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What about this scenario?

We can all agree that Sanders is gone, right? How about this scenario: We bring back Santonio Holmes? Why not? We bought back Burress. I would sign Santonio to a one year deal at a very...


question for Ravens fans, regarding salary cap

I hear that you guys are in a good cap situation..Are you guys going to sign RR to a long term deal? If so, at what price? Flacco, he is still working on his rookie contract..I hear that Ravens...


Let's ALL stand up for Deebo!!

I am sick and tired of all these "paid" hacks at the NFL network saying that deebo should be suspended! These guys are nothing more than a bunch of "pip squeaks" Deebo has probably seem enough of...


The O-Line

I have been looking VERY closely at the O-Line lately and I want to know if you guys(gals) agree with my assessment. Remember, I don't get to see every steeler game because I am in NYC, but I do...


I need some info here!

Since we were down so many receivers on Sunday evening, why didn't, or don't use w. Saunders in more receiving routes?  He could be used in the red zone as that big, tall receiver that Ben always...


I am VERY concerned!

Yes, the O-line sucks.  Tell me something that we don't know..But something else is scaring me..Did you notice that the Colts were running at our right side...WITH SUCCESS!!!????  That was/is Aaron...


Is it time for...

Sylvester, worilds, Ziggy to get lots of snaps?   I know this is treason, but hear me out.  The NFL is a copy cat league and the Pats, Green bay and now the ravens have figured out what to...


Should we rest Deebo the next 2 games?

Hear me out.  We should take care of business the next 2 weeks without Deebo.  Neither of these 2 teams have a good D or offense.  Lets worlids play and rest deebo, and have him back for the...



You guys were GREAT!  Domination on both sides of the ball..RR over 100 yds..sacks, turnovers, picks..Ed reed showed up, T-sizzle, Ngata..Good victory for u and Flacco!  see you in November!  Enjoy...

Peyton Manning could be out for the year! Second surgery may be needed!


Peyton Manning could be out for the year! Second surgery may be needed!


I heard this as ESPN blog...Tell me if its true

I heard at the ESPN blog that Big Ben will be calling his own plays?  Or is this from the no huddle offense?  If this is true, I feel the Offense will be in better hands.  When he calls his own...


can someone help me out?

I have been trying to find out some info, and can't seem to find a couple of things that I am looking for: 1. Which NFL team has the most wins since the merger..2.  I have been trying to find...


Mckinnie available!

I hear that LT from the Vikings is available.  We need a LT and this would be a great fit.  Jonathan Scott is a crap shoot and very inconsistent and I remember that Suggs had 3 sacks against him in...

can someone get me the highlight of one of Franc's greatest runs, 1977 VS cowboys


can someone get me the highlight of one of Franc's greatest runs, 1977 VS cowboys


Just a though on the "copycat" league..

If this is a truley a "copycat" league...why not try this.. 1. Lets examine the so-called "they have our number" In the 70's, we had the cowboys number..TB beat the cryboys 5 straight times.  From...


An opinion wanted on Lebaeu..

I have noticed that over the years, since 2001, the Pats have had our number..We did beat them in BB's rookie year and have not beaten  him since.  Then I ask myself, could it be a wrong defensive...

Is it time for Dwyer and sylvester? MM has been a good soldier and a steady hand, but are we...


Is it time for Dwyer and sylvester? MM has been a good soldier and a steady hand, but are we wasting a roster spot on him? Mendy is a good receiver and a good blocker..Sylvester..it is obvious that we need fresh legs late in the game..Sylvester can do that..any word on their progress?


I am PMSing today, but I will make an observation and a statement vindicating myself..

First and foremost congrats to the Ratbids, you earned it by beating a 35yr old 4th string QB with 30sec left!  The ratbirds hate the Steelers, but do other fans,,,why?  Because they want to be us...


Ravens linebackers..

I have felt for awhile that this group is overated.  Heres why: 1. Ray, ray is still the spiritual leader and does play at a high level..but, he can no longer pass defend effectivly.  Sure he can...


what is josh freeman smoking??

In an interview he did after the game, he stated that "we were not dominated" and he proceeded to say that we can play with them..It gets better, he said it didn't feel the ssame as the beadown...


I was thinking about that last time we were in Tennessee..

The Steelers got their butts kicked...But, why?  1. The steelers just finished the most gruelling three game stretch imaginable..New England, Dallas and the ravens..think there was a "let down"?  ...


Blueprint to win this week..

Since we are underdogs in this game, and watching the titans dismantle Oakland's mighty raiders, we might as well wave the white flag, right?  WRONG!  If the Steelers play the way they should, I...


are we in trouble at RT? If so, how about this..

Marcus Mcneill...can't we trade for him?  He is a pro bowl T and what is his age?  Sure, he will cost a lot of money, but getting BB killed is more expensive!  What about gaither...I know the...


Running backs..

I have been hearing that Dwyer is having trouble in camp...Will he make the team?   Is there a chance that he will be cut?  Or, will redman be the guy?  I am a little uncomfortable with Mendys...


Hmmm..i was thinking about a trade...before you guys jump down my throat..hear me out..

It is no secret that Woodley wants an extension, and he DESERVES it..hopefully the new CBA will fix this problem..How about a trade...Wood for Revis??  Forget the money part of it(I know thats...


how is it that Dumerville got his extension?

And Woodley didn't?  Every team has the 30% rule and Chris Johnson got his money too...We need to sign Woodley due to the fact that we have an aging defense and need younger players...Tom Brady...


Should I as a Steeler fan be concerned?

As I hear a lot of football analysts compare the AFC North teams to each other, I get a little concerned.  I terms of the O-Line, we have the third best..Running backs, second or third best..with...


Oh give me a break!

I am getting a little bored hearing about all this "run the ball" stuff all the time.  If we play a team that can actually stop the run, say the ravens and they stack 8 in the box and stuff the...


I'm pissed!!

As much as I enjoy watching the NFL network, are these guys nitwits?  They were rating QB's and how did BB fall from the top 10??  All this "off the field" didn't seem to affect his play last year...


A tribute to the Boss(George Steinbrenner)

I know this is contoversial, but since I am no stranger to controversy...Here goes..Lots of non new york fans love to hate this man, but you never really knew the good side of him..Yes, he has done...

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