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Poll: Is Tim Duncan in the NBA all-time top 5? . . .top 10?

Hey Spur lovers!  I got a question for you to ponder during the slow parts of tonight's LAL @ SAS match up.  And given the way both teams have been playing I am expecting plenty of garbage time...

DTOUR: Texas Chef Successfully Deep-Fries...Beer!


Not directly Spurs related but sometimes you have to pause and acknowledge such a major step forward for mankind.

Rockets team doctor declares Yao's foot fully healed


Good news for the Yaoster. Let's hope it holds up.

LA Times: Shannon Brown to sign two-year deal with Lakers


Not a blockbuster signing but with Farmar leaving & Fisher even older I think it helps the Lakers.

Report: Chris Paul wants to be traded before season starts


Preferred destinations Knicks, Magic or Lakers. (from CBS News) Would you trade Bynum for Paul if you were Dell Demps? or the Lakers' GM?

ESPN>Source: Hawks, Celts, Mavs interested in Shaq


Oh please, please, please! Let Shaq do to the Celts what he did to Phx & Cle. Just thinking about it makes me happy.


Poll: Which team has most work to do this off season?

OK, the playoffs and parades are over.  (Wow! weren't they just super?)  The draft is even complete.  And here we stand just days away from finding out where LeBron will go.  I'm figuring a 95%+...

Staples could host next few NBA drafts


The NBA knows where the center of the basketball universe is. Back-to-back with revenge on top. Sweet!

Your guide to hating the Celtics-Ted Green L A Times:


I really enjoyed this article. It does a great job explaining why I hate the Big Green, . . . well you know. Celticsblog is all aghast that it referenced Pierce getting stabbed. I Checked the links post and didn't see it. (Feel free to delete this if it was already posted earlier.)

Man Those Celtics are Rough


ORLANDO, Fla. -- The stepfather of Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels was arrested and subdued with a stun gun during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Orlando Magic.

We Are LeBron - Video


I couldn't figure out how to link directly to the video but this will bring a tear to your eye even if you're not from Cleveland - and make the day just a little brighter for you and me. . .

Looks like Bynum will miss the LAL@SAS game Wednesday


MRI confirms strained Achilles tendon, no tear for Lakers' Bynum. Rumors of sharp increase alcohol consumption throughout So Cal.

How awesome are those Spurs? Is it time to start trash talking yet?


How awesome are those Spurs? Is it time to start trash talking yet?


First Ever(?) PtR Dumb Joke Contest

Things are a little glum this week in Spursville and I figure everyone could use a good chuckle.  So how about if we post up some of our favorite jokes?  I'll start with the first one since it was...


Free Clippers tickets? Umm, OK. . .

Now I'm not a Clippers fan but we were offered some free last minute tickets.  So we decided to load up the car and brave the disaster that is L A's freeways in the rain. Thankfully the roads were...


Poll: Which game do you MOST want to win?

The Lakers (especially Kobe) are a bit banged up.  They are still tired from the recent trip and not playing particularly well.  Thank goodness the all-star break is near.  It should do us a lot of...


POLL: Who is MOST responsible for not pounding the ball inside?

I'm disappointed that the Lakers lost the game to the Grizzlies last night.  But not surprised for several reasons: It was at the end of long road trip They had a tough game in Boston the day...

Spurs' Gregg Popovich rethinks Pau Gasol deal


"They gave up a great player but it helped them extend the franchise's success into the future," Popovich said. "It's shown that they've done a good job. Whatever they were thinking a couple of iterations ahead at the time has paid off for them."

ESPN>Jazz D-League call up hits game winner vs Cavs


Jazz rookie, Sundiata Gaines, on 10-day contract and just called up from D-League last Thursday hits game winning 3 pointer vs. Cavs. Game also included: - D Williams leaves in 4th with re injured wrist - Cav's go on 11-1 run & LeBron scores 20 in 4th qtr in Cavs almost comeback - Sundiata Gaines hits last second 3-pointer to win the game for Jazz Check video next to article. Best part was TNT postgame showed a clip of his D-league team somewhere in Idaho. The coach called the team together for a surprise announcement so the Jazz scout could tell Gaines he's now playing for the Jazz. Then they showed him calling his (obviously excited) mom to tell her. (Yes I know it means the Jazz won but it is hard not to feel happy for the kid.) Oh, and the Celts lost to the Bulls in Boston and that's always a good time.


POLL: Which team will MISS the playoffs?

Before the holiday break there was a poll regarding which team in the west was most likely to move up into playoff contention.  54% voted for the ninth place OKC Thunder.     Fast-forward a couple...

Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton pulled guns on each other?


Looks very serious to me. Coverage from the SBN Bullets Forever blog. I used to wish the Lakers could have held onto Crittenton. Shows how much I know.


POLL: Which team will make the playoffs?

It is a little over 1/4 of the way through the season already and while it is still very early, some things are starting to take shape.  So based on what you've seen so far, which of the following...

Yahoo! Sports>Ariza suspended for swinging at Raptors player


I knew that Ariza guy was trouble - Just a matter of time before he blew up. This should be a YouTube of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr3KEbQ_Kag

4 Spurs make Sporting News-NBA’s Top 50 players


Sporting News’ list of the 50 greatest players in the NBA today, as selected by a panel of 107 Hall of Famers, major award winners, executives, current players and coaches and other basketball experts.

"West Playoff Forecast: Thunder In, Spurs Out"-Tim Legler, ESPN


Nice to see he has us in the number 1 seed. But it seems kind of early to count the Spurs out of the playoffs don't you think?

SBN: NBA Power Rankings, Week 3


Hey, in case you missed it, the all important SBN: NBA Power Rankings for Week 3 are out. Lakers No. 1. . . Not bad for a team on a two-game losing streak. Hell I'm going to have a parade before tonight's game just in case. I won't spoil the surprise for you. But let's just say you fans of other teams, be ready to use your mouse scroll wheel.


POLL: Is Phil Jackson more Laker or Bull?

During Sunday night's Lakers vs. Hawk's game FSWest broadcast short interviews with Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and Pat Riley describing Elgin's retirement, the 33-game win streek and the first Laker...

Most Popular NBA Jerseys in Europe


OK, Kobe's #1 and Pau's up there. But look who is the highest-ranking European who is not a Laker. Here's the list: 1. Kobe Bryant, Lakers 2. Kevin Garnett, Celtics 3. Pau Gasol, Lakers 4. LeBron James, Cavaliers 5. Dwyane Wade, Heat 6. Tony Parker, Spurs 7. Dwight Howard, Magic 8. Andrea Bargnani, Raptors 9. Jose Calderon, Raptors 10. Paul Pierce, Celtics 11. Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks 12. Rudy Fernandez, Trailblazers 13. Marco Belinelli, Warriors 14. Joakim Noah, Bulls 15. Gilbert Arenas, Wizards

nba.com-->broadcasting live streams from training camps


I know it is not specifically Spurs related but. . . live streams from training camp from Denver (today), then Lakers, Celtics, Wizzards & Hawks. Also scheduled to be rebroadcast on NBA-TV. If you can get past the hate, it might be interesting.

NBA.com - International Play and NBA Players


Here is an article that discusses how most NBA teams address players who want to play internationally, in "charity" games or to keep in shape over the summer.

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