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SIS - Best American Film Director of all Time

A couple weeks ago The Rain Delays were discussing who would be regarded as the best american film director....according to you. Not the hip choice or the critc's darling, but who is your favorite...


SIS - Things To Do Before I Die Edition

The last couple years I've crossed quite a few items off the old Bucket List.... I've had a beach wedding, seen the Ohio Bobcats win a NCAA game in person, had first row tix for a Broadway musical...


March Madness Day Two - MargaOhioVille Edition

Stand Up and Cheer! It's that time of the year where BK predicts against my favorite team and they overcome adversity and shake up the world. I don't know terribly much about Michigan but what i...


March Madness Night Game Thread

No major upsets so far in the tourney, and much will be written about the screwjob that UNC Asheville received. Syracuse certainly looks vulnerable and the entire country is now rooting against...


MARCH MADNESS game thread

I was just informed that the CBS radio intro to the NCAA Tournament included Marty Brennaman's call of Duke's Christian Laettner hitting a last second shot against the University of Kentucky. I...


SB Pregame Thread

The big day is finally here and, once again, another city in the Midwest of comparable size to Cincinnati get to demonstrate to the masses that its just a hipper place to be. Its time for GABP to...


2012 RR Road Trip -MargaWrigleyville Open Invite

I wanted to issue an open invite to Reds fans to attend 2012's MargaWrigleyville -A tHantastic Voyage. A small group of RR'ers have already committed to attending this event. Lodging has been...


SIS --- 2011 Mod of the Year, and Other Topics

EDIT DELETE A while back I promised a few of the local RR contigency that I would find time to throw together a Serious Issue, Seriously that focused on awarding "The JD", for Red...


B double E double R U N

I recently contacted the Yuengling brewing company to inquire when their fine product would be available for purchase in the Buckeye state.  My intention was purely selfish, I wanted to buy a shit...


Best Pitchers Drafted by Reds the past 30 years

It sure seems to the average fan that the recent drafts have begun to bring in considerably better MLB results from the pitching prospects the Reds have drafted, no?  Is that the case?  Which year...


SIS - We came down from Cincinnati to visit WLB's! (1123 words)

Prior to this past weekend I have passed through St Louis twice in my lifetime (on a trip to and from Kansas City). I have spent a grand total of zero minutes off the freeway in the city limits. ...


SSI - Beer Thirty!

I picked up the online edition of the Chicago Tribune yesterday and read some sad, sad news.  InBev (nee Anheiser Busch) purchased Chicago's Goose Island article here. In the original article it...


MSP Reds Annual Article Review #1

"Sustainable Farming" by Geoffrey Taylor    I'm reading the Annual Articles out of sequential order. This article was the first one i flipped to and began reading in the MSPRA. It begins by...


30 for 30 Cincinnati Reds edition thread

MLB Network is featuring your 2011 Cincinnati Reds in its 30 for 30 series this evening, scheduled start of 10pm.   There is a spring training game that just began, NYY vs ATL (jch alert!!!), and...


Seriously Serious Issue - Funniest Comedian

So.....who's the funniest comedian of all time?  Who else is in the running for top spot on your list?  Why?  Like the musical SIS's this one is a loaded question.  I'm hoping that many people go...


Open Letter to the Bengals From a Lifelong Fan

To Whom it May Concern (if you even give a damn),    In 6th grade I remember my teacher allowing us to have a free period in order to design and draw Bengals Super Bowl posters as the team was in...


the first SIS of the year (thread hijack opportunity!)

First, I'd like to express wishes of a Happy New Year to everyone who reads or posts or lurks here at Red Reporter, renters and homeowners alike!  All y'all who live at home with parents (unless...


random offseason thoughts

The 2010 Reds had 7 players with 537+ plate appearances.  I don't expect that run of luck to continue in 2011, however.  Brandon Phillips should stop attempting to steal bases, asap.  He was 16/28...


WATN... First Edition

Earlier today I received a tweet about Mo Sanford hosting a pitching clinic next weekend here in Cincy.  I must admit I am quite surprised that Mo is still active in the local scene.  That got me...


SIS - Miscellaneous baseball and movie chatter

Who do you think has signed the most autographs in the history of man?   I'm going to say Pete Rose.  He certainly has signed more autographs than anyone in baseball history, right?  I recently got...


SIS - Overrated Stuff

The chatter of the weekend at the driveway mini-bonfire was What's The Most Overrated Stuff Out There?   You know, the stuff that garners good publicity that just isnt your cup of tea.  I found it...


SIS - GABP needs a signature song

Originally, I was going to ask everyone to submit their three favorite 80s songs. Not the best songs recorded in the 1980s, mind you, but their own personal favorites of the Eighties Music genre....


SIS - Least favorite Red edition

It seems that since its inception RR has always bashed its men in Red.  The earliest Least Favorite Red on Red Reporter I remember was Ryan Franklin back in the day, and I must credit Ash for that....


SIS - Tattoo bet edition (and more)

Just a little check in on some of our favorite topics here on the far right hand side of RR towards the bottom of this post. Gonna float out a few questions here for the masses...    First, Ash...


SIS All Star Break Burger Edition

I picked up the recent Cincinnati Magazine to get more detail and clarity on the burgers chosen as the Best 40 in the tristate region.  Granted, several local Bests were left off the list but I...


SIS: xFLIP Edition

There's been a lot of noise out there about xFLIP. Many folks, sadly, are unable to comprehend this new measurement since it is partially based on Fun.  Things that positively impact someone's...


BURGER TOUR ROARS AGAIN - when and where?!?

There are several new, or new to me, contenders for the burger title in the greater cincinnati area.  I'm looking at working a great deal more in the upcoming 4-6 weeks so it may take even more...


GAME 7 Thread, Celts vs Lakers

My son is wearing his Kobe Bryant jersey and desperately rooting for the Lakers this evening.  If they win he pockets a cool, crip George Washington.   I'm going with the Celtics since they have a...


Original Baseball Content - Reds Memories

I picked up a copy of Reds Memories: The Greatest Moments in Cincinnati Reds History dvd yesterday (Kroger - $16).  I highly recommend it to all the Reds fanatics on that frequent this site.   The...


Original Baseball Content - Best Baseball Book You've Read

This weekend I had a small discussion with an associate regarding the best book I've read recently, then more specifically the best baseball book I've read in the past few years.  That got me to...

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