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Be Aggressive and Play your Playmakers

Dear Broncos Coaches and Mr. Elway: If this was the NBA I might try and X&O but basketball was my sport. I don't know if this Broncos team is good enough to win the Super Bowl. I do know that...


Three games vs Three Years...A Big Difference

One of, if not the biggest, difference between the fans' perspective on the QB situation and Dove Valley's perspective is that. to Dove Valley (EFX, players, and coaching staff) this year is a new...


Fanatics... Help me find the Excitment

As most of you know I am a second generation Broncos fan. My father got our family's first set of season tickets in 1963, when I was 3 years old. He was the most optimistic Bronco ever and that was...


Kyle Orton Around Average by New NFL QB Rating System/Cutler Below Average

MHR Readers: I copied and pasted this from a comment made by Super7 to a Fan shot I had posted. I think it is a good read. The quarterbacks under consideration broke down as follows: •Top tier:...

NFL's New QB rating system


Heard on VIc and Gary this morning Orton just average.


10 Reasons to be positive... I love me some Broncos!!!

I really think the Broncos will be over 500 this season Here are 10 reasons why. 1.)  The players will like and respect Fox at the end they had lost that for McD (worth 2 wins) 2.)  We will have 2...


Broncos may be stuck with Orton

I have take a great deal of this post from a fan shot posted by, topnation, but from day one I mentioned that we in Denver had over estimated KO's trade value. Add to that a huge contract under a...


Fun To Watch!!

It is so much fun to watch basketball in Denver.  The NBA is an interesting league and I am not sure that a team will get enough calls in the 4th Qtr. of playoff games to advance in the playoffs...

Give the Kid a chance by Mark Schlereth


One of the best things said by a national media guy about Tebow


Position by position yes or no backup SMO

Orton-Backup Tebow- play more too early to tell Quinn- Backup Larsen-no Moreno-backup Ball-backup Buck-backup Marhroney-no Clady -yes Beadles-yes Walton-yes Kuper- backup Harris-yes H...


Will anybody have the stones?

The question is will any coach in Denver have the stones to pull the trigger and play Tim Tebow at quaterback for extended minutes this season? Why? Because someone wjth almost no experience will...


Coach's Plan why Tebow has not played

I have heard it being stated all over that if the coaches thought Tebow could play he would have played by now. I am going to provide an exact detailed explanation why he has not..  What will amaze...


Who can play and who can't.... of course Strictly my opinion

I keep hearing on the radio how devoid of talent we are so I have decided to evaluate every starter and a few back-ups as to where I rate their talent and ability to be productive players in the...


Too bad all those 15 Jerseys will need a name change....

I wrote an earlier post that posed the question that Tim Tebow perhaps the greatest college player will never get a shot in Denver.  I think it would be tragic if that happens; however, it looks...


We will never get to see Tebow

Studdesville is a players guy, and he will not play Tebow for risk of angering veterans.  And the number of new coaches who would embrace a guy who I think is just a big time winner doesn't appear...


We must fight back....

I have never seen a MSM so intent on getting a coach fired! This has been the case since Josh first arrived in Denver and he did not want to buddy up and laugh and joke and give local sports...


Tebow May never get a chance in Denver

I posted this yesterday and it is my biggest fear of all I think TT will be great and win super bowls but if Mcdaniels is fired and the new coach not a TT fan he may never get a chance here. I am...


Broncos need to be tough on DJ

Wow! Guess what young coach Mcdaniels is faced with another very tough decision.  However while many will find a way to blame it on the coach he is in no way responsible for the Broncos latest...


A great call by the coach that will never count but should have.....

After 20 years of coaching I have learned not to complain about officials, but what the hell, I am a fan now. The flee-flicker run to perfection was a great call by a coach that I believe would...

The warrior Song


Perhaps Mcdaniels should play this for the team. god knows we need some warriors it fired me up!!


I am embarrassed to be a Bronco fan tonight....

I am embarrassed to be a Bronco fan tonight.... However, having been a fan since the early 60’s this is not my first bout with bronco induced depression. Today was a frustrated unprofessional...


Time for The Broncos to Prove They are Better

  First of all, those of you who have read my posts and comments know that I am a believer in all that is going on at Dove Valley, and almost all of what I post is positive and supportive of our B...


The "EYE" test of an old Coach

    First let me begin by saying that this is strictly my opinion, and based solely on observation not stats or other sources.  I am sure that it is also shaded significantly by my deep desire for...


Where is the LOVE???

Dear fellow Bronco lovers: Where is the love for our team and coach.  First let me admit that I am a glass half full person and that that glass is filled with kool-aid, A trait I am sure I get from...


The Questions "I" Want Answered Can the Broncos make the Playoffs?

As the regular season approaches I have several things I will be watching closely on both sides of the ball. I can't remember a season where I had so many questions and still believe that the B...


Linebackers should be the biggest concern!!

Let me begin by saying that this is my first post, but I have been a loyal Bronco fan since the early 60's. Going into this season I had lots of questions and high hopes, primarily because as a...

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