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Conferences vs. F/+ ratings


A conference-by-conference look at which teams are good at offense, defense, and both according to the Football Outsiders F/+ ratings.

QBR vs. win %


I thought it would be interesting to look at a simple relationship: QB play and winning. I took each team's QBR ratings from 2009-12 and compared them to team winning percentages.

Fun with F/+: 4-year rankings


It's still early in the 2013 season, but let's take a look at a spin on multi-year program rankings.

Conference ups and downs


A look at "up years" and "down years" for FBS conferences.

Another way to look at polls


A week-by-week look at the USA Today coaches' poll.

The company you keep


A look at what you can learn about your team by the teams ranked around you.

Top QB games


The top games by a college football quarterback from 2009-12.

Traditional offensive stats vs. advanced


Comparing Off. F/+ to total offense.

Top college FFL seasons


We are all eagerly anticipating the start of college and pro football right now, and many of us have fantasy football on the mind. So why not? Let's take a look at the best college fantasy seasons over the past four years.

TO margin vs. Win %


While it's obvious that a positive turnover margin will help a team win more games over the course of a season, I thought it would be worth our time to examine just how much it helps.

Advanced vs. Traditional Stats: Defense


Comparing F/+ against the old stalwart, total defense.

A decade of quarterbacks


A look at some basic quarterback stats over the last decade.

A decade of receivers


Looking back on the last 10 years of wide receivers in college football.

A decade of running backs


Looking back on the last 10 years of running backs in college football.

Drastic single-season changes


This is the time of the year when message board subscribers have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Introducing similarity rankings


Attempting to find, and exploit, a team's "DNA."

Wrapping up the F/+ conference tour


It's Bama's world.

F/+ vs. the ACC


A look at what the F/+ rankings can tell us about the ACC.

F/+ in the Big 12


The average Big 12 offense is every bit as good as the gold standard set in the SEC. It's really on the defensive side of the ball that the SEC sets itself apart from the Big 12 -- and the rest of college football.

F/+ vs. the Pac-12


Let's continue our tour of every major conference's F/+ ratings.

No single dominant team in the B1G


A look at what the F/+ ratings can tell us about the Big Ten.

The game is speeding up


A look at the tempo trend in college football.

F/+ ratings in the SEC, 2007-12


We go back to the scatter plot machine to take a look at F/+ ratings in the SEC from 2007 to 2012.

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