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Tubs would like an indoor facility.


Perhaps a couple of winning seasons in a row might help his cause. Otherwise . . . .

Looking to Wes Welker for inspiration


Interesting article and reference to Welker.

Craig James School of Broadcasting


Ok gang - where exactly is this "Craig James School of Broadcasting" and who has "graduated" from it? I'd love to see the curriculum for this school.

Yeah- this about A&M


Because stuff like this NEVER gets old.

Fastest Rising Assistant coaches


In the spirit of being prepared, should Mr. Tuberville no longer be the HC (either his own intiative or otherwise), let the speculation begin. This all assumes the following ( not an all inclusive list by the way): 1. Mr. Tuberville leaves. 2. Any of these 10 would even have an interest in coming to Tech

Copying Synder at KSU


Perhaps the Sunken Riverboat Gambler could learn a thing or twenty from Coach Synder. This article could have easily been writen to address Tuberville.



Will be intersting to see how Byrne spins this comment. Pretty spunky comment from Mulkey.

Byrne: Horns decline to play A&M at least thru 2018


Daddy, Daddy - all of my old friends are being mean to me!

A&M Coaches Mull Quick Offenses


I hope the SEC teams are prepared for the whiners from the west.

Jim Romes thoughts on A&M


In case you missed it, a classic.


Leach suit means James stays at ESPN, maybe

Of course I could be totally off on this theory but it seems to me that as Leach has now sued ESPN, they will be averse to cutting him loose. To do so now might give the appearance that they are...

Alabama to vate Cotton Bowl win over Tech


Alabma has to vacate Cotton Bowl win over Texas Tech


Press release from a scared Craig James

A press release from the James PR machine. We need to keep the pressure on ESPN to remove this clown. Note that he didn't use ESPN for his message. Could it be that James is feeling some push back...


EMail ESPN Ombudsman - Don Ohlmeyer

Don Ohlmeyer is the Ombudsman for ESPN. If you're interested in voicing your opinion regarding Craig James and his affiliation with ESPN or the coverage of the Leach incident by ESPN, here's the...


Board of Regents

I would encouarge everyone who was disturbed about the outcome of the Leach incident to voice their concern to the Board of Regents (BOR). For me, my concern now is the conduct of this Board and...


Email attempt to Larry Anders - Chair of Regents

I tried to send this email to Larry Anders at his work, but strangely the email won't work. You might have better luck. Here's the link: Here's...


Email to Hance

Hance, Bailey and Myers are cowards! Talk about back room dealings. Here's the email I just sent him:   Mr. Hance, With the firing of Mike Leach, today you and the Board of Trustees showed...


Email to Kent Hance

I sent the folllowing email to Kent Hance today and copied Leach, Bailey and Myers: Mr. Hance,   I have no doubt that your office has received hundreds if not thousands of emails and /or phone...


Where's the Player leadership?

  On heels of the Houston loss, one has to wonder about the leaders on this team? Coach Leach and the rest of the staff can do so much, but a large component is the quality of the leaders on the...

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