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ESPN's Rece Davis talks Tide


ESPN's resident jack-of-all-trades breaks down Bama's chances in '14, what to expect from Bama players in the NFL Draft, and why everyone should care about the Capital One Cup.


Bruce Pearl and the Theory of Relativity vs. Anthony Grant and String Theory

I didn't want to be left out of all the Bruce Pearl-based fun. And it's really slow here at work today...and like for the next 5 weeks of my lame duck tenure. At least I finally know the date of my...

Hope For the Best: Oklahoma Edition


Two legendary programs meet in a legendary bowl in a legendary city...what could go wrong?

RBR's Interview with Jay Barker


Former National Championship winning-QB Jay Barker speaks one-on-one with RBR about Bama football past and present, the upcoming Sugar Bowl match-up with Oklahoma and the legacy of Coach Mal Moore


My Saturday, December 7, 2013...a tale of perseverance and the good things that await...

I will honestly say that nothing, not the fact they're from the same state, nor the fact that the SEC can extend its streak by winning another BCSNCG, will ever make me root for the Barn. I hate...

Around the SEC: Week Whatever


The post-mortem of one of the craziest weekends in SEC football in recent memory

Hope For the Best: Auburn edition


One last obstacle between th Crimson Tide and an SECCG appearance...and it just happens to be...them

Hope For the Best: UT Chattanooga edition


This game will likely be in hand as soon as it starts...at least on the scoreboard

Around the SEC: Week 12


The last weekend in the SEC was, well....WTF?

Hope for the Best: Mississippi State edition


If Alabama does as its capable of doing, this one should be a walk. It's that "if" that can be the devil in the details...


The "Com'on Y'all, We Can't Not Have a Random 10" Random 10

I didn't see one up, and granted, I'm blind as Ray Charles, I figured we're undefeated with a Random 10 so a Random 10 we must have. Here go mines, party people... 1. Heartbreaker - Led...

Around the SEC: Week 11


Tide surges past LSU, Auburn stakes claim to Rocky Top and the Florida Gators?...well...yep.

Hope For the Best: LSU edition


Will Bama smash LSU the way Rome smashed Carthage? Or will the Tigers continue to sow the seeds of insurrection?

Around the SEC: Week 10


Missouri stakes its claim, JFF builds upon his fame and the Bulldogs hang on to beat Florida

Around the SEC: Week 9


Tide the last unbeaten in the SEC...so who wants to win the East? Anybody?...anyone?...Bueller?

Hope For the Best: Tennessee edition


Hate. Tennessee. Here's why you should...

Hope For the Best: Arkansas edition


Despite Arkansas' foibles this year, the Tide must stay Process-oriented against the wounded Razorbacks

Around the SEC: Week 6


The dumpster fire that is the East continues to burn...and in the West, it looks like it'll be Bama or LSU yet again.

Hope For the Best: Kentucky edition


For Bama, the weight of the cross they must bear grows with each week...will it break their backs, or will they continue their climb to the mountaintop?

Around the SEC: Week 6


Tide and Tigers (no, not those Tigers...and not those other Tigers, either) remain only unbeaten teams in the SEC

Hope For the Best: Georgia State Edition


While this week's opponent should fall to the Tide like the wheat before the scythe, but will all be well afterwards?

Around the SEC: Week 5


Dawgs' resurgence, Bama's defensive emergence and the Aggi get all they can handle

Hope For the Best: Ole Miss edition


The barbarians are at the gates...will Ole Miss be the team to sack Tuscaloosa and change the pecking order?

Around the SEC: Week 5


So Bama didn't look great...at least Tennessee and AU lost...can't be that bad, amirite?

Hope For the Best: Colorado State edition


Coach Jim McIlwain makes his return to Bryant Denny to face his former team (and sporting quite the 'stache)...will he have a sad?

Around the SEC: Week 3


Tide offense rolls, the Auburnite trolls, and the Viles came tumbling after...

Hope For the Best: Texas A&M edition


Can JFF and Sumlin control the Tide again this year? Here are several reasons why Bama fans should be nervous heading into Saturday's showdown in College Station.

Around the SEC: Week 2


Dawgs bite back, Gators blown away, Arky nearly rips defeat from the jaws of victory...

Hope for the Best: Can VT pull the upset?


There are a number of factors that could leave Tide fans less than pleased following the season opener. Let's discuss how VT could shock the world.

2013 Season Preview: Kentucky Wildcats


Enthusiasm abounds in the Bluegrass State, but...fortunately basketball season is a few months away.

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