Royals lose, that's about all I know.


This afternoon didn't go quite like I had planned--spent the afternoon at the ER with my daughter--who has a concussion after a bike fall--but should be fine.  So I wasn't able to follow the...


Game 75: Royals--Cardinals/USA--Ghana Gamethread

Hawksworth vs. Davies---should be intense.  I would love to write more witty things but, unfortunately, I have to go take care of a broken air conditioner. 

Elias' FA Rankings Update: DDJ almost an "A", Pods and Guillen="B"


As we suspected, DDJ is inching closer to Type A status. More interesting for now is that Pods and Guillen are Type B players. I understand the risk of offering Guillen arbitration--unless we make some kind of under the table deal. But what does it do to the prospect of trading Pods if he's a Type B? We would need a pretty good prospect to make it worth our while, otherwise collect the compensation pick.

Royals' minor league short-season primer


The short-season league begin this week with the Surprise Royals and Idaho Falls Chukars playing tonight and Burlington Royals kicking off their season tomorrow.  Here is a brief rundown of players...

Colon goes 2-5 last night with a HR


Christian Colon was 2-5 last night with a HR off of Gerritt Cole--one of the top pitchers in the country. He looked like he was getting good swings. They play again at 6pm CT tonight and Brett Eibner will be playing tonight at 8pm CT in Arkansas vs. Arizona St.. There are a bunch of lower round draft guys also playing in the various games.

Quick Recap of Royals picks in Rounds 1-10


Round 1--Christian Colon--you've read all about him--solid player who could help soon Round 2--Brett Eibner--two way player from Arkansas.  Sounds like he will play CF for us--lots of power/lots of...

2nd Round Prospects


The Royals have the 4th pick in the 2nd Round tomorrow and there are plenty of talented names available.  Some of the top names are here because they will cost a lot--the Royals have been known to...

Better Know a 1st Round Pick: Christian Colon


Better Know A First Round Pick: Christian Colon. The Royals took Colon, a shortstop, with the fourth overall pick.

Official 1st Round Thread


The draft starts at 6pm Central time--you can watch on the MLB Channel or online (I think its free).  I think there are 5 minutes between picks--so the Royals will be picking around 6:15ish...

Royals 1st Round Poll


Not much of an update this afternoon--Sale and Grandal rumors are swirling with the outside shot that they take somebody else.  What do you think will happen and should happen?

Official Pre-Draft rumors/freak out thread


I was going to put this up later but I think the madness has already started.  Jim Callis has a new mock up with the Royals taking Chris Sale and that there was never an agreement with Grandal (or...

How will the Royals 1st Round Pick shake out and draft links


A look at the different directions the Royals could go in the 1st Round of the Draft.

Royals Review Prospect Pulse: June


A look at how the Top 50 Prospect in the Royals system performed in the month of May.


Where would Alex Gordon rank on the Royals prospect list?

I'm putting together the Pulse (which should be up early tomorrow) and was curious where Alex Gordon would belong if we were just ranking players in the minors.  Alex is hitting 371/504/701 in 125...

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